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The Strength of the Nation: Your Corporate Advantage


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More than 1 million military service members are due to enter the civilian workforce in the coming years. These U.S. military veterans represent a powerful potential workforce advantage for corporate America, because they bring significant skills and knowledge, such as leadership, discipline, focus and ability to work well in teams. Yet, there’s evidence that corporate America has not yet figured out how to deploy this talented force. This presentation will address the startling numbers that describe the slow integration of U.S. veterans back into the civilian workforce and provide strategies for creating and managing a veteran workforce strategy.

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The Strength of the Nation: Your Corporate Advantage

  1. 1. The Strength of the Nation: Your Corporate AdvantageYou can listen to today’s webinar using your computer’s speakers or you may dial into the teleconference. If you would like to join the teleconference, please dial 1.650.479.3208 and enter access code 926 967 562 # You will be on hold until the seminar begins. #CLOwebinar
  2. 2. The Strength of the Nation:Your Corporate Advantage Speaker: Frank Anderson President and CEO Strategic Public Sector Solutions LLC Moderator: Deanna Hartley Senior Editor Chief Learning Officer magazine #CLOwebinar
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  6. 6. The Strength of the Nation:Your Corporate Advantage Deanna Hartley Senior Editor Chief Learning Officer magazine #CLOwebinar
  7. 7. The Strength of the Nation:Your Corporate Advantage Frank Anderson President and CEO Strategic Public Sector Solutions LLC #CLOwebinar
  8. 8. The Strength of the Nation:Your Corporate Advantage
  9. 9. "The willingness with which  “We ask our men andour young people are likely to  women in uniform to leaveserve in any war, no matter  their careers, leave theirhow justified, shall be directly  families, and risk their livesproportional to how they  to fight for our country.perceive the Veterans of  The last thing they shouldearlier wars were treated and  have to do is fight for a jobappreciated by their nation.“ when they come home.” President Barack Obama President George Washington October 19, 2011
  10. 10. Veterans Initiative for Advancement (VIA) National Security Goals National Educational GoalsAdvancement of: Corporate TM Initiatives National Economic Growth Veteran/Individual Goals
  11. 11. Veteran Employment is a National Priority Patriotic and Economic Unemployment Rates, Ages 18‐24 35.00% 30.40% 30.00% 24.80% 18.40% 25.00%Veteran s 20.00% Unemployment 15.00% 10.00% Non‐ 16.90% 5.00%Veteran 15.30% 0.00% s 14.70% Oct - 10 Oct - 11 Oct - 12
  12. 12. Veteran Employment is a National Priority Patriotic and Economic Mastering the Numbers 18‐24 Unemployment 24.8% Gulf War II Unemployment 10% Degreed Vet Unemployment < 6% Homeless Veterans 25% Tax  Credits:   Veteran $5,600 Wounded Warrior $9,600 G.I. Bill Benefit, Annually $17,500 G.I. Bill Education Benefit, Used 36% 1,000,000 36 / 15    $76,918 Forecasted Separations Veterans Served Since 9/11 2.4 Mil Over Next 5 years
  13. 13. American CEO’s Perspective More than half of CEOs say lack of talent meant cancelling or delaying a strategic initiative. 53% say lack of key skills is a major challenge in their organization. Only 30% are confident they will have access to the talent they need over the next three years. Source: PWC Study 2012
  14. 14. Rethink Your Talent Development StrategyAn innovative strategy to • Deliberately develop and optimize your veteran workforce • Encourage veterans to leverage their Post 9/11 GI Bill - to increase opportunities • Provide veterans with engaging & sustainable career paths; Turn Jobs Into Careers
  15. 15. Why Support VIA? The U.S. Risks an unprecedented shortage ofcollege-educated workers. College attainment is a National Imperative.U.S. Goal for high-quality degrees and credentials: 38.2% 2010 60% by 2025 Source: Lumina Foundation 2012 The Corporate America Veteran Initiative is a Critical Building Block.
  16. 16. ~ Georgetown Public Policy Group THE COLLEGE ADVANTAGE: WEATHERING THE ECONOMIC STORM 2.1m + 1.6m-230k
  17. 17. Veterans Initiative for Advancement (VIA) Putting the Pieces TogetherLife Experiences Training College Credits DICO Degree  Cornerstone Online Student  Certificates Accelerator Program Success Program & Degrees (OSSP)
  18. 18. A Complex and Evolving Human Capital Opportunity The Veteran Advantage Increased • Leadership Workforce Demands • Trained • Disciplined • Team Players Critical Baby • Innovative Budget BoomersPressures & Are Retiring • Results Driven Training 10,000/dayChallenges • Loyalty & Courage
  19. 19. The Veteran Solution Veterans CEO  Education  Competency  Funding Needs Shortfalls Gaps Pressures
  20. 20. A Case Study: The Department of Veteran Affairs Wounded Warrior Case• Cohort group – 23 Wounded Warriors• Hired as Interns – GS‐5/GS‐9      3‐year program• Targeted hiring, career path – Contracting Specialist• The VA Initiative = Deliberate Veteran Development – 24 hours of college credit, Mount St. Mary’s Univ – Certification requirements, FAC‐C Level II – Deliberately leveraging their Post 9/11 G.I. Bill benefits An Innovative Talent Development Strategy which is  Ref: Frederick Post January 20, 2012 Organization Specific
  21. 21. A Case Study: My Story Frank J. Anderson Jr.FY 2001 23,774 Associate’s Degree 1st TourFY 2002 24,286 Bachelor’s Degree 2nd TourFY 2003 29,040 Master’s Degree OTSFY 2004 32,009 Deliberate Development:FY 2005 31,375 Airman Basic                      Brigadier GeneralFY 2006 34,591FY 2007 36,284FY 2009 44,160 Job Education + Training  Career
  22. 22. The Partnership Framework• Industry – Veteran‐centric TM Strategy – Commitment to recruit, hire,  develop, and retain • Academia Govt. – Veteran‐centric  academic initiatives – Agile and Flexible Veteran – Hire, develop & retain• Government – Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits Academi – Extend tax credits for hiring Industry a – Hire, develop & retain
  23. 23. Rethink Your Talent Management Strategy  The DICO Model©  Framework • Key Performance Indicators Define • Existing gaps in talent / skills • Specific programs to meet defined TM goals • Veteran Population Identify • The right partners to create positive impact • Co-Branded targeted communicationsCommunicate • Increased awareness = increased success • Professional development for individuals Optimize • Organizational reach and resources • WIN – WIN – WIN!!!
  24. 24. Closing Thoughts• Start your Veteran Strategy TODAY• Identify Your Veteran Population• Expand Your Veteran Hiring Initiative• Make Veterans a Deliberate and Strategic Part of Your Talent Management Strategy.
  25. 25. Ref: GotYour6 – 2012 May 20,
  26. 26. Questions & Answers Frank Anderson President and CEO Strategic Public Sector Solutions LLC #CLOwebinar
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