Living the American Dream: Our Clients Success Stories EMagazine 10.12 edition


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E-Magazine featuring the true stories of immigrants and their families who have worked with Immigration Attorney Heather L. Poole and her team to accomplish goals of obtaining green cards, saving their residency, or becoming US citizens, in some of the most difficult and seemingly unwinnable circumstances. Featured stories on 10 year bar waivers, misrepresentation waivers, illegal entries, C-1 adjustment of status, spouse-based green card cases, abused immigrant green cards, conditional green card waivers, appeals, and more. For more stories, visit To book a consultation, call us 24/7 at 877.486.2678.

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Living the American Dream: Our Clients Success Stories EMagazine 10.12 edition

  1. 1. AmericanDreamLivingtheOur Clients’ Success StoriesAustralianImmigrantObtainsGreen CardAfter FacingVisa FraudIssuesConditionalGreen CardWaiverApprovedfor JapaneseNational DespiteDivorceChineseNational KeepsGreen Card andBecomes U.S.Citizen ThreeYears LaterHungarianCouple’sGreenCardsareReinstatedAfterHeatherWinsAppealHeather L. Poole, PC, Professional Law Corporation - U.S. Immigration Law
  2. 2. 2American DreamLiving the Our Clients’Success Stories877-486-2678 / Representing Clients All Over the U.S.
  3. 3. 3SuccessStoriesTrusting an immigration attorney with your casecan be scary. There’s often so much at stake. Youhave to get it right the first time. The enclosedstories are samples of some of our cases forclients who took the leap and trusted us withtheir future. As you will see, even in some of thetoughest circumstances, these clients had optionsand did not give up hope. Enjoy,Client Comments: The following commentsare taken, with permission, from clients’ ownindependent evaluations of the firm afterservices have concluded...Our Clients’Success StoriesAmerican DreamLiving
  4. 4. 4The immigrant spouse of a U.S citizen entered the U.S on a C-1 visa. Certaintypes of C-1 visas are not eligible for adjustment of status (Green cardprocess in the United States). The couple had been repeatedly told bymultiple attorneys that the Brazilian spouse had to return to his countryand was not eligible for adjustment of status. This meant he would haveto consular process and apply for a waiver of the ten year bar at one of the toughest CISoffices in the world and face a potential separation of 10 years. Heather knew that therewas no uniform policy among local CIS offices on the interpretation of C-1 visa holder’sability to adjust and warned the couple that they would have to fight for this eligibility butthe law was on their side. As suspected, at the adjustment interview with Heather presentby the couple’s side, the CIS officer informed us that the Brazilian spouse was not eligibleto obtain his green card in the U.S. because of his C-1 entry. Heather argued the lawwith the officer and bought time for our clients to be able to brief the issue so the officerwould take it to her supervisor and the legal counsel in charge of that district office. Thisextended our client’s right to continue working with authorization and stay in the U.S.legally while the fight continued.Heather successfully argued that the law only bars the crewmen type of C-1 visas fromadjustment. She submitted a brief, outlining the law, and proved that a C-1 “in transit”type of visa, which the immigrant entered on, could adjust in the United States. Sixmonths later, the green card case was approved. The immigrant spouse was able to returnhome to Brazil with his wife, with his green card in tow, to visit his mother who he hadnot seen in years because of his overstay.“We chose Heather torepresent us becausethrough internet research,we heard Heather wason the two best lawyersin the country for waivercases and we were afraidour case might turn intoone of those. We spokewith Heather and foundher to be empathetic andalso professional. Weturned to Heather for ourcomplicated marriage-based immigration casewhen other lawyers told usthere was no hope for anadjustment of status. Theytold us we should give up.Heather was able to winour case successfullybecause of her wideknowledge base, herplentiful experience inimmigration law, and herwillingness to put in thework to do the necessarylegal research. She and heroffice staff always treatedus with kindness andrespect, and charged us avery reasonable fee for herservices. We felt very wellprepared. She does notcreate false expectations,but rather gives a clear ideaof the possible outcomes inyour situation.It is clear that she practicesimmigration law out of atrue desire to help people..You changed our lives anddid what other attorneystold us could not be done.”E.B. & F.B., Boston,MassachusettsBrazilianImmigrantObtainsGreenCardDespiteC-1VisaEntryAmerican DreamLiving the Our Clients’Success Stories877-486-2678 / Representing Clients All Over the U.S.
  5. 5. 5Swedish ComputerProgrammer SavesGreen Card EvenWith few TraditionalDocuments and EarlySeparation From SpouseI was referred to you by anotherlawyer who represented me in myinitial green card petition. I choseyou because of your extensive experience.The physical distance between my home andyour office didn’t matter; with me being herein San Francisco and everything still going sosmoothly showed it was no problem at all. Weused a lot of email and that was very helpfulfor me, because the Post Traumatic StressDisorder made phone calls stressful for me.You respected and understood my situation,not just legally but on a personal level. Yourwork was beyond my expectations.A.C., San Francisco, California“Heather is an extremely honest, highlyknowledgeable, kind, patient, and acaring attorney. Her staff is as friendlyas she is. She walked through our casewith explicit step-by-step directions.I got my green card within 4 monthsfrom filing. She made the impossiblepossible through her expertise. We could not have asked for abetter attorney. We recommend her to anyone. I have alreadyrecommended my family members to Heather for help. Shemade my dream of becoming a rocket scientist a true one! “D.J., Burbank, CA“I obtained your name from thePasadena courthouse. . . . The overallquality of your services provided wereexcellent. I was so impressed that thestaff always kept me in touch with whatwas happening in my case. I wouldrecommend your firm to others becauseyou are truthful, warm, and won’t cheatpeople. You are very kind. God bless you always.”Y.G., Rosemead, CA“In our initial consultation, all the aspectsof my case were explained to me. I wasreally impressed by how knowledgableHeather is. I know I wouldn’t be ableto find a better attorney. Your fee wasreasonable and your paralegals and stafftreated me courteously and the qualityof services provided were excellent.Email made it easy to communicate with you. Thank you and allyour staff. I will recommend your firm to everybody.”C.O., Los Angeles, CASri Lankan Scientist whoOverstayed Visa Obtains GreenCard in Four MonthsAbused Immigrant from Peru, aMother of Two, Obtains Green CardDespite Illegal EntryTurkish National RemovesCondition on Green Card WithoutHusband’s HelpOur Clients’Success StoriesAmerican DreamLiving
  6. 6. 6Green CardApproved for FilipinoDespite RecentMarriage, Non-Traditional MarriageDocuments, andComplicatedDisability/FinancialSponsorship IssueI would recommend your firm toothers; your services wereexcellent. The firm did a verygood job and answered all of our questions.We were regularly informed about theprogress of our case. We were billedaccording to our engagement agreementand the flat fees were reasonable.C.K., Los Angeles, California“Heather was suggested by a memberof an emotional support website whereimmigrants and their family membersdiscuss stories/cases. My case resultedin the outcome I hoped for and evenquicker than expected! Heather wasvery pleasant and helpful. They madeour “journey” an enjoyable one - due to their full support andassurance to us. It has been a joy to work with them. Greatjob! I recommend this firm because you will definitely getthe result you aim for or Heather will tell you otherwise; shedoesn’t sugarcoat anything. Thank you for the WONDERFULservice! The positive energy Heather exudes is such a bigplus. Heather made us feel at ease from day 1.“M.H., Cerritos, CA“You were very attentive and detail-oriented at our initial meeting, whichcaused me to choose to have yourepresent me. My initial impressionwas later confirmed by your continuallyupdating me with information on theprogress of my case. Thank you forhelping me achieve the outcome Iwas hoping for. I would recommend your firm to others, asI have not experienced a better attorney in my life. You wereexcellent.”Y.P., Los Angeles, CAFilipino Spouse Of U.S. CitizenAvoids 10 Year Bar Due to Overstayand Obtains Green CardNigerian Obtained Green Card Basedon Abuse she Suffered from U.S.Citizen Spouse“Thank you Heather. I chose to workwith you because of the specializednature of my case. Receiving mypermanent green card made me glowall over. I would like to use your firm alsoto apply for citizenship as soon as I ameligible.”G.C., Phoenix, AZNew Zealand Immigrant ReceivesGreen Card After Wife SabotagesGreen Card ProcessAmerican DreamLiving the Our Clients’Success Stories877-486-2678 / Representing Clients All Over the U.S.
