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Do-it-yourself Transhuman Tech - Bryan Bishop - H+ Summit @ Harvard


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Bryan Bishop
Do-it-yourself Transhuman Tech

This talk will cover the prospects of do-it-yourself transhumanism, do-it-yourself garage biotech and engineering. These topics and more will be explored within the context of open source technology and licensing. In addition, progress on open source DIY lab-on-a-chip devices will be exhibited.

Bryan Bishop is an advocate and developer of do-it-yourself transhumanism and open source hardware. His primary focus is directing a "triple trick" transhumanist team focusing on accelerating trends like the technological singularity, do-it-yourself biology, and open source technologies. In 2008, Bishop became a research assistant at the Automated Design Lab at the University of Texas at Austin. From time to time, if you're lucky, you might find him stealing a few hours of sleep on the lab couch. Lately he spends his waking hours at the recently new hackerspace in Austin, Texas.

You can find him on the web at

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Do-it-yourself Transhuman Tech - Bryan Bishop - H+ Summit @ Harvard

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