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Everyone’s talking about hiring veterans. In fact, more than 1,000 companies have signed on to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce “Hiring Our Heroes” initiative. If your company feels the commitment to hire veterans, it now falls to learning leaders to ensure that these valuable new team members are deployed as fully and effectively as possible. If your employee development strategy does not recognize the important assets and needs of veterans, you risk losing the benefits they bring. Led by one of the foremost experts in veteran transition from military active duty to civilian careers, this webinar covers what you need to know and things you can do today to develop veterans in your organization.

This interactive session will provide insights and actionable plans to engage and fully maximize the skills that veterans bring to your business. Workshop objectives include resources to:

Understand the total value of the veteran’s skill set — from a veteran.
Translate and apply those skill sets to your organization’s goals.
Create a roadmap to ensure success.
Fill the talent gaps and leadership pipeline of tomorrow.

Your company is hiring veterans; learn ways to develop, retain and transform them into your next generation of business leaders!

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Hiring Our Heroes: Next Steps

  1. 1. You can listen to today’s webinar using your computer’sspeakers or you may dial into the teleconference.If you would like to join the teleconference,please dial 1.650.479.3208 and enter access code: 928 942 740 #.You will be on hold until the seminar begins.#CLOwebinar
  2. 2. #CLOwebinarSpeaker: Chad StorlieLieutenant Colonel, AuthorU.S. Army Special Forces (Retired),Combat Leader to Corporate Leader
  3. 3. • Q&A– Click on the Q&A icon onyour floating toolbar on thetop of your screen.– Type in your question in thespace at the bottom.– Click on “Send.”#CLOwebinar
  4. 4.  Polling Polling question willappear in the “Polling”panel. Select your responseand click on “Submit.”#CLOwebinar
  5. 5. 1. Will I receive a copy of the slides after the webinar?YES2. Will I receive a copy of the webinar recording?YESPlease allow up to 2 business days to receive these materials.#CLOwebinar
  6. 6. Kellye WhitneyAssociate Editorial DirectorChief Learning Officer magazine#CLOwebinar
  7. 7. Chad Storlie – The Soldier• Retired US Army ReserveSpecial Forces officer• 20+ years infantry, specialforces, and joint HQ units.• Served in Iraq, Bosnia,Korea, and U.S.• Bronze star, CombatInfantryman’s Badge, theMeritorious ServiceMedal, the Special ForcesTab, and the Ranger Tab.
  8. 8. Chad Storlie – The AcademicBA MBATEACHING
  9. 9. Chad Storlie – The Authorwww.CombatToCorporate.com
  10. 10. Chad Storlie BioChad Storlie – The Employee
  11. 11. You have recruited Veterans,NOW…develop, advance and retain them.You’ve Done This – Now Benefit!CorporateLearning.com/Veterans
  12. 12. There is One Goal for Today . . .Understand How YourBusiness Can Use MilitarySkill Sets to Create FullCommercial Value.CorporateLearning.com/Veterans
  13. 13. • Performance• Excellence• Individual & Team Player• Want to Improve• Perform in Difficult Conditions• A Teacher• Want to Help the CompanySucceed• Focused on Future Performance13CorporateLearning.com/VeteransReview – What Employer’s Like About Vets
  14. 14. Time For a Poll!CorporateLearning.com/VeteransWhat skill sets do you want veterans to use more of in yourorganization?A.LeadershipB. Coaching & TeachingC. Planning & LogisticsD.Competitive AnalysisE. Training, Rehearsals, & Safety
