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The Future of HR Technology


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Wouldn’t you like to know the future? Of course you would – and by attending this webinar you’ll learn the most critical 10 trends in HR Tech. By understanding these trends and what’s driving them, you’ll make better technology purchases. HR Tech is NOT rocket science, but technology advancements are moving quite fast. Our three goals with this session are that you are aware, you understand and you’re confident about the future of HR Tech.

In this webinar, you will:

Get a full map of the current HCM software market.

Find out the 10 technology trends you’ll need to watch.

Understand how evolving HR technology will affect your work.

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The Future of HR Technology

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  9. 9. The Future of HR Technology
  10. 10. Agenda   Map of the HCM Software Market   10 Trends to Watch   Q & A
  11. 11. Map of the HCM Software Market
  12. 12. Map  of  the  HCM  So@ware  Market     Benefits     Management     Case     Management     Employee     CommunicaFons     HR  &  Employee     AnalyFcs     HR  InformaFon     Systems     Payroll     Technology     Employee     Scheduling     Time  &  AKendance     Timeclocks     Workforce     Management     401K  /  Pension     Management     Leadership     Assessment     CompensaFon     Management     Competency     Management     Employment     Branding     Succession     Management     Workforce     Planning     Employee     Advocacy     Career     Development       OrganizaFonal     CharFng     Performance     Management   Candidate  Assessment     &  TesFng     Applicant     Tracking       Candidate  RelaFonship     Management     Employment     Website     Sourcing     Technology     Video     Interviewing     RecruiFng     OperaFons     Employee     Referrals       Candidate     Screening     ConFngency  Workforce     Management   Employee     Feedback     Career     Mobility     CollaboraFon     Technology     Engagement     Tools     Learning     Management     Onboarding     Technology     Total  Rewards   (RecogniFon)     Wellness     Management     Outplacement  &     Alumni  Technology       Coaching  &     Mentoring  Technology   Payroll  &  Records   Talent  Strategy  &  Planning   Sourcing  &  Recrui6ng   Talent  Management  &  Development  
  13. 13. 10 Trends to Watch
  14. 14. 10 Trends to Watch 1.  Speed 2.  Predictive 3.  Reflective 4.  Connectivity 5.  Training 6.  Responsive 7.  Adaptable 8.  Modeling 9.  Ratings 10. Cleansing
  15. 15. Speed   How fast do you get the technology?   Are you thinking in minutes?   No more implementations.
  16. 16. Predictive   Is the technology intuitive?   Does the technology provide recommendation engines?   No more dumb databases.
  17. 17. Reflective   Does the technology tell you what just happened?   Does the technology tell you why that change matters (or doesn’t)?   Again, no more dumb databases.
  18. 18. Connectivity   Can the technology easily connect to an API dashboard?   Can data easily flow to and from the application?   Insight from “big data” doesn’t exist without application connectivity. Period.
  19. 19. Training   Is training built into the application?   Is training personalized to the user?   Assess to real time training, consumption of training, certification of content, then usage of software.
  20. 20. Responsive   Is the technology easy to access from, well, everywhere?   Do your users have to change the way they work?   As a user, the tech should fit me.
  21. 21. Adaptable   Can I change my process easily?   Does the technology make recommendations to improve my process?   Process eats software for breakfast.
  22. 22. Modeling   Does the technology have a sandbox where I can play?   Can I easily model transactions both large (acquisitions) and small (pay increase)?   Current state versus future state.
  23. 23. Ratings   Can I easily understand user sentiment?   Do my users LOVE the software they use?   Technology value derives from usage, usage derives from love. No love, no value.
  24. 24. Cleansing   Does the technology make recommendations on how to cleanse my data?   Does it automatically cleanse my data?   No one likes dirty data.
  25. 25. Remember "a feature is not a feature unless users use said feature"
  26. 26. Thank You William Tincup, SPHR, SHRM SCP Tincup & Co. Email = Mobile = 469-371-7050 Twitter = @williamtincup Instagram = @williamtincup LinkedIn = Facebook = Skype = williamtincup
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