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HR Recruiting Goes Virtual


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This webinar will explore some of the new creative solutions for recruiting and how complex HR functions are now going virtual. We will hear examples of how organizations such as KPMG, and West Corp. leveraged virtual environments to reach more recruits at a lower cost and get detailed analytics and intelligence on their audience. You will also be able to collaborate directly with a vice president of HR who is right in the middle of this virtual HR movement. In this interactive webcast you will learn:

How to engage with a global audience to recruit 24/7/365.
How to reduce costs and do more with less.
Make the screening process more efficient by communicating and filtering candidates prior to scheduling a face-to-face interview.
The challenges and successes in virtual recruiting.
Receive a free white paper that provides details and case studies on virtual recruiting, on-boarding and training.

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HR Recruiting Goes Virtual

  1. 1. HR Recruiting Goes VirtualYou can listen to today’s webinar using your computer’s speakers or you may dial into the teleconference. If you would like to join the teleconference, please dial 1.408.600.3600 and enter access code 922 408 598 # You will be on hold until the seminar begins. #CLOwebinar
  2. 2. HR Recruiting Goes Virtual Speaker: Dan Veytsman Vice President of Human Resources InterCall Eric Vidal Director of Product Marketing InterCall Moderator: Deanna Hartley Senior Editor Chief Learning Officer magazine #CLOwebinar
  3. 3. Tools You Can Use• Q&A – Click on the Q&A icon on your floating toolbar on the top of your screen. – Type in your question in the space provided – Click on “Send.” #CLOwebinar
  4. 4. Tools You Can Use• Polling – The poll will appear on the right side of your screen – Select the best option for each question – Click on “Submit” #CLOwebinar
  5. 5. Frequently Asked QuestionsWill I receive a copy of the webinar recording? YES Will I receive a copy of the slides? YES Please allow up to 2 business days to receive these materials #CLOwebinar
  6. 6. HR Recruiting Goes Virtual Deanna Hartley Senior Editor Chief Learning Officer magazine #CLOwebinar
  7. 7. HR Recruiting Goes Virtual Dan Veytsman Vice President of Human Resources InterCall Eric Vidal Director of Product Marketing InterCall #CLOwebinar
  8. 8. Virtual HR RecruitingDan Veytsman Eric VidalVice President of Human Resources Director of Product MarketingInterCall InterCall /
  9. 9. Poll #1Question #1: What HR function are you a part of? 1.) Recruiting & Sourcing 2.) On-boarding & Training 3.) Learning & Development 4.) HR Generalist 5.) two or more of the followingQuestion #2: How would you rate your current “virtual efforts”?(on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being high) 1.) 1 2.) 2 3.) 3 4.) 4 5.) 5
  10. 10. Virtual HR Solutions HR Campus Recruiting Job Fairs On-boarding Training
  11. 11. 68% START SEARCH ON JOB BOARD• Visibility while they are building consideration set• First impression on job boards (68%) and natural search (47%) is key to being considered.• Of those interested, 92% will visit your career site.
  12. 12. 75% WILL GO SOCIAL TO VALIDATE Source: CareerBuilder/Inavero Study – 4500 job seekers 2011Authenticity really matters.Brand ambassadors are key tosurvival in process. 75% on Yelp or Glassdoor (UGC) 70% on Facebook/Linked In 66% follow companies on Twitter
  13. 13. 58% COMPLETE RESEARCH BEFORE APPLYING Source: CareerBuilder/Inavero Study – 4500 job seekers 2011The opportunity to form brand impression is early…before theyapply. Most candidates have a small set of companies and expand their search as they learn more. Most job seekers complete their research on companies before applying. (58%)
  14. 14. WHERE DO THEY DROP OUT?• Today, where are you losing the most qualified candidates? + Before they even start? + At some point along the way?
  15. 15. Virtual Recruiting • Conference Halls • Expo Halls For Job Fairs • Custom Rooms For Learning • Social Media Integration • Networking Lounges and much more
  16. 16. Job Fair Attracts 10,000 Attendees• $3.36 cost per attendee• 20,719 registrants (400% of target)• 10,903 attendees• 34,302 booth visits• 40 countries represented Unisfair Confidential 15
  17. 17. On-boarding/training success – saved moneyVirtual Learning Environment so employees could instantlyaccess content, SME’s and collaborate with peersReduced cost from $2,000+ to $62 per traineeSaved almost $2,000,000 Unisfair Confidential 16
  18. 18. Virtual Environment For Training Doctors, patients and providers are using new media to connect, network and collaborate – Novartis wants to harness this trend Novartis trained 1000 sales and marketing employees on social media tools, guidelines, and compliance The exhibition hall hosted partners like McCann, Nielsen, Sermo, PatientsLikeMe, TNS Healthcare and more
  19. 19. Virtual Career Fair Unisfair Confidential 18
  20. 20. West Virtual Sales & Technical Career Fair• Objective: Create a 1-day career fair to attract and hire Sales & Technical/I.T. talent to West Companies. Long term, create a persistent West Virtual Career Center for on-going recruitment.• Scope: + Duration: 1 day live event , 10 am – 4 pm ET, Thursday, September 27, 2012, followed by 30 days on-demand period. + Geography: Across the U.S. + Job Focus: Sales, Technical/I.T. + Expected Registration: 500 - 700 Unisfair Confidential 19
  21. 21. Promotional Strategy• 4 weeks out before event date• Social media – Twitter, Facebook pages• Online job boards – LinkedIn, Careerbuilder, CareerLink• “Blip”/text at bottom of current Sales/Tech job postings• Targeted email campaign• Promotional graphic on West product sites in career sections – Intrado, InterCall, Televox, etc.• West Intranet site – banner on carousel• Employee Referral program Unisfair Confidential 20
  22. 22. Event Day Metrics• Registration: 807• Attendees: 362• Show Up Rate: 45%• Ave Time Spent in Event: 53 minutes Unisfair Confidential 21
  23. 23. Key Insights• Do not promote job fair too early – hiring is cyclical, job postings have expiration dates• Ensure registration is simple with selected number of fields• Respect the jobseekers’ discretion/privacy – disabled networking feature; jobseekers only chat with reps/recruiters• Make sure you have a “content strategy” + What kinds of jobs will you post for this career fair + How will you display the jobs within the environment hierarchy + How long will the jobs be ‘live’ before they expire + What happens to them after the live and on-demand period?• Staffing + Assign key recruiters/staff to booths to answer questions, even after live day (create FAQ sheet, proper training, etc). Unisfair Confidential 22
  24. 24. Six Steps To SuccessThe Six Steps to Success 23
  25. 25. Virtual Campus Recruiting Environment Administrative Control manage content | track users | generate reports HR & EnrollmentVirtual University Environment Product Showcase Environment
  26. 26. Engage – Define Your Message ENGAGE candidates by defining your recruitment message and setting up the avenues to build company awareness.• What is the perception of your company as a best place to work?• What does your target talent think of you?• What message can you own to better attract them?• How will you create that message?• What should your message look like? What Images and language should you use?
  27. 27. Open Conversation Q&A
  28. 28. Virtual HR EnvironmentsDan Veytsman Eric VidalVice President of Human Resources Director of Product MarketingInterCall InterCall /
  29. 29. Join Our Next CLO WebinarThe Secret to Learning Transfer Success: Introducing Three Practical Strategies That Work Thursday, October 18, 2012CLO Webinars start at 2 p.m. Eastern / 11 a.m. Pacific Register at the CLO Network: #CLOwebinar