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F upb


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F upb

  1. 1. Building Dynamic Emotional Security in “post-conflict” Communities
  2. 2. Since 2006 we have worked inKosova, Colombia, & thePhilippines, as well as in the USAwith Vietnam war veterans.We have worked in NorthernIreland for over 20 years.
  3. 3. We work with ANY individualaffected in any way by violent oremotional conflict.
  4. 4. Encounter Education Personal Development Self Esteem BuildingEmotional Freedom Techniques Peer LearningTherapeutic Language Patterns
  5. 5. “In order to make ourselvesautonomous peace builders, we haveto make ourselves financiallysustainable”
  6. 6. We are NOT therapists. We are NOT counsellors.Instead, we use therapeutic educational processes tohelp people to help themselves & their communitiesemotionally….especially at times where internationalsupport agencies have left the conflict arena.
  7. 7. A major tool we use is to humanise the conflictitself by encouraging participants affected bycivil unrest to discuss personal FEELINGS aboutthe past as opposed to history or politics of thepast.Our reasoning is based on people we’ve met whoturned to violence for emotional rather thanpolitical or military reasons.
  8. 8. Although we work with ANY individual, abig part of our work has been withfamilies of RUC & UDR officers killed inNorthern Ireland.Much of the work is deliberately done on avery low key basis. The work is not in anyway political, but instead addresses theemotional needs of individuals deeply hurtby violent acts.