  7. 7. 7Sara entered the U.S. on a K-1, fiance visa, fromthe Ukraine but did not marry the U.S. citizenwho sponsored her. She overstayed her visa,fell out of status, and eventually marriedanother U.S. citizen and gave birth to a son. Shewas not eligible to receive her green card in the U.S. becauseshe could only adjust her status based on the K-1 marriage.She was forced to consular process, which triggered the10 year bar to re-entry. To obtain her green card, Heatherwould have to argue to the CIS office abroad that her newhusband would suffer extreme hardship if she was notallowed to return to the U.S. Heather also had to show that itwasn’t possible for her husband to relocate to the Ukraine.And, although they now had a U.S. citizen son, immigrationwouldn’t consider the child’s hardship under this waiver.This, her negative immigration history, and the fact thatthe U.S. citizen had a good salary, was well educated, andhad relatives in the U.S. who lived close to his parents withhealth issues made this an extremely difficult waiver caseto win. Heather was able to successfully argue that theimmigrant spouse should be allowed to return to the U.S.The approval took less than 3 months.“Heather, first of all, thankyou for all of your hard workputting our waiver together. Itdefinitely looked very impressive,professional and complete.”C.S., Clair Shores, MichiganUkrainian K-1visaHolderWhoOverstayed VisaWinsUnlawfulPresence WaiverinMoscowOur Clients’Success StoriesAmerican DreamLiving
  8. 8. 8Filipino NurseReceive GreenCardafterHusbandLeaves HerA million thanks to you. Withoutyour hard work, your dedicationin helping me, I won’t be able toget my green card. Continue and keep up thegood work by helping us! I would definitelyrecommend you to others. Heather did agreat job. Not only that, she treated me likea family friend. She is the best!A.A., Bakersfield , California“Thanks for the very personalizedservice. We appreciated yourresponsiveness by email; very helpful.Other offices I interviewed with didnot even use email! We were regularlyinformed about the progress of our case,the fee charged with reasonable, and wereceived excellent work. Thanks for all your help with our case!”D.B., Pasadena, CAEric and his U.S. citizen wife,Eliza, have been living in Turkeybecause Eric could not return tothe U.S. after he lied to CIS andthe consulate about his workhistory and he worked illegallybefore his H-1B work visa wasapproved. He was charged witha permanent misrepresentationbar and was legally barred from returning to the U.S. with hiswife unless their waiver was approved. Heather had to provethat his wife would suffer extreme hardship if he could notreturn, particularly difficult to argue since she had been livingin Turkey already for 2 years and could adjust to life abroad.Heather successfully argued that her health and her family &financial obligations made it impossible for her to stay in Turkeyany longer and she needed her husband by her side in the U.S.Heather also argued that Eric deserved the waiver despitehis repeated lies and documented the special, sympatheticcircumstances that motivated him to lie. Their waiver wasapproved 8 months after filing in Athens, Greece. He will enterthe U.S. with a permanent green card.Thank you for everything! You should definitelycontact her and listen to what she has to say aboutyour case. Once you hear her solution you probablywon’t be contacting anybody else, or if you already did you will seethe difference.E.A. & A.E., Ankara, Turkey &Oklahoma City, OklahomaTurkish National WinsWaiver for MisrepresentationLifetime Bar in GreeceFiance Visa and Green CardApproved for British Citizen DespiteNew RelationshipAmerican DreamLiving the Our Clients’Success Stories877-486-2678 / Representing Clients All Over the U.S.
  9. 9. 9Australian ImmigrantObtains Green Card afterFacing Visa Fraud IssuesJohn came to the U.S. on a temporary work visa.After he arrived in the U.S., his job offer fellthrough within a few weeks and he did not returnback to his country. If he had left the U.S., hewould have triggered the 10 year bar of re-entry because he ended up staying over a year lookingfor another job. During that year of time, he fell in lovewith his former employer and they soon married. Althoughshe was a U.S. citizen and could sponsor him as his wife,this instantly brought up questions of visa fraud, bona fidemarriage, and misrepresentation – a potential lifetime barfor John.Heather had to prove that the job John entered the U.S. tofill (which soon fell through was) a “real” job opportunity,not just a way for him to enter the U.S. and marry hiswife. The couple faced problems showing it was a realmarriage given the timing and the appearance of guilt bythe employer wanting to help out someone who was onlybriefly hired. Heather’s solution was to document everyaspect of the story including advising the employer (thewife) on what documentation could help explain why thejob fell through and why the employer lost funding. Heatheralso advised on documenting John’s work experience toshow that he was qualified for the job offer. Heather flewacross the U.S. to their adjustment interview to be with eachof them as they were interviewed separately by CIS. Thecase was approved and John became a conditional resident7 months from filing.“I choose you torepresent us becausewe were referred by onan immigration websiteand were impressed byyour testimonials andsuccessful track record.You billed accordingto the engagementagreement on a flat fee,which we preferred. Thequality of the serviceswas excellent. Heatheranswered all questionspromptly, preparedus very well for ourinterview, and wasprofessional in everyaspect.”J.A., Indianapolis,IndianaOur Clients’Success StoriesAmerican DreamLiving
  10. 10. 10Canadian CoupleReceives RenewedGreen CardsDespite FrequentTrips Outside of U.S.You did exactly what you said youwould do! You stayed on top ofthings and when changes came up,you notified us right away. We knew theapproximate times it would take for each event.We were surprised how fast our green cardscame. You were very professional and friendly.You know your business. Thank you.E.F. & A.F., Glendora , California“I was referred to you because ofyour good name. Heather, you are theperson who listened to our problemsand you took excellent care of us. Yougave us hope. The flat fee you chargedwas definitely worth it.”S.T., San Dimas, CA“Heather and Staff: My family and Iwant to thank you for your hard workyou did to help my father establish hisstatus as a legal resident here in theUnited States. It was and will continue tobe an unforgettable moment when wereceived the good news. Now, we cando much more as a family. Many thanks.”M.D., Los Angeles, CA“Thanks for all your helpwith our case!!! We choseyou because of your verypersonalized service,comparable & reasonable fees,rapport, and competency.Your staff was courteousand we appreciated yourresponsiveness by email,very helpful. Other offices Iinterviewed with didn’t evenuse email at all! We wouldrecommend your firm to others. . .”M.B. & D.B., Pasadena,CAHungarian Couple’s Green Cardsare Reinstated After Heather WinsAppealMexican Parent Avoids 10 Year BarDespite Illegal EntryThai National with Complicated VisaFraud Background Obtains Fiance VisaAmerican DreamLiving the Our Clients’Success Stories877-486-2678 / Representing Clients All Over the U.S.
