The unconscious conscience, Dr.Hani Al-Qadhi


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A talk organized by the humanities and medicine interest group and SCOME in SQU college of medicine, given by Dr.Hani A-lQadhi a very well renowned teacher and mentor in our college.

A glimpse about the speaker:

-A senior consultant trauma surgeon at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital
-Deputy Head of Department of Surgery at College of Medicine and health sciences, SQU
-Program director of General Surgery Training program at the Oman Medical Specialty board
-Certified from the Royal College of Surgeons, Canada. Finished his residency training in general surgery at the University of British Columbia, Canada.

In this very enlightening presentation he speaks about how politics can influence ethical practice and how doctors should be humans and not political propaganda tools.

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The unconscious conscience, Dr.Hani Al-Qadhi

  1. 1. Hani Al-Qadhi MD, FRCSC, Trauma Surgeon, SQUH
  2. 2. The beginning
  5. 5. I will NOT give a lethal drug
  6. 6. “Do not give your property whichGod assigned you to manage tothe insane: but feed and cloth theinsane with this property and tellsplendid words to him”
  7. 7. Removal of corrupted physicianIshaq bin Ali Rahawi
  8. 8. "The doctors aim is to do good,even to our enemies, somuch more to our friends, and myprofession forbids us to doharm to our kindred, as it isinstituted for the benefit andwelfare of the human race, andGod imposed on physicians theoath not to composemortiferous remedies." Al-Razi (865-925)
  9. 9. AutonomyBeneficenceNon-maleficence
  10. 10. Justice DignityTruthfulness and honesty
  11. 11. 1932 – 1972US public health servicenatural progression of untreated syphilis399 poor African Americans with syphilis
  12. 12. 1947 - Penicillin
  13. 13. 128 men died of syphilis40 wives contracted the disease 19 children born with congenital syphilis
  14. 14. “For the most part, doctors and civilservants simply did their jobs. Somemerely followed orders, othersworked for the glory of science”.
  15. 15. “The mens status did not warrant ethicaldebate. They were subjects, not patients;clinical material, not sick people” Dr John Heller, Director of the Public Health Services Division of Venereal Diseases
  16. 16. The doctors’ trials
  17. 17. 1947 One of 12 trials held by the US in Nuremberg, Germany for war crimes by NazisEmergence of the Nuremberg code
  18. 18. TwinsTransplantationFreezingMalariaMustard gas
  19. 19. Sulfonamide Sea water Sterilization PoisonIncendiary bomb High altitude
  20. 20. Conspiracy to commit war crimes andcrimes against humanityPerforming medical experiments,without the subjects consentPlanning and performing mass murderof prisoners of war and civilians
  21. 21. Crimes against humanity:Committing crimes describedunder count 2 also on Germannationals.Membership in a criminalorganization.
  22. 22. 23 defendants 20 Doctors 7 acquitted 7 Death sentences 9 prison sentences from 10 years to life imprisonment
  23. 23. OtherAtrocities
  24. 24. 1937 and 1945Japanese medical personnel (Unit731) - torture killings 10,000Chinese, Russian, Americanprisoners during the second Sino-Japanese War.WWII, Unit 731 tried out variousbiological weapons on Chinesesubjects.Experiments: Vivisection , Weaponstesting, Germ Warfare,Hypothermia, PE, …etc
  25. 25. 1950s – 1970sCIA - many Humanexperiments includedbiological, radioactiveexperiments.1952Sloan-Kettering Institute - NIHsponsored study - injected livecancer cells into prisoners.Sloan-Kettering, 300 healthywomen - injected live cancercells without consent.
  26. 26. Why this topic? I will remember thatI remain a member of society, with special obligationsto all my fellow human beings
  27. 27. 2010 Trauma, Critical Care, Acute care Surgery Las Vegas, USA Dr. W.P. Schecter, UCA, SF, CA“Civilian Hospital Response in a War Zone”
  28. 28. June 2006:1 soldier kidnapped, several killedJuly 2008: 10 soldiers killed 33 day war between Israel and Hezbollah > 2000 missiles fired at Israel 1/3 of civilian population were in range 300,000 citizens moved
  29. 29. 1509 patients with War-related injuries 687 civilians – 822 military 415 required admission
  30. 30. 1035 mildly injured352 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder75 moderately injured23 severely injured7 critically injured8 Dead on Arrival
  31. 31. The Gaza View
  32. 32. 1400 dead in 3 weeks300 children115 women85 men > 5090 % of casualties wereCivilians Dr. Mads Gilbert, Norway
  33. 33. Hospitals and UN Shelters for children received direct hitsMassive shortage of medical SuppliesMedical Aide groups were prevented
  34. 34. The MessageAtrocities committed by doctors are almostalways politically drivenDoctors should not let politics dictate the waythey practiceCode of ethics should always be respectedInternational Medical conferences should notbe used for political propaganda