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Highfields COVID-19 / Coronavirus Action Plan - Sept 2020 Onwards


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How Highfields Inclusion Partnership is managing the current situation regarding COVID-19 / Coronavirus.

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Highfields COVID-19 / Coronavirus Action Plan - Sept 2020 Onwards

  1. 1. Highfields COVID-19 / Coronavirus Action Plan Quick Guide / FAQs September 2020 Onwards
  2. 2. Key Contacts • Matt Grant, Headteacher and Action Plan Coordinator - • Gary Howard, Deputy Head and Designated Safeguarding Lead - • Tanya Carley, Director of Teaching & Learning - • Helen Hibbert, Pastoral Manager and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead - • Susan Ryan, Business Manager - • Matt Kulik, Site Manager -
  3. 3. What has happened so far? Highfields is following government advice and responding to specific contextual circumstances in its response to the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic. During the first few months of ‘lockdown’ Highfields was partially open, on request, for young people designated as: • Students of parents/carers who are designated 'Key Workers'. • Students with an EHC Plan. • Students with Looked After Child (LAC) status. • Students with an allocated social worker. From 15th June until the end of the 20-21, Highfields provided 1-to-1 sessions for all students who need it and are willing to come into school. 72% of our students took part in this. We also continued to offer substantial care and alternative means of education. From September 2020, Highfields has drawn up plans to open fully.
  4. 4. What will happen next? We do have a ‘Routemap to Re-Opening’ which aims to re-open school in phases, as the situation improves. These phases are as follows: Phase 1 – Open only to designated students, on request. Phase 2 – Open to staff involved in vital case work on a daily basis. Phase 3 – Open to designated students on a daily basis. Phase 4 – Open to all students but attending in small clusters for 2 x 2 hour sessions per week at different times. Phase 5 – Fully open but with infection control measures remaining. We are planning to move to ‘Phase 5’ in September 2020. We have written to all parents/carers about this - you can view the letter here. Our current phases Sept 2020
  5. 5. What are the key dates for fully re-opening? • Tue 1st and Weds 2nd September – These days are INSET / teacher-training days. We have booked in various training for our staff to refresh them ahead of re-opening. These days will also help us put the finishing touches on our preparation for the new year. • Thursday 3rd September – school will be open as usual. • Friday 4th September – school will open at the usual time but close at 12midday due to all staff being required to attend at Stockport Council meeting in the afternoon. • Monday 7th September onwards – school will be open as usual.
  6. 6. What if students struggle to cope with a return to a full school day? If you son / daughter has been on a personalised timetable, with reduced hours, then this will continue as it was before ‘lockdown’. We will review these within the first six weeks. Please contact Ms Fletcher for Year 10 / Year 11 queries: • 0161 406 7922 • Please contact Mrs Lewis for Year 7 / 8 / 9 queries: • 0161 406 7922 • We understand some of our students may struggle after six months of no structured school day – whereas others may view a return to school with relish. We will work to ensure all students receive regular education and have positive school days, even if it means some initially start on reduced hours. We are here to help.
  7. 7. How will we make the school safer after ‘lockdown’? Schools are not subject to the same rules as shops, pubs and other public places. However, we have thought carefully about how to make the school as safe as possible. We have two plans in place which set out how we will make the school safer after lockdown: • We have a ‘General Infection Control Policy’ which looks at ways we will try to prevent various infections spreading – click here to read it. • We have a Risk Assessment for Coronavirus / COVID-19 which looks in detail at how we work to stop the spread of this particular virus – click here to read it. The truth is we cannot make the school completely safe from infection. But we can work together to reduce the risk.
  8. 8. FAQs What if someone has suspected symptoms of Covid-19 / Coronavirus? The first thing to do is seek advice from the NHS: rus-covid-19/ From there, we ask everyone involved with Highfields to inform us as soon as possible so that we can ‘track and trace’ any contact that may have occurred within school. Our contact number is 0161 406 7922.
  9. 9. FAQs What about staff and students who are ‘clinically vulnerable’? We already have a Medical Needs Register within school which is kept up to date by our SENDCo Mrs McFadyen – This register helps us identify all students who are a concern. Please email Mrs McFadyen if you wish to provide any new information. We also have a tool for screening and supporting staff who are at a higher risk of infection. The NHS provides further information on what it means to be ‘clinically vulnerable’ here: higher-risk-from-coronavirus/
  10. 10. FAQs Will we be operating ‘bubbles’? The government has advised that schools should try to separate their student population into ‘bubbles’ – so if infection occurs, it does not spread across the whole school. Government advice says smaller schools like Highfields can operate as one single bubble if needs be. However, we already keep our students separated / in smaller groups by: • Offering different start times for different year groups • Having separate sections of the school for different year groups • Having different lunch sittings for different year groups Please visit for more info.
  11. 11. FAQs What social distancing measures will be in place? We have marked out all of our main corridors with 1 metre guidelines. This will help staff and students be careful about how close they get to one another. In classrooms, we cannot provide these guidelines but we have plans that allow groups to use larger spaces when necessary. Will we be able to wear face masks? There is no rule around face masks in schools. However, staff and students can wear a face mask if they so wish. Students wanting to wear a face mask must make sure it is appropriate for school (plain, only covering mouth / nose) and must behave sensibly with it. We reserve the right to ask students to remove face masks if we feel it is contributing to poor behavior.
  12. 12. How can you stay connected to Highfields? Nothing can replace coming into Highfields. To try keep students, parents/carers and staff connected with Highfields, we have upped our social media presence. You can find us on social media using the following links: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Partnership-100262181633374/
  13. 13. New growth after a forest fire “No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again.” - Buddha