  11. 11. 11Sanjana and Roger came to Heather forhelp after Sanjana was turned around atthe airport, given a 5 year removal order,and charged with lying to the Customs andBorder Protection officer at the airport abouther intent to see her husband, a U.S. citizen. The maindifficulties in this case were the recently of the deportationorder and the fact that both spouses were highly educatedand likely able to find work anywhere. Additionally, Rogerwas a naturalized U.S. citizen who was originally fromIndia, itself, and appeared to have no problems assimilatingback into Indian culture. He also had family throughoutIndia who could offer them a place to live if he lost hisjob in the U.S. When filing the petition to waive Sanjana’slifetime bar as a result of her lie, Heather argued to theU.S. CIS office in India that Roger’s health (deafness in oneyear and other Diabetes complications) would continue todeteriorate if he could not control his stress and emotionswith the ongoing separation from his wife, Heather arguedthat Roger would lose access to his U.S. citizen son if heleft the U.S. to be with Sanjana based on the conduct of hisex-wife who had taken him to court repeatedly in custodybattles and even took the child without his knowledge ontrips outside of the U.S. Heather also argued that Roger’sjob of many years working for the local state governmenthelped many U.S. citizen children and it would be a greatloss for the public if he left for India. Heather argued thatRoger’s parents would suffer financially and physicallyif Roger were to leave the U.S. as he was financiallysupporting them and this was even in jeopardy if hestayed in the U.S.– having more and more distraction andemotional problems with ongoing separation from hiswife. Heather helped the couple document remainingarguments to make their case unique and set it apart fromothers filed at the same office, including documentingthe emotional trauma Sanjana would endure if she wasforced to stay in India, where she faced societal shame andharassment due to her own past marriage history. TheWaiver and Permission to Reapply for Admission afterDeportation application were approved in six months.“Sanjana received a call today from the U.S.consulate New Delhi that her waiver has beenapproved. Thank you very much for helping us out.Without you, this would not have been possible.”R.S., Chicago, IllinoisIndianSpouseReceivesQuickMisrepresentationWaiver&PermissiontoReturntotheU.S.DespiteRemovalOrderOur Clients’Success StoriesAmerican DreamLiving
  12. 12. 12Chinese NationalKeeps Green Cardand BecomesU.S. Citizen ThreeYears LaterI can hardly express my appreciation towards AttorneyHeather and her staff in this smallspace. Heather and all of her staff have been withme through the toughest time in my life. Theyfought for me and offered any help they could.The experience with them makes me feel theycare and know that justice exists. Heather is thebest attorney I have ever known.A.T., Denver, Colorado“I was referred to Heather by a formerclient. I was regularly informed aboutthe progress of my case and I receivedthe outcome I had hoped for. Theservice was first class.”R.K., La Canada, CA“You are the best. My wife and I had agreat experience with you in my initialgreen card case so I hired you againfor the conditional green card removalapplication that I filed jointly with mywife. I‘d use your services regardlessof the location because you are an awesome and competentattorney. I am looking forward to having you represent mefor my citizenship process.”M.B., Arleta, CA“I chose you torepresent mebecause youhave a 100%record andwe heard youare the best inthe west. Thequality of theservices wasexcellent. Youhave a goodteam. We arevery happy withthe outcome”G.C., Brea, CARetired Youth CorrectionsCounselor Wins Unlawful PresenceWaiver for his Mexican WifeBrazilian Spouse Obtains ConditionalGreen Card and Removes ConditionSuccessfully Despite Few JointDocuments Given Wife’s FinancialProblemsCanadian Spouse Obtains Green CardDespite Visa Fraud Issues and LittleJoint DocumentationAmerican DreamLiving the Our Clients’Success Stories877-486-2678 / Representing Clients All Over the U.S.
  13. 13. 13“Our lives have changed so muchwithin the last six months. My wife hasher new Social Security card, Driver’sLicense, etc. She now has more ID than Ido! I can honestly say we owe all of thisto Heather. We will never forget howshe helped us! If anyone doubts this,Feel free to call me anytime and I will beglad to tell them. Thanks.”D.H., Thousand Oaks, CaliforniaImet my wife in 2001 and soon fell in love, Six months laterwe where married in Ventura, California. I knew well beforewe where married that my wife was here “undocumented”but thought it would be easy to get her a green card since Iam a U.S. citizen, Boy was I wrong! We went to a “cut rate”notario, trying to save money, Mistake #1! We then went to a immigrationattorney in Los Angeles who quoted me $1000 to take care of the restof the paper work we needed, Mistake #2. It turned out we needed a“Hardship waiver” for my wife and would have to travel to El Paso, Texasand cross the border to the U.S. consulate [in Mexico].If everything went OK, My wife would have a green card and returnwith me. If not, she would have to stay in Mexico for 6 months to ayear, waiting for approval [if it was approved; if denied, faced 10 yearseparation]. This scared me to death! We had never spent the nightapart since we where married. I could not stand the thought of leavingher there! I started reading as much as I could on the internet and wasrecommended to Heather Poole in Pasadena, Ca. My wife and I went tosee her for a free consultation, and I am VERY glad we did! Heather andher assistant Carla went above and beyond to get our necessary papersdone within a month ( almost unheard of!) and off we went to Mexico.We had to spend almost 2 weeks there, First the medical appointment,Then the “interview” and then the “Hardship waiver interview”.Now this is what impressed me most about Heather! EVERYTHING shesaid would happen happened EXACTLY like she said it would! Whilestaying at the motel and waiting day after day. We met quite a few peopleand got to talking. I was SHOCKED at how many people where totallyunprepared and did not have the documentation they needed, Most ofthese people went away very unhappy to say the least! Everything wentsmoothly for us, and within one hour of my wife receiving her new greencard, we where back across the border and on our way home!”Mexican ImmigrantGranted Waiver to Staywith U.S. Citizen HusbandDespite Illegal Entry& Years of UnlawfulPresenceOur Clients’Success StoriesAmerican DreamLiving
  14. 14. 14Russian ImmigrantObtains Green CardAfter Spouse SabotagesInterview Which Leads toICE Home RaidAmanda came to Heather for help afterher husband sabotaged her green cardinterview and was hostile to the officer. Hethen left the U.S. on extended travel andstarted extorting money out of her.CIS sent her case to special investigations, which arrangedfor Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) toconduct a surprise home raid to determine if the marriagewas real. Heather realized after speaking with Amandathat she had been emotionally, financially, and physicallymanipulated by her husband who did not want to give upcontrol by allowing her to obtain her green card. Amandafaced the very real potential that she would be barredfrom any immigration benefit including a green card inthe future if she was convicted of marriage fraud, whichthe investigation could lead to. This case was also difficultbecause Amanda’s husband lived off of her, and did notwork. She paid all of their bills and suffered from PostTraumatic Stress Disorder from his threats to harm her andkill himself if she left him. Heather was able to obtain anapproved Immigrant Visa for her based on the ViolenceAgainst Women Act, pull her green card case out of thespecial investigations unit, and Amanda received her greencard in less than a year after hiring Heather.“I hired Heather to help mefile to obtain my green cardwithout my husband’s helpbased on the Violence AgainstWomen Act. After we startedthe case, one day my roommatecalled me and INS officer wasat my apartment and wantsto talk to me over the phone(I was at work). He asked me,“Where’s your husband?” Isaid he abused me and I filed anew case; I gave him Heather’sphone #, said she was my lawyerand I don’t feel comfortableanswering any questions withoutlawyer present (which Heatherhad instructed me to say if thisever happened). The officer keptasking questions and wantedto make a report. I told him myattorney knows everything andyou can call her. The officer wasnice and polite after I told himthis. The ICE officer said to methat it is good to find out thatthe marriage is legit. I told himto call my attorney. They nevercame back after that and left mealone.”A.K., Los Angeles, CaliforniaAmerican DreamLiving the Our Clients’Success Stories877-486-2678 / Representing Clients All Over the U.S.
