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There are massive changes happening in talent management that require companies to implement talent acceleration strategies. These changes create a great impact on staffing and people processes, but also create risks for business capability and continuity. This webinar will give you a firm grounding in what you need to know and how your company or organization can respond to the new agile marketplace.

Join us for this trend-setting 40-minute webinar & learn:

The four big problems most companies face.
Three tactical strategies to implement now.
Defining the talent acceleration challenge.
The value of talent acceleration – effective metrics to quantify business & people impact.

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  1. 1. #WFwebinar The presentation will begin at the top of the hour. A dial in number will not be provided. Listen to today’s webinar using your computer’s speakers or headphones. Welcome to the webinar!
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  6. 6. Copyright  2017   Implementation  Partner  for  Enterprise  Capability  &   Talent  Acceleration  Programs  that  achieve  full   productivity  30-­‐50%  sooner  &  generate  growth  with   results  multipliers.    
  7. 7. DISRUPTIVE  INNOVATION     “The  thing  that  makes  you  think  twice   about  things  you  once  thought.”     ~  Arupa Tesolin
  8. 8. Copyright  2017   Top  3  CEO  Priorities     1.  GROWTH     2.  CUSTOMER     3.  WORKFORCE   Source:    Gartner  2016  CEO  and  Senior  Business  Executive  Survey  
  9. 9. Copyright  2017   Top  3  CEO  Priorities     1.  GROWTH     2.  CUSTOMER     3.  WORKFORCE   Source:    Gartner  2016  CEO  and  Senior  Business  Executive  Survey   84%  would  switch  brands  to   one  that  supports  a  cause   No  growth  =  decline,   irrelevance,  must  sustain     Sweeping  changes  
  10. 10. Copyright  2017   4  Big  Challenges  Facing  Enterprises       DEVELOP  BETTER   MGRs    &  LEADERS   Growing  pains  -­‐   effective  leaders,   manage  better  &   cohesive  management   practices   •  Growing  digitization  &   dashboard  metrics  but   all  out  confusion  in  how   to  manage  people   •  Asymmetrical   management  styles  –   fusion  leads  to   confusion   •  Which  way,  Leader?   •  Purposeful  direction  vs   profit-­‐centric   RESULTS  FASTER,   BETTER,  SOONER   Demonstrate  results  at   business  speed  or   accelerate  risk  of   failure  or  value   decline.   •  Change  happening   faster  than  ever   •  Speed  is  a  competitive   advantage   •  Increased  client   expectations   •  Increased  complexity   •  Enterprise  agility  –  need   to  plan,  test,  implement   &  pivot  quickly.  Agile   companies  outperform   lean  ones   DISRUPT  LEARNING  &   PERFORMANCE   Rampant  content   availability  &  learning   consumption  has   completely  upended   learning  &  performance.   Many  organizations  in   Dark  Ages.   •  Learn  at  speed  of   performance   •  Courses  too  slow  to   meet  performance   needs   •  Learning  expedited  by   massive  increase  in   information  access,   social  media,   consumption  appetites   &  availability     •  Omnivorous  learning   needs  displacing   traditional  training   depts.     MANAGE  STAFFING   FLUX,  AGILE   WORKFORCE     Continuous  resource   gaps,  affecting  capability   &  strength.  New  staff   need  to  ramp  up  quickly.   Improving  talent   attraction  &  staff   retention  is  a  priority   •  8  of  10  not  committed   •  Millennials  want  impact   &  opportunity  in   purpose-­‐driven   organizations   •  High  value  retirements   •  Compete  with  self   employment  &  gig   economy        
  11. 11. Copyright  2017   Solutions  to  the  4  Challenges           DEVELOP  BETTER   MANAGERS  &   LEADERS   Consistent  management   coaching  framework   Person-­‐centric  vs  people-­‐ managed  environment   Solid  developmental  paths   for  managers,  leaders     NEED  FOR  SPEED   Accelerate  capability   development  &  improve   performance  support  for   complex  roles   Introduce  cross-­‐functional   efficiencies   Simplify  &  automate   routine  business  processes   Remove  unnecessary  work   that  doesn’t  add  value  or   meaning   Identify  &  calibrate   necessary  complexity  vs   unnecessary  complexity  in   growth  strategy       LEARNING  &   PERFORMANCE   DISRUPTED   Speed  up  position-­‐based   development  processes   Transform  from  training  to   performance  support   Introduce  cross-­‐functional   efficiencies  across  HR,   management,  training   Seek  out  innovation  to   remove  work  heavy   technology  platforms     MANAGE  STAFFING   FLUX,  AGILE   WORKFORCE     Talent  Acceleration   Strategy  to  upskill  new   talent  faster   Improve  management   brand,  provide  excellent   coaching  &  support  for   new  staff.   Change  HR  &   management  roles  to  suit   Improve  talent  brand   Connect  to  purpose      
