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Impress Me or You're Dead — 5 Ways Recruiting Is Morphing Into Marketing


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It’s an ugly truth — in the traditional applicant tracking system-friendly world, recruiters hold the power. Emboldened by technology that allows them to view resumes faster than a grocery store clerk scans a can of vegetables, recruiters typically spend five seconds or less evaluating each resume for a “fit” to the job in question. Could it get less personal?

But wait. Payback, as they say around the neighborhood, is, well, it’s full of retribution. Great candidates are increasingly making quick judgments about recruiters and the companies for which they work, often before a recruiter can pitch the job in question. What’s going on?

Join us for this webcast hosted by Kris Dunn of the award-winning recruiting blog “Fistful of Talent,” and we’ll give you the 411 on:

How social media and third-party sites like Glassdoor are creating transparency related to which companies are “employers of choice” for great talent.
How the best recruiters are starting to think like marketers, proactively nurturing passive candidates and truly building an employment brand.
Why that employment brand matters in today’s world and what branding elements are present in employers that are viewed as authentic by star candidates.
The top five marketing techniques recruiters must know to find and hire top talent.
How the right technology helps you survive the new rules for how great candidates judge and treat recruiters.

Impress them or you’re dead. Recruiters used to have the power, and maybe they still do with average talent. But if you want to land the best talent as a recruiter, you’re also being judged and evaluated by candidates. Join us for this Workforce webcast, and we’ll show you what your company can do to be successful and what you have to do to deliver great talent.

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Impress Me or You're Dead — 5 Ways Recruiting Is Morphing Into Marketing