  15. 15. 15ImmigrantSpouse fromGhana ObtainsGreen CardDespite NarcoticsConvictionThe case’s outcome is what wehad hoped for. We wereregularly informed about theprogress of our case and the overall qualityof the services was excellent. We appreci-ated the honest, active listening and advice.The interview prep session was very helpfuland we liked that consultations were able totake place via telephone. Thank you!A.K. and M.K., Phoenix, Arizona“I came to you approximately 1 yearago with hopes of getting a greencard. I saw you talk when you werethe guest speaker at Pasadena CityCollege’s PCC Day. I asked you torepresent me because I saw an honestperson that was willing to help me.Any questions/concerns that I had were always clarified tome or explained to me step by step. Everything went as I hadwished for. All of the services I received were with respectand honesty. I would love to see my comments up on thewebsite so other people could read them and get courageand go to you guys.”D.R., Bakersfield, CA“You answered all of my questions thebest way. You were very professionaland the process was fast. Your serviceswere excellent. I chose you to representme because you and your staff was veryclear with everything.”M.C., Burney, CA“I chose your representationbecause of your personalapproach towards my case.Because of you, I understood thenature of services provided onmy behalf and the legal issuesaffecting my case. I was treatedcourteously by the staff who allprovided excellent service. “R.D., Topanga, CACollege Student Brought to theU.S. as a Child From Mexico ObtainsGreen CardPeruvian Immigrant Obtains GreenCard Despite New Marriage, EntryIssues, and Complex FinancialSponsorship IssueArtist from Belgium ObtainsCitizenship Despite Criminal& Potential Fraud IssuesOur Clients’Success StoriesAmerican DreamLiving
  16. 16. 16“Thank you for everything! Youdeserve all success in the world. I wishthe best to you!!! Lots of successfulnessWonder Woman!”L.F., Midway City, CaliforniaU.S. citizen fiancé, Tom, and his fiancé, Lisa, discoveredthe hard way that Lisa had triggered the permanentmisrepresentation bar when they attended Lisa’svisa interview in Rio. If they could not put togethera convincing waiver petition, they faced a potentiallifetime separation. That’s when Tom, with his parents’ support, came toHeather for help. There were many challenges right off the bat with thiscase. First, the waiver had to be decided by one of the toughest CIS officesin the world that had low approval rates and limited staff. Second, Tomwas not working steadily, was young, had the financial support of hisparents, and on first glance, the means to visit his wife in Brazil. Heatherhad to prove that Tom would suffer extreme hardship if Lisa could notreturn to the U.S. to be by his side, even if Heather could prove that Tomcouldn’t relocate to Brazil. A major secret of childhood trauma that Tomexperienced emerged and showed his reliance on his wife, who has faceda similar trauma. Heather successfully argued that everything in Tom’s lifehad failed to start and stick – his college, his ability to work steadily, andhis relationships with his family. All of these aspects of his life sufferedbecause he did not have the stamina to face this trauma head on withouther by his side. Heather also argued that his inability to emotionallyhandle and confront his past was vicariously traumatizing his parents whohad bent over backward to help him find counseling, even selling theirhome to give him medical care and send him to school. The family wasunraveling. Heather also argued that Tom would not be able to survivein Brazil, without the ability to speak Portugese and having no family orfriends to take them in or help financially support them, as his own familyhad incurred tremendous debt just to send him repeatedly to Brazil tosee his fiancé. Their waiver and Application to Return Early after she wasremoved from the U.S, were approved in less than six months.Misrepresentation Waiver& Application to ReturnEarly After RemovalApproved by Tough CISOffice in Peru for BrazilianNationalAmerican DreamLiving the Our Clients’Success Stories877-486-2678 / Representing Clients All Over the U.S.
  17. 17. 17Mexican MusicianObtains GreenCard Despite NewMarriage andLittle TraditionalEvidenceYour services were excellent. Thefriendliness and courtesy of youand your staff was outstanding.The service exceeded our expectations. Greatcommunication. We loved feeling that you werepersonally invested and cared about us not justas clients but as friends. It was an absolutepleasure. Thanks again for everything!R.B. & R.H., Pasadena, California“I would recommend your firm toothers - you have a dedicated staffand a superb lawyer. I was regularlyinformed about the progress andstatus of my case. It does not matterthat the firm is located in SouthernCalifornia (I’m in Northern California); Iwould recommend your firm for any immigration matter.”P.N., San Francisco, CAChinese National Obtains GreenCard and Gets out of RemovalProceedings“Heather is the best immigrationattorney in the entire state of California!I chose Heather to represent meafter I met her and realized how veryknowledgeable she is. She and thefirm provided great service, were veryprofessional and used technology verywell. Communicating repeatedly throughemail was essential for me due to my business constraints andHeather’s firm took advantage of this type of communicationto my benefit. I just wanted to say, THANK YOU for a job welldone; you are great Heather!!!”L.H., Los Angeles, CATurkish National Becomes a CitizenEarly after Waiver Approved“I was referred to your firm by one ofyour clients, a friend of mine. I wouldrecommend your firm to othersbecause I think Heather is a greatlawyer and the people she works withare very responsible and courteous. Iwas regularly updated with what wasgoing on in my case the entire timeHeather was working on it and whenit was awaiting a decision from CIS. My Immigrant Visa basedon spousal abuse was approved and my green card issued inless than a year after coming to you.”D.S., San Diego, CABrazilian National Obtains GreenCard Despite ConvictionOur Clients’Success StoriesAmerican DreamLiving
  18. 18. 18Jamaican SpouseKeepsGreenCardDespiteBreakUpof MarriageJoseph and his wife separated after over two years of Josephliving through her severe mood swings, violent temperand obsessive spending habits, nearly bringing them tofinancial ruin and eviction. She used him financially duringthe marriage including misappropriating his and their roommate’s rent money, exposing them all to losing theirhome. She constantly withdrew his paycheck funds, often thesame day his salary was deposited. His wife never disclosed to him,prior to marriage, that she suffered from severe manic depressivedisorder. It was not until he came across her medication one daythat he realized that his wife was suffering from a mental illness.When she found out that Joseph had discovered that she had thisillness, she left him.The couple divorced during the two year conditional period.Heather argued that the couple did enter into a bona fide marriageand that Joseph made great efforts to save his marriage. Shedocumented the abuse that Joseph suffered from his wife and thedepression and fear he developed from the abuse. Heather alsohelped him demonstrate that his wife was misappropriating therent funds which caused them to receive late charges and potentialeviction. Heather also provided evidence that his wife was takingmedication to control herbipolar disorder (manicdepressive illness) anddepression. Less thana year later, Joseph’sexpiring 2 year conditionalresidency turned intopermanent residencywithout an interview.Israeli FilmGaffer BecomesU.S. Citizen in3 Years DespiteComplicatedAddress and Self-EmploymentIncome IssuesI was treated with the utmostrespect and professionalism. I knewall the terms in advance and trulyappreciated the honesty. I recommend Ms. Pooleto anyone she could represent. Her serviceswere excellent; I had a great outcome.Y.L. & J.L., Litchfield Park, Arizona“I am extremely happyto recommend you as acompetent immigrationattorney!”J.T., Phoenix, ArizonaAmerican DreamLiving the Our Clients’Success Stories877-486-2678 / Representing Clients All Over the U.S.
  19. 19. 19Heather filed a conditional green cardwaiver based on good faith marriage foran immigrant spouse from Japan after hismarriage fell apart months after he receivedhis conditional green card. Immigrationsuspected that the marriage was not valid or real because ofthe early separation. Heather not only had to argue that themarriage was real, but that the separation was not due to theimmigrant spouse’s actions. Attorney Heather argued thatthe wife had suffered mental and emotional problems. Shealso changed her mind on supporting her husband’s medicalpractice and was upset that he wasn’t making more money.Heather argued that the immigrant spouse did everything hecould to save the marriage, including financially supportinghis wife during the separation and suffered severe emotionalloss after the separation. CIS approved the waiver without aninterview three months after Heather filed the case.“I chose you torepresent me becauseI really liked the initialconsultation. Heatherwas confident, trustableand warm. Also, shesounded very focusedon the matter. Theoverall quality of theservices was very good.Ms. Heather Poole is agreat attorney. I wouldrecommend this firm toothers because Heatherdoes a great job.”J.J., Wilmington,North CarolinaConditional Green Card WaiverApproved for Japanese NationalDespite DivorceOur Clients’Success StoriesAmerican DreamLiving
  20. 20. 20Mexican Spouse Obtains Green CardDespite Illegal EntryMale ImmigrantFrom ThailandObtained GreenCard as anAbused SpouseThank you Heather for givingattention to my case. I would haveprobably given up but you made iteasier for me. You know the subject matter verywell and you were detail oriented. There shouldbe more attorneys like you. I am very happy withthe outcome of my case and you helped mealong the way. I wouldn’t have known where toget the documents I needed to provide if itwasn’t for you. The fee was reasonable and youprovide excellent service.R.G., Miami, Florida“I chose you to represent us becauseyou were highly recommended byfamily who you have helped beforewith great results. We were so thrilledto have Heather’s experience onour side, during a very importantprocess in our lives. It feels a bitoverwhelming and uneasy –but havingbeen represented by Heather that all changed, knowing shewas with us during every step of the way. We are extremelyhappy with the helpful, friendly, professional service that wasprovided to us. Email was extremely helpful . . .We would justlike to thank you once again.”R.H. & L.H., Bell, CA“I couldn’t be more thankful to Heatherfor helping me. You brought me backmy eagerness to hope for my futureand made me realize that a lot of goodthings are in store for me. You guys arevery professional, you’re the best. Youhave exceeded my expectations. I amvery lucky and have to have workedwith you. God bless!”J.L., Sacramento, CA“My sister referred me to you. I wouldmost definitely recommend your firmto others. Heather helped me obtainan H-1B [to work for a U.S. employerfor the next three years based ona combination of education andexperience]. I am very grateful for allyour help. Thank you again.”K.S., Fountain Valley, CAFilipino Immigrant Becomes U.S.Citizen After Leaving her AbusiveSpouseUK National Obtains H-1BTemporary Work Visa Despite Lackof Required Education & EmployerFinancial Documentation IssueAmerican DreamLiving the Our Clients’Success Stories877-486-2678 / Representing Clients All Over the U.S.