  12. 12. Copyright  2017   Defining  the     Talent  Acceleration   Challenge   Get  results  with  high   capability  &  bench  strength   Ramp  up  growth  –  Growth   Strategy   Maintain  an  agile  workforce  
  13. 13. Copyright  2017   ORIENTATION  >  ONBOARDING  >  FULL  PRODUCTIVITY   Capability  &  Talent  Acceleration      
  14. 14. Copyright  2017   What  is  Talent  Acceleration?     A  process  for  getting  people  up  to  full   productivity  in  a  specific  position  in  the   shortest  time.     A  complete  system  of  learning,   performance,  experience,  practice,   performance  support,  coaching,   mentoring  &  feedback  to  achieve  a  full   productivity  and  performance  level  in  a   specific  role.  This  takes  place  through  a     VELOCIFIED  TRAJECTORY    
  15. 15. Copyright  2017   Velocified  Development  Path  
  16. 16. Copyright  2017   How  Talent  Acceleration  Impacts  Performance?       BUSINESS  CASE:    Every  minute  employees  are  less  than  fully   proficient  has  a  direct  financial  &  performance  impact   100% Proficiency   Time  (Weeks,  Months,  Year)   Day 1 TodayTarget 100% Proficiency   Time  (Weeks,  Months,  Year)   Today Target Increase  Performance  Level  for   existing  staff   Speed  up  Time  to  Full  Performance   for  new  employees    
  17. 17. Copyright  2017   Downside  Risks  of     Performance  Errors     MANAGEMENT  &  EMPLOYEE  PERFORMANCE  
  18. 18. Copyright  2017   Talent  Acceleration  –  Who  it  impacts  &  how               Employee     Workforce     Organization     Growth  focused  results   Manage  capability-­‐to-­‐market  gap  More  agile   Company-­‐specific  skill  sets   Experience  focused   Performance  supported  success   Talents  used,  not  wasted   You  are  valued!   Career  Development  =  Talent  Attraction     GOAL:      30-­‐50%  Faster  To  Full  Productivity      in  Entire  Job/  Functional  Role     FOR:     New  Employees   Existing  Employees   Under-­‐fill   Transfer-­‐ins   Career  Path  
  19. 19. Copyright  2017   Business  Case   Example  
  20. 20. Copyright  2017   Talent  Acceleration  Strategy     QUESTIONS  TO  ASK   CEO  Level   What  is  the  market   performance  gap?     What  could  we  do    if  we:   •  Were  more  innovative   •  want  to  grow   •  want  to  lead   •  change   •  do  things  differently       Operations  Level   In  a  particular  position:   What  is  the  performance   gap    between  top   performers  and  everyone   else?       How  long  does  it  take  to   achieve  full  performance  in   that  job?   What  are  the  risks  of  not   doing  this?    
  21. 21. Copyright  2017   3  Tactical  Talent  Acceleration  Strategies     to  Implement  Now     • Critical  to   organizational   performance  &   market  capabilities   • Front-­‐end  related   High  Impact   Positions   • High  turnover   • Risk  of  failure   • Risk  of  error  with   high  downside   Precarious   Positions   • Management  or   specialization   related  continuity   • Career  fluidity   Development   Positions  
  22. 22. Copyright  2017   How  Talent  Acceleration  Projects  Work     •  Streamlined  process-­‐driven  projects   •  4-­‐6  weeks  typical  completion  time   •  Proven  methodology   •  Internal  team  driven   •  High  innovation  &  skills  transfer  to   HR/training/internal  consultants   Learning   Performance   Management   Learning     Experience   Job  role/   Function   Manager  or   Mentor   Practice   Proficiency   Vision   Defined   coaching   KPI  result   Velocified   Success  Path   Managed   Practice  
  23. 23. Copyright  2017   SPEED  TO  PROFITABILITY  ANALYSIS       COST  DETAILS   GRAPH  DETAILS   Big  need  for  stronger  business  cases.   These  results  show  going-­‐in  savings.       Value  on  implementation  is  also  high,  value  varies  by  position  &  organization.  Synergies  often   multiply  impact  –  multiplier  effect    
  24. 24. Copyright  2017   Payoffs  of  a  Talent  Acceleration  Strategy               •  Increased  KPI’s  &  multiplied  results   •  Sales,  revenue,  profitability,  performance,  service,  quality,  safety,  error   reduction,  potential  market  share,  stock  value.   •  Increased  People  Returns   •  engagement,  talent  attraction  &  retention,  reduced  staffing  costs,  better  career   development  internally   •  Better  Management   •  Defined  coaching  for  key  roles,  consistent  framework   •  Decreased  Training  Time  &  Cost     •  training  &  development  time  &  costs  reduced  10-­‐20x,  amount  of  training  reduced  
  25. 25. Copyright  2017   SPEED  TO  PROFITABILITY  ANALYSIS   &  TALENT  GUIDE     ARUPA@VELOCIFIED.COM     905  271  7272       PRESENTED  BY:         ARUPA  TESOLIN   CEO,  VELOCIFIED  
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