  1. 1. You can listen to today’s webinar using your computer’s speakers or you may dial into the teleconference. If you would like to join the teleconference, please dial 1.650.479.3208 and enter access code: 492 182 320#. You will be on hold until the seminar begins.
  2. 2. Speakers: Kris Dunn CHRO and Partner Kinetix Holland Dombeck Marketing Manager Kinetix Moderator: Deanna Hartley Senior Editor Talent Management Magazine
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  6. 6. Moderator: Deanna Hartley Senior Editor Workforce Management Magazine
  7. 7. Kris Dunn CHRO and Partner Kinetix Holland Dombeck Marketing Manager Kinetix
  8. 8. Impress Me or You’re Dead Recruiting is Morphing Into Marketing
  9. 9. Presenter Info • Kris Dunn • CHRO at Kinetix (RPO, Recruiting) • Founder of Fistful of Talent , The HR Capitalist • Hoops Junkie #Jobvite • Holland Dombeck • Marketing Manager at Kinetix (RPO, Recruiting) • aka The Kid • Editor at Fistful of Talent
  10. 10. #Jobvite
  11. 11. The Problem <There’s 2 of them, actually.>
  12. 12. Uno
  13. 13. The Big 3
  14. 14. Dos
  15. 15. #Jobvite
  16. 16. Let’s Talk Employment Brand – Your Brand isn’t Google, Apple or Even Zappos So Maybe You Need to be a Marketer, Huh?
  17. 17. Employment Brand vs. EVP • If you don’t think you match up, stop trying to match their brands • Sell what you can • Sell who you are • Position who you are as the positive it is • FIND YOUR EVP and communicate it if you want to get in the game
  18. 18. What is an EVP? • AKA “Employer Value Proposition” • The EVP is an employee’s perspective on “what’s in it for me to work here?” and thus, the employer’s communicated promise to its employees. • Key components of an EVP may include: Compensation, Benefits, Affiliation, Career Prospects and Work Content, Cool Factor and more. It’s What They Think, Not What You Think
  19. 19. You’re short stacked but that’s ok, (you saw Moneyball, right?) • You – “I don’t have the time/resources/budget/brand to compete with those names” • The Universe – ‘‘Waaahh’’ • Snap out of it, you can compete in the EVP game. • How? • By being more aggressive, smarter, faster, willing to take chances, and defining your unique EVP and communicating it in a memorable way
  20. 20. #Jobvite
  21. 21. How to Figure Out What The Actual EVP @ Your Company Is
  22. 22. 1. Stuff You’ll Need to Do an EVP Project • A complete list of employees, broken down by Sr. team, line managers and individual contributors • Term list from the last year • List of declined offers from the last year • Voluntary and Involuntary term rates for the last 2 years • Promotion list (including promotions and lateral moves) • GUTS to go out and interview people and ask them what they really think about your company
  23. 23. 2. Get Ready to Talk to These People You’ll need to interview stakeholders to identify true EVP themes across multiple groups in your company and community. Here’s a sample plan of who to interview: – 5 Sr. team members – 5 mid‐level managers at director‐level – 5 early career managers who used to be individual contributors before being promoted to the manager level – 7 employees hired over the last 15 months – 7 employees/individual contributors with between 2‐5 years of experience – The last 7 candidates who have declined offers at your company
  24. 24. 3. STEAL THIS: Here’s What you Ask Them to get to the EVPWhy do you like best about working at FOT? 1. What do you like best about working at FOT? 2. What do you like least about working at FOT? 3. What does your family and friends think about you working at FOT? 4. What’s the reputation of FOT as a place to work in the Atlanta community? 5. Does FOT pay well? What info do you have that tells you that? 6. How do the benefits at FOT stack up against other companies you’re familiar with? What info do you have that tells you that? 7. What are you most proud of related to FOT as a company? What do they do right related to team members, the community, the industry, etc.? What does FOT not do right related to team members, the community and the industry? 8. Complete the following sentence: “When people see that I’ve spent time at FOT, they’re going to know that I _______________.” 9. What’s the career path for you at FOT? What do you want your next job to be inside the company? 10. What do you like best about your specific role/job at FOT? 11. What do you like least about your specific role/job at FOT? 12. If I could tell people that think FOT is a good place to work one thing, it would be that ______________. 13. If I could tell people that think FOT isn’t a good place to work one thing, it would be that ______________.
  25. 25. 4. What to Do After the Interviews to Find Your EVP 1. Blend the raw feedback and agree on positive themes from the interviews 2. Consider negative themes if critical for cultural match 3. Make the number of themes you select manageable 4. Remember – the branding work you do with the EVP theme may focus on who doesn’t want to work at your company vs. overselling people who will leave in the first 12 months 5. Max number of EVP themes – 5 (generally advise 3 to 4 as sweet spot)
  26. 26. #Jobvite
  27. 27. What You Need: The Top 5 Traits of Successful Marketers that Smart Recruiters Are Mastering To Raise Their Game
  28. 28. Headlines Rule • Marketers know that anything in print has to have an effective headline • Too much competition to make it average • Average headline gets average results • Measured in the marketing world through open rates, click-through rates, registrations, etc.