  21. 21. 21Attorney Heather filed a misrepresentationwaiver on behalf of a U.S. citizen spouse andher Canadian citizen husband. Heather had toargue that the U.S. citizen spouse would sufferextreme hardship if she had to move to Canadato be with her spouse. When an extreme hardship case involvesa modern, capitalist country, such as those found in theEuropean Union or Canada, it is usually more difficult to provethat relocation would be an extreme hardship to the spouse asthese countries are very similar to the United States. Heatheralso had to argue that the U.S. citizen spouse could not leavethe U.S. but needed her husband physically there in the U.S. ather side. Another difficulty we faced was the fact that the U.S.citizen spouse lived within four hours of the Canadian borderand was relatively close in distance to her Canadian spouse.On paper, it seemed that the U.S. citizen spouse could easilyvisit her Canadian spouse in Canada on the weekends. Herimmigrant spouse also had no job offer or family in the UnitedStates, which hurt any kind of financial reliance argumentand discretion that would favor the immigrant. Despite this,Heather argued that the U.S. citizen spouse would lose hercareer if she had to relocate to Canada. She also argued that theU.S. citizen spouse could not relocate to another country whereher husband also had citizenship as she could not continue hercareer there. Heather demonstrated the additional educationrequirements, low wages, and even high exposure to physicaldanger the U.S. citizen spouse would face in that country.Heather also successfully argued that U.S. citizen’s parentshad chronic, worsening health problems and would suffer ifthe U.S. citizen spouse left the U.S. to be with her husband.Heather had to disqualify the U.S. citizen spouse’s siblings andfamily members as able to financially or physically supporther parents. Lastly, Heather uncovered the need for the U.S.citizen spouse to stay in the U.S. for ongoing access to medicaltreatment for illnesses that were starting to affect her emotionaland physical well-being. This was especially difficult to arguesince Canada has such a great health care system but Heatherfound a way around this.The case was approved in less than five months.“Hi Heather . . . Justwanted to tell youthat my waiver wasapproved. I checkedmy email this morningand was pleasantlysurprised, especiallysince we are dealingwith Montreal/Vermont.Thank you so much fora job well done.”S.M., New YorkUnlawfulPresenceWaiverApprovedfor CanadianNationalinMontrealOur Clients’Success StoriesAmerican DreamLiving
  22. 22. 22“I just want to take a moment tothank you and your staff for thededication and hard work you putinto our case. It is a very good feelingto have my wife and daughter withme. Thanks very much.”M.H., Oakland, CaliforniaManny, the U.S. citizen spouse of Lola,a Mexican citizen, came to AttorneyHeather for help in re-filing a tenyear bar waiver for his wife. They hadpreviously tried to apply on theirown and the waiver had been denied. The ten year barrequired that Lola could not come back to the U.S. despitebeing married to a U.S. citizen for ten years unless she hada waiver approved. She also had to file a misrepresentationwaiver for the misrepresentation lifetime bar, for lying onher immigrant visa petition by claiming she had neverworked in the United States.Heather filed both the misrepresentation waiver andthe ten year bar. Heather argued that Manny would loseaccess to his U.S. citizen child if he had to move to Mexicoto live with Lola. Heather argued that he suffered from PostTraumatic Stress Disorder due to his ex-wife’s attemptsto deny him custody rights to his child. He also could notleave the U.S. because he financially supported his parents,who had lost their home when he had to stop supportingthem because he was supporting Lola in Mexico. Heatherhelped Manny document his parents’ financial position,their inability to find work due to medical problems, andthe inability of other family members to help take over thisburden. Heather also argued that it wasn’t practical forManny to move to Mexico to live with Lola, highlightinghis career, his limited education, and the financial ruinhe would face. This case was also more difficult becauseof Lola’s actions. She had stayed in the U.S. illegally for avery long time and her misrepresentation was very recent.Attorney Heather was able to explain the extenuatingcircumstances to garner sympathy for her and demonstratethat she deserved her waiver. It was an uphill battle for thiscase to be approved so quickly because the couple hadpreviously filed with another attorney which was denied.CIS’s usual policy is to backlog these types of cases tocompare the old case against the new, causing the couple towait even longer. The new waiver was approved within sevendays of filing and Lola was able to return to her husband andchild in the U.S. a few days later.Unlawful Presence andMisrepresentation WaiverGranted for U.S. Citizen’sMexican Wife DespiteHaving Prior Denial andYears & Physical SeparationAmerican DreamLiving the Our Clients’Success Stories877-486-2678 / Representing Clients All Over the U.S.
  23. 23. 23Japanese SpouseKeeps Green CardAfter Cis IssuesNotice of Intentto Deny her FilingFrom AnotherAttorneyHeather, thank you for helping meto get out of the fear that I might beordered to go out of the U.S. I had avery bad experience of previous incompetentimmigration and family attorneys. I hired youbecause you have a high rate of approval,another attorney recommended me to you, andyou are a sincere person. Thank you.A.Y., Los Angeles, California“Heather is one of the best experts inthe field. Everything was excellent. Igot the result that I was hoping to.”J.M., Burbank, CA“I went to Heather after the INShad turned down my applicationfor a Greencard multiple times.I was distraught at the idea ofbeing deported. Heather wascalm, understanding and veryprofessional. She told me all theinformation I needed to give herand took on my case from there.Shortly after she submitted my application, I wasapproved the Green card.”M.L., Pasadena, CA“I just wanted to let you know that Ispoke to my sister in law today and shereceived my mother in law’s permanentresident alien card today in the mail. Ireally want to thank you for all of yourhelp and hard work on this. The processwent much, much easier than my wife,my in-laws, or I thought it possibly could. Without your help, Iknow that it would have been a nightmare for us and withoutthe successful outcome of this process, my mother-in-law wouldhave either had to stay here illegally or she would certainly havedied in Mexico with no one there to take care of her. Thank youagain and I, and my family, will be sure to recommend you toanyone we know who needs help with an immigration issue.”J.M., Anaheim, CA90 Year Old Frail Mexican Motherof U.S. Citizen Obtains Green CardDespite OverstayAbused Israeli Spouse Obtains GreenCard After Wife Kidnaps ChildIrish National Keeps Green CardWhen CIS Intends to Deny His CaseOur Clients’Success StoriesAmerican DreamLiving
  24. 24. 24“We have gotten word fromBangkok [CIS Office] that Ben’sapplication was approved. Theconsulate in Sydney is finalizing hisvisa and they expect he should haveit by the end of the week. Thanks!”M.C., Orange, CaliforniaNew Zealand NationalWins Criminal Waiver inBangkok, Thailand andObtains Fiance VisaBen’s U.S. citizen spouse came to Heather for help with herhusband’s waiver for his many past criminal convictions.They had tried applying for the waiver on their own butCIS was not convinced and requested proof of extremehardship to Ben’s wife if he was not allowed to returnto the U.S. for ten years. This was an exceptionally difficult case givenBen’s multiple convictions for breaking and entering, fraud, and battery.Heather successfully argued not only his rehabilitation to separatehim from these past crimes but argued that his wife’s career, emotionalstate, family obligations, and finances would equal extreme hardshipto her if he was not allowed to return to the U.S. or if she had to move toAustralia to be with him. Since Australia is a democratic country similarin economic opportunities to the U.S. and not typically a place where it isa hardship to live, Heather had to argue the exceptions to the rule.American DreamLiving the Our Clients’Success Stories877-486-2678 / Representing Clients All Over the U.S.
  25. 25. 25EthiopianMan RemovesCondition onGreen CardDespite DivorceI would like to consciously thank youfor what you have done for me. Youare my hero! You work tirelessly,patiently, handling my case with courage. I amthe result of your own effective work environ-ment. From the day one, I remember your stafftreats me good. Heather, you spent hoursinterviewing and writing. I am still impressed . . .Thank you for your understanding and as I amalways telling you, you will be proud of me asyour own success story. Even if you have a hugevolume of work, you smile. You guys care! Whata wonderful experience to work with you.Heather, you understood my financial problem,too. Thanks for being so flexible for my paymentoption. I thank you very much.F.G., St Louis, Missouri“There were no delays and I gotthe result of my application evenearlier than I expected. You wereaffordable and yet very competentand knowledgeable about the wholeprocess. Your services were excellent.”C.C., Buena Park, CA“My husband and I had agreat experience workingwith Heather. We live inWisconsin. Heather wasworth every penny. Heatheris super sweet and the INSofficer liked Heather’s work,which made our green cardinterview really easy (sheknows her stuff (regulations)very well.”G.H., Madison, WI“Thank you for all the great work,support, and guidance with my case.You have given me new confidence,which has transformed my life to a greatextent. I would definitely recommendyour services to others. The result hasbeen positive. Your staff was extremelypolite and helpful. Wishing you greatsuccess and happiness.”T.W., San Francisco, CAIndian Woman Obtains Green Cardafter Escaping Abusive HusbandFiance Visa and Green CardApproved for Filipino NationalDespite Prior Visa DenialsCanadian Immigrant ObtainsGreen Card Despite VisaFraud IssueOur Clients’Success StoriesAmerican DreamLiving
  26. 26. 26US citizen’s Mexican Step-Child Obtains Green Card Before Turning21 & Avoids Ten Year BarDespite his biological mother’s failure to report a prior marriage which couldhave jeopardized the step-parent’s legal ability to sponsor his step-child, AttorneyHeather was able to convince CIS that this former “marriage” was not recognizedunder Mexican law and did not stand in the way. Attorney Heather pushed thecase through prior to the step-child turning 21, at which point he would have beenforced to consular process and would have triggered the ten year bar.“Everything went as planned, no surprises. Perfect!JM & SM, Huntington Park, CAGreen card cases can be deniedupon a matter of discretioneven if the criminal activity ofan applicant does not trigger aground of inadmissibility or deportability.Here, Henry grew up in a single parent home and gotinto trouble with the wrong crowd at a young age, withmisdemeanor convictions for DUIs, petty theft, and later,driving without a license when he needed to get to work.He moved out of the area with his US citizen spouse tostart a new life and avoid the gang streets on wich he hadgrown up. But now, immigration was in the way. Heatherargued that he was rehabilitated and these were youthfuloffenses which he paid his time and has shown actionssince that he is a good person deserving of CIS discretion.Heather flew out to his green card interview in Denver tobe with him and his wife and argue the case before CIS.Six months later, CIS approved his green card.We chose Heather to represent us becauseshe had helped our other family members.Heather was always helpful and wellprepared. Your unique tools to streamline and simplify theimmigration process was very helpful (start packages,prep sessions, checklists). The step by step oralinstructions and written instructions and responses givento us about questions that arose during the case werevery helpful. We both wanted to thank you for thewonderful service and great experience in such a difficultcase. Thanks for your patience and dedicated service. Thecustomer service was excellent; I have alreadyrecommended friends.H & KV, Denver, COGreen Card Issuedfor Mexican Nationalwith ChallengingCriminal HistoryAmerican DreamLiving the Our Clients’Success Stories877-486-2678 / Representing Clients All Over the U.S.
  27. 27. 27ConditionalGreen CardWaiverApproved forIndian WomanAlthoughSeparated fromHusband OnlyMonths AfterGreen CardApprovedDocumenting the abuse was a challenge because of the tightcontrol her husband had over every aspect of her life. She wasforbidden from speaking with co-workers and friends (who couldotherwise be witnesses) as her husband was paranoid jealousof any man she knew. He even tried to get her fired from her joband wouldn’t let her friends over to the house and commanded her around as if shewas his servant in front of his own friends. He threatened to call the police on herand lie to them about her on multiple occasions if she ever tried to leave him. Theneighbors were scared of cooperating, after hearing his yelling tirades through thewalls. Her husband monitored her activities, refusing to even let her pick up theirmail or talk with the neighbors. He also demanded money from her on a daily basis.Heather thought outside of the box to help Nadira document the abuse. She was ableto remove the condition on her green card and keep a permanent green card withouther husband’s involvement, taking back control over her own immigration destiny.After I spoke with Heather, I got convinced that you are the rightattorney. She is very intelligent. I loved the way Heatherrepresented me. Thank you Heather for helping me out! You areexcellent! ND, Los Angeles, CAFilipinaObtainsAbusedSpouseGreenCardafterEnteringwithFiancéVisaI’d like to thank youHeather for givingattention to my case. I amvery happy with the outcome of mycase and you helped me along theway. I wouldn’t have known where toget the documents I needed to provideif it wasn’t for you. I would haveprobably given up but you made iteasier for me. There should be moreattorneys like you.MS, Miramar, FloridaOur Clients’Success StoriesAmerican DreamLiving
  28. 28. 28Filipina Obtains Green Card toContinue Care of Disabled USCitizen SpouseCarrie’s case was difficult because her husband did not have thefinancial means to support her on paper, because he was disabled andreceived government assistance. He had no taxable income, exactlywhat is needed in most circumstances to sponsor an immigrant.Heather and Carrie worked together to show non-traditional records of assets, ajoint sponsor, and offered Carrie’s own income to meet the income threshold.Her husband’s disability was also cognitive. He had the equivalent of a 4th gradeeducation which made the CIS interview more difficult with a more limitedunderstanding and attention span. Heather represented them both at the greencard hearing, which resulted in an approval. The couple remains happily togetherto this day with the support of friends and family. Carrie writes:The firm did a very good job and answered all our questions. Wewere regularly informed about the progress of our case andthought the overall quality of services were excellent.CK & SK, Canoga Park, CAIndian Fiancé Obtains GreenCard & Changes Life AfterForced to Work as a Slave forWife’s FamilyI just cannot find words to express my profound gratitude to you. Itwas simply my immense trust in you, which kept me going. Before Imet you, I had already surrendered to fate and could not see any lightat the end of the tunnel. But the sudden meeting [with you] changed my entireattitude to life. It was your presence and counseling where I realized that all hasnot been lost yet. Your concern for me was starkly visible on your face and thatgave me additional courage and confidence. My entire family owes its debt to you[and] shall ever remain grateful.Thank you for all your support and help.VW, Los Angeles, CAAmerican DreamLiving the Our Clients’Success Stories877-486-2678 / Representing Clients All Over the U.S.