  29. 29. Copy Matters • You only spend 5 seconds scanning a resume, right? • Why would people looking at your jobs be any different? • Marketers know that once they gain permission with an effective headline, they still have to prove in with effective copy • Tools – whitespace, bold fonts for call- outs, numbered lists and more • Not too long, but not too short • Abandoned Rate increases if the copy quality isn’t there • Focus on the offer and click-through
  30. 30. Drip Campaigns Are More Than Automation • Drip campaigns in recruiting are any written communication that touches prospect after they take action (apply, register) • Marketers would treat automated messaging in ATS as a marketing opportunity. • Stale “Thank-you for applying…” emails – NO • Offers, Learn More, Brand Building - YES
  31. 31. Maybe Our Landing Pages Shouldn’t Suck • The written comms channel in marketing goes like this: – Offer – Click-though – Landing Page – Conversion • The Landing Page is what people see once they click through on your offer • If your goal is conversion, what can you share on that landing page that will maximize conversion?
  32. 32. Whales Get Special Treatment • Definition of a Whale: Preferred Customer, someone to spend much, much more than the average customer. • Who is your Whale in recruiting? Possibilities include: – Profiles close to 100% match of what you need – Candidates from competitors – Referrals – VIPs – What else? • Marketers understand that Whales don’t get treated like everyone else, they get treated with personal care that transcends what an online environment can provide
  33. 33. #Jobvite
  34. 34. One Deep Dive How to Be A Better Marketer with Something Simple that Everyone Ignores: JOB POSTINGS
  35. 35. The 5 Widgets of a Job Posting Marketers Would Change (if they had control) • Your Lame Job Titles • Custom copy intro (your first paragraph and beyond) • No bold and other font breaks • Lists that are fun and speak to the freaking truth • Customized call to action/footer that breaks through the clutter
  36. 36. But Kris, Our Culture isn’t FOT – We can’t do funky titles • If Marketers were taking control of your job titles, they’d find the happy medium between breaking through clutter and no one understanding what they were talking about • That means your options are: – Risky, aka custom title – Title + Adjective/Descriptor – Have it both ways and add parenthesis • Goal – increase “clickability” when placed among competition
  37. 37. • Remember the rules of the marketer – a great title only buys you 5 seconds of the candidate’s attention • The burden is on you to make the intro interesting and compelling • Interesting to who? Not everyone, only the candidate you want to apply • Strategies: – Speak to what motivates the right candidate – Speak to the problem you’re trying to solve – Speak to the type of person who shouldn’t apply – Please talk like a normal human being. Your Abandon Rate Goes Through the Roof If the Copy Doesn’t Talk to the Candidate
  38. 38. Customize Your Posting Fonts, Use Whitespace and Numbered Lists or This Cat Gets It • We know – you’ve got bullet points that list what someone has to do in the job – it’s not enough • Most ATS providers let you customize fonts and bold/underline/use italics – but studies show that less than 5% of all job postings use those simple features • GOLD RECOMMENDATION – Use formatting to highlight components of the custom copy you develop
  39. 39. • Have a hard time creating custom copy? Do a list • You can’t come up with a list for each job posting? Really? • Examples: – Top 5 Hidden Benefits of This Job – Top 5 Reasons Why People Steal Office Supplies @ ACME – Top 5 Ways You Can Save The Word In this Cost Accounting Role • FOT recommends humor, but even if that’s not your style, lists do more than anything else to cut through the clutter and give you personality • PS – Needs to be custom for each job Here’s the Easy Way to More Effectively Market Your Open Spots - LISTS
  40. 40. Above Average “Call to Action” and Global Footers = Better Results • “Click to Apply” = Necessary Evil in most ATS • Can you customize that button? • Even if you can’t, FOT recommends you do some custom work that will appear on the footer of ever job posting • The good news – this really only needs to be customized once, maybe periodically changed – because it’s about your company, not about a specific job
  41. 41. #Jobvite
  42. 42. TECH TALK: -How the right tech helps -Notes on Social
  43. 43. How the right technology helps you survive the new rules for how great candidates judge and treat recruiters • Integrates with ATS • CRM Capablities • Social Distribution • Microsites, Portals and SEO • Listening and Monitoring • Profile Parsing – A Must • Referral Management
  44. 44. 80% OF EMPLOYED AMERICANS THAT ARE LOOKING FOR A JOB ARE A USER OF A SOCIAL NETWORK Source: 2011 Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey
  45. 45. How Marketers Give Candidates What They Want on Distinct Social Platforms • Social media platforms have each been created with their own unique mission • As a result, not all social audiences engage with content the same way • As a recruiter marketer, you need to tailor your message to fit the audience being targeted
  46. 46. #Jobvite
  47. 47. Thank you to our webcast sponsor:
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  49. 49. Kris: Twitter: @kris_dunn LinkedIn: Holland: Twitter: @Holland_Dombeck LinkedIn: k
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