  29. 29. 29There were many challenges in this case. Both theUS citizen spouse, Marty, and his Filipina wife,Celia, were retired. Marty received a pension fromthe military as well as social security. She lived inthe Philippines half of her life. He was also 20 years olderthan her. On its face, the case appeared as if he could easilyrelocate to the Philippines to live with her if her case was notapproved. Heather argued that Marty could not leave the USand needed his wife in the US with him given the extensivefamily obligations he had. With the repetitive loss of hissiblings in recent years, one of which was in hospice now, hecould not abandon his family. Living in the Philippines wasalso traumatic for him, a WWII, Korean War, and Vietnamconflict veteran who flew cargo planes across the Pacific withthe Philippines as the main refueling station. To him, thePhilippines reminded him of all the men he lost, the othersoldiers who he saw maimed and killed, and the missionswhere he was almost shot down. The emotional toll wastoo much. He also needed his wife in the US as his primarycaretaker as he aged, now in his 90s. They had known eachother through his brother whom she was a primary caretakerfor prior to his death. His own brother saw how happy theywere around each other and encouraged them to date,knowing Marty had lost 2 wives to cancer prior to meetingCelia. Heather came up with other unique arguments aswell to convince CIS to approve the waiver. The case wasapproved in 5 months at the Manila CIS Office, an officeknown for one of the worst approval rates in the world - 20%.We received the approval letter from the USembassy yesterday. Thank you so much!CB & NJ, Long Beach, CA10 Year Bar Waiver Approved in Manila for Wifeof Retired U.S. CitizenOur Clients’Success StoriesAmerican DreamLiving
  30. 30. 30Juan met Christy at a crucial point in herlife. She was emotionally supportingher mother while still reeling from theloss of her sister’s death. She was sufferingthe effects of trauma from decades pastas well including her father’s death whenshe was a child, her step-father’s desertion,and having survived a physically abusiverelationship that made her mistrusting ofmen. She found personal reward workingas a nurse and Juan’s schedule allowedhim to take care of their young child whilealso contribute financially to building theirlives together. This was all at risk knowingthat Juan could be picked up by ICE(Immigration and Customs Enforcement)agents at any time.Tired of looking over their shoulders,Christy and Juan came to Attorney Heatherfor help. Juan faced the 10 year bar becausehe had fled to the US at the age of 18 froma physically abusive uncle and had stayedin the US illegally after that, realizing thatthere was no life or way to support himselfif he went back to Mexico. He met Christyfour years after he entered the U.S. The 10year bar waiver for Juan was challengingbecause the couple were both youngpeople and CIS tends to have the mindsetthat the younger you are, the easier it isto move on to another relationship or theeasier it is to be uprooted and start life overagain. Also, the younger you are, the morelikely you have no real assets or financialrisk if you have to pack up and moveabroad. Heather successfully argued thatChristy and Juan’s situation was uniquecompared to other couples in the exactsame legal circumstances and helpedthem document how she could not moveto Mexico and retain her career, familyobligations, and be able to support herfamily. Attorney Heather also successfullyargued that Christy needed Juan in the USwith her and could not survive emotionally,financially, or physically without Juan inthe US during the next ten years. Their casewas approved shortly after filing, in the PilotProgram at Ciudad Juarez, and avoided thebacklog. The couple was reunited soon afterJuan’s immigrant visa interview. They writeof our services:“Thanks again for all your time and hard work. We couldn’t have gonethrough the waiver process alone. It made all the difference to work withsomeone so knowledgeable of such a complicated and stressful process.You took a lot of time to answer questions and we were regularlyinformed about the progress of our case. We recommend your firmto others because you did very good work, are very knowledgeable,honest, and we had a great outcome.”SV & JV, San Francisco, CA“I wasreferred toHeather bya differentimmigrationattorney. Iabsolutely,categorically recommend thisfirm to others and have alreadyrecommended your firm to a friend.I communicated with the Attorneyvia email at times and was totallysatisfied with response time viaemail and by phone. I was andremain 100% satisfied with theAttorney who I have now come toconsider as a friend. Her help hasbeen very, very appreciated and Ihave the highest level of esteem forher.”SN, Beverly Hills, CA“Heather took the time to know us.She had explained the process tous well. We were regularly informedabout the progress of our case.Email was very helpful. We wouldrecommend your firm to others inneed; the office staff was friendly.Thanks to you all.”J.L., Lancaster.UK National Obtains AbusedSpouse Green Card and AvoidsDeportationGreen Card Obtained forCanadian Spouse of NaturalizedU.S. Citizen AlthoughChallenging Affidavit ofSupport Income Proof & FewJoint Accounts to Prove a RealMarriage10YearBarWaiverApprovedfor22yearoldMexicanNationalDespiteNewMarriageAmerican DreamLiving the Our Clients’Success Stories877-486-2678 / Representing Clients All Over the U.S.
  31. 31. 31Marisol stayedwith herphysicallyviolenthusband for years to protecther child from his wrath. Hestrangled her on two separateoccasions and left her fordays in severe pain after beatings to the point where she couldnot move or eat from the pain. She called the police when hestarted hitting her in front of her son and a manhunt ensuedto try to find him. He was eventually picked up in a bar fight,served months in jail, and was eventually deported. But he cameback to the US soon after to take his revenge on Marisol. Hethreatened her that he was going to find a gun and kill her andher children and then kill himself. She called the police againand then came to Attorney Heather for help. She appeared forher office consultation with severe bruising all over her face, aswollen lip, and two black eyes The police were cooperative withher immigration case as she had done so much to try to bringhim to justice. She is a brave woman. Her husband continues tostalk her at work but she has been unable to obtain a restrainingorder against him because she can’t find him for service. She’sbeen able to separate from him permanently because the Uvisa gave her the right to work in the US – the means to supportherself and her children-while she complied withthe investigation and sheand her children are nolonger afraid of beingdeported to Mexicowhere her husband andhis family have strongconnections to crimeand where she wouldsurely be unprotected.She writes of ourservices:“Heather was very confident and encouraging duringthe initial meeting and I felt that I could trust her. Shewas linked to the website to support non-violenceagainst women. Heather was great in many ways. Shesaved me from an extremely terrible situation and Iam thankful, of course! I recommend her because sheis always going to do her best to help and bring outthe result! Thank you for everything! “NY, Los Angeles, CANanami wasphysically andemotionally abusedby her husband.She struggled with constantillness from the stress of livingthrough the abuse, which madeher weaker and more difficultfor her to defend herself againsthim. He intimidated her intosilence, telling her that withhis connections, he could haveher killed. During arguments,he blocked her from leaving the room and repeatedlyreminded her of his power over her immigration status tokeep her quiet. He constantly interrogated her and playedwith her mind, trying to get her to question her own sanityand judgment. Even after escaping him, Nanami still sufferedfrom Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He continued to followher, showing up at her new apartment, threatening her anddemanding she come back to him. Heather filed a conditionalgreen card waiver based on extreme cruelty for Nanami, afew months after she received her initial conditional greencard. Because she and her husband split so soon after herinitial green card was issued, she faced a potential finding byCIS that she had committed visa or marriage fraud (i.e., onlymarried for the green card). Heather advised her how shecould document her case with help of her doctors, therapist,and witnesses. Less than eight months later, her case wasapproved without an interview. She received a ten-year greencard. She becomes eligible for US citizenship through thenaturalization process early, even though she is no longermarried to her US citizen abusive spouse because she receivedan approval of her extreme cruelty conditional green cardwaiver. Nanami writes of our services:I was referred to youby the court. Irecommend you tomy friends because you give goodservice and good results. I giveyou thanks for everything youhave done and do for me with mycase. I am very happy.MO, Los Angeles, CAJapanese National Saves HerGreen Card with ApprovedConditional Green CardWaiverMexicanWifeWorksWithPolicetoFindAbusiveHusbandandObtainsUVisaandprotectionforherandheryoungson.Our Clients’Success StoriesAmerican DreamLiving
  32. 32. 32Attorney Heather L. Poole is a private immigrationlawyer with her practice devoted to family-basedimmigration and U.S. citizenship law. She helpsimmigrants keep their green cards despite maritalbreakups and successfully reunites couples whowould otherwise face a devastating 10-year separation dueto immigration imposed unlawful presence bars. She workswith CIS offices across the U.S., the Los Angeles ImmigrationCourt, and consulates worldwide. She regularly travels outsideof California to represent clients in person at green cardinterviews & court appearances to be by a client’s side. Her expertise stems from her practical legal experience inthe field and her background in grass-roots activism on behalfof women and immigrants. HIGH SUCCESS RATES• 98% approval rate on all family-based immigration cases• 99% approval rate on Conditional Green Card Waivercases• 99% approval rate on unlawful presence (3 & 10 year barwaivers) & criminal waivers• 99% approval rate on citizenship cases*Her success rate, including some of the most difficult casesthat other attorneys refuse to take on, proves that clients cantrust Heather’s experience and judgment when decidingto pursue a particular immigration option under Heather’srepresentation.A RECOGNIZED EXPERTHeather’s expertise in immigration law is widely recognizedby her peers. She has trained other attorneys on compleximmigration topics for the American Immigration LawyersAssociation (national & state conferences), Federal BarAssociation, Los Angeles County & Orange County BarAssociations, and Pasadena Bar Association. She co-authored the first article on the V visa, published in the AILA’sImmigration & Nationality Law Handbook and wrote onConditional Green Card Waivers in AILA’s Immigration Formsand Fundaments, both key reference guides for immigrationattorneys throughout the U.S.She is also published on the complex family immigrationsubjects in Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine and The OrangeCounty Lawyer and is published nationally on abused-spouserelief and other family-based immigration topics. Heatherhas been named “Super Lawyer: Rising Star” four times forexcellence in immigrationlaw in Los Angeles Magazineand Law & PoliticsMagazine, an honor givento only 2% of Attorneys inSouthern California eachyear. She is the current Secretaryof the Southern CaliforniaAILA Chapter, the secondlargest bar association forimmigration lawyers in theU.S.A COMMUNITYLAWYERHeather is currently onNeighborhood LegalServices’ (NLS), Legal AidFoundation of Los Angeles(LAFLA), and San PedroCommunity ServicesImmigration Referral listsas a recommended private attorney. She has been a featuredimmigration lawyer at KFI AM 640 Law Days from 2006-2010,hosted by the #1 nationally syndicated law talk radio showin the U.S., Handle on the Law. Heather also has spokento nonprofit agencies, adult schools, shelters, governmentagencies, and churches on various immigration issues. She alsoteaches “Immigration Law” in the paralegal degree program atFullerton College.Heather’s work with immigrants has been commended bythe National Domestic Violence Hotline, Haven House – thecountry’s oldest domestic violence shelter, and Project Sister, arape crisis center serving the Inland Empire. She is a long-termvolunteer helping survivors obtain restraining orders in familycourt for the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Barrister’sProject (nominated 2008 Los Angeles County Volunteer ofthe Year & named Pasadena Superior Court’s Volunteer of theYear). She currently serves on the “VAWA Experts” resource listof the National Lawyers Guild.* As of 9.15.2011. Past approval rates do not guarantee orpredict future approvals. No guarantees can ever be legallyor ethically provided by an Attorney. Always consult animmigration attorney about the particular facts of yourcase to determine what options, if any, may be available toyou and your chances of success.About AttorneyHeather L. PooleAmerican DreamLiving the Our Clients’Success Stories877-486-2678 / Representing Clients All Over the U.S.
  33. 33. 33Legal FeesIMPORTANT NOTES about this chart and ourpricing:  You tend to get what you pay for in life; it’sno different with lawyers. Be careful when comparinglawyers based on fees. You need to weigh what is mostimportant to you - Paying the cheapest lawyer OR havingan experienced lawyer who could drastically improveyour chances of winning your case. Heather has anextremely high success rate on cases because she isinvolved in every stage of preparation to filing to oftenin-person representation.*Our fee policies:1. Our firm works on discount and paymentplans (explained below) to make an experienced & yes,more expensive, lawyer possible for your case.2. We do not negotiate on fees. The attorney knows theamount of hours and work it takes to pull off a successfulcase.3. We try to save you money where we can includingobtaining fee waiver of CIS fees if the client is eligible.  Wealso accept credit cards and payments from yourfriends and family at your instruction.4. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in a casewhere fees are not listed here.• Legal Fees may be paid in checks, cash, money order, or credit cards and any combo of these.• We allow parents or friends to help you pay the legal fees with your permission.• Legal Fees Do not include CIS or Department of State fees but depending on the type of case, these fees may bespread over time. You do not have to pay the CIS or DOS fees when you hire the attorney (the attorney will let youknow when the other immigration fees are due).* No attorney can guarantee a favorable outcome. Past results do not predict future outcomes. It is unethical and illegal understate bar rules to guarantee approval. However, choosing an experienced attorney who has a track record and knowledge of theprocess, the evidence needed, and the law will always improve your chances of success.Chart of Typical LegalFee Range by Case-TypeFeesIncentive, Saver& Payment PlansAvailable?Unlawful Presence Waivers*(3 and 10 year bars) with green card$8100 - 9000 YesMisrepresentation Waivers* withgreen card$8100 - 9000 YesCriminal Waivers with green card $8100-9000 YesRemoval Defense $5000-7500 Incentive plan onlyFamily-sponsor Green card orMarriage Green Cards$2700 - 3000 YesFiancé Visas $2000 NoConditional Green Card Waivers $6000 - 6500 YesConditional Green Card-Joint Filing $2700 - 3000 YesI-212 (if retained for UP waiver) $1500 YesU visa cases $2500-3500 YesAbused-Spouse Green Cards $5000 - 6500 YesCitizenship $1500 - 1750 YesDiscount plan = 10%discount off of the total legalfees quoted if you choose topay legal fees in full at startof the case;Payment plan = Initial downpayment of at least ½ of totalfee, with the remainder ofthe legal fees due in monthlypayments, with no interest.Fees stated as of January1, 2012. Unlawful presencewaivers, misrepresentationwaivers, and criminal waiverfees also usually includesthe filing of an immigrantvisa (family-based green cardpetition). The Attorney willlet you know if there is anexception in your case.Photos contained in this publication are representational in naturebut do not reflect actual clients to preserve client confidentiality.Our Clients’Success StoriesAmerican DreamLiving
  34. 34. 34By facing your immigration situationor problems head on now, whilethey can still be solved, you takecontrol of your future. By comingto an expert in immigration lawwith a proven high record of success, you canfeel confident that you don’t have to worryanymore about “what could happen” if you takeyour case to a notario (immigration consultant),inexperienced or general lawyer who does notspecialize in your kind of case, or even try tohandle the problem on your own.As one of our clients, you will know exactlywhat your options are and you will have certaintythat your case is being handled by an attorneywho knows what’s she’s doing and is with youevery step of the process. You will continueto have confidence in your choice and trust inus as we continue to update you every step ofthe way on changes in the law that could affectyour case, as well as processing times and newstrategies. You will know that your case is beinghandled personally by the Attorney who knowshow important your case is and shows this often,with one-on-communication and remainingaccessible by many means – phone, email, mailand fax.You may feel as if you have to put your life onhold because of immigration complications.You could face long periods of separation fromloved ones due to complicated immigrationprocedure and not knowing the immigrationconsequences of certain actions. We providetangible answers and alternative solutions thatmay answer your dilemmas and provide answersto common questions about travel implications,work authorization, drivers licenses, and socialsecurity cards. Because we focus in family-based immigration and citizenship, we know allpotential issues that are raised in these types ofcases.Thank you for your trust in coming to us for help.I look forward to the opportunity of working withyou on your immigration journey.All my best,Benefits ofBecomingOur ClientNo more fear or uncertainty.No more wasting your time and money.No more putting your life on hold.American DreamLiving the Our Clients’Success Stories877-486-2678 / Representing Clients All Over the U.S.
  35. 35. 35Accountant fromKenya Saves GreenCard After CISThreatens to RevokeHer Immigrant Visafiled by AnotherAttorneyFor even more success stories“I found the firm from doing an internet search.I felt completely hopeless and powerless aftertalkingtootherattorneysbeforeIspokewithyou.I chose you to represent me because every aspectof my case was well explained to me, your highsuccess rate, and your community involvementclearly shows that you care about your clients. Thefactthatyourcredentialsareunmatched,IfeltthatIwasingoodhandsrightfromthebeginning.Your services were excellent. I was treatedwith respect and for the first time in a long timefelt that there are some immigration attorneyswho really care about their clients as opposedto the money they could get out of them. Iwould absolutely recommend your firm toothers. I will make it my mission to spread wordof mouth to everyone I know who has similarproblems.  Even if I were in New York and notin California, I would use your services. It’shard to find a good, honest, and competentimmigration attorney and people are willing totravel to find a good one and you are excellent.  You truly embrace the human rights philosophy.Heather, I can never thank you enough.”J.M., Bakersfield, CAOur Clients’ Success StoriesAmerican DreamLiving theOur Clients’Success StoriesAmerican DreamLiving
  36. 36. 36877-HUMAN-RTS (486.2678)Call 24 hours a day / 7 days a weekto Schedule Your Free ConsultationRepresenting Clients All Over the