  15. 15. ActiveMilitaryVeteran ?????FullCommercialValueHow to Companies Maximize Vets?Likewise, Veterans don’t fully understand how to applytheir military skills and education to maximize their owncommercial valueCompanies today don’t fully understand and utilize skillsVeterans have to maximize commercial valueCorporateLearning.com/Veterans
  16. 16. CEO – General Electrichttp://www.cnbc.com/id/46839121/Why_GE_Believes_in_Hiring_Our_Heroes"Veterans arrive at GE with not onlytranslatable skills and expertise butwith the intangibles and values thatwe believe define our culture anddetermine our success. "Jeff ImmeltCEO, General Electric CorporationCorporateLearning.com/Veterans
  17. 17. • Yes!: Employers Want Veterans to Apply TheirMilitary Skills In Ways That Help Their CompaniesSucceed.• Yes!: Veterans (of All Ages) Want to Translate andApply Their Military Skills to Business.• Yes!: Military Skills And Their Use Translate Well toBusiness.• Yes!: Vets Need Formal Education Skills to MatchFuture Corporate Leadership Needs.What Vets Can Do for Business - TodayCorporateLearning.com/Veterans
  18. 18. How to Close “The Chasm” to Vet Excellence70%OF EMPLOYERS60%OF VETERANS
  19. 19. 70%OF Employers“Veterans will need to convey their militarytraining and skills as a leverage point to bringgreater career success”www.about-monster.comEmployer Perspective on Vet SkillsCorporateLearning.com/Veterans
  20. 20. 60%OF VETERANS“[A] challenge veterans name is explaininghow their military experience translates toskills of interest to a civilian employer”www.prudential.comVeteran Perspective on Vet SkillsCorporateLearning.com/Veterans
  21. 21. Monster Worldwide Inc., November 2012 p. 621%45%AssociateOrSome-College55%Bachelors8%U.S.Job PostingsVeteranResumesThe Job/Skills ImbalanceOr is it an education imbalance?CorporateLearning.com/Veterans
  22. 22. Time For a Poll!CorporateLearning.com/VeteransDuring career coaching sessions, how often do you discussthe importance of education with employees to help themfurther their career opportunities?A.Every timeB. FrequentlyC. OccasionallyD.SeldomE. Never
  23. 23. Maximize Veteran Skills for Your BusinessTrainChallengeTranslateEducateListen &SupportPromoteCombat Leader to Corporate Leader: Leveraging Veteran Skill Sets For Your BusinessCombat Leader toa Corporate Leader
  24. 24. 6/12/2013Combat Leader to Corporate Leader: Leveraging Veteran Skill Sets For Your Business24TrainCorporateLearning.com/Veterans
  25. 25. 6/12/2013Combat Leader to Corporate Leader: Leveraging Veteran Skill Sets For Your Business25ChallengeCorporateLearning.com/Veterans
  26. 26. 6/12/2013Combat Leader to Corporate Leader: Leveraging Veteran Skill Sets For Your Business26TranslateCorporateLearning.com/Veterans
  27. 27. 6/12/2013 27EducateCorporateLearning.com/Veterans
  28. 28. 6/12/2013Combat Leader to Corporate Leader: Leveraging Veteran Skill Sets For Your Business28Listen & LearnCorporateLearning.com/Veterans
  29. 29. 6/12/2013Combat Leader to Corporate Leader: Leveraging Veteran Skill Sets For Your Business29SupportCorporateLearning.com/Veterans
  30. 30. Time For a Poll!CorporateLearning.com/VeteransTo what degree of intensity do you feel veteran’s have aproblem adapting to a new workplace culture?A.HighB. Medium - HighC. MediumD.Medium - LowE. Low
  31. 31. Military Veterans Need to Support TheirEmployers With Their Translated Military SkillsVeterans Must Bring Skills in Planning, Leadership, Competitive Analysis,Safety, Coaching, Crisis Management, Employee Development, Teaching,Budget, Fiduciary Responsibility, And Training to Their EmployersCombat To Corporate – Military Skills inYour Post Military Career31CorporateLearning.com/Veterans
  32. 32. Combat To Corporate – Military Skills inYour Post Military CareerSkillsValuetoABusinessUniqueness of Military Skills vs. Civilian CounterpartsHIGHLOWGoal AreaPositive EmploymentAttributes:On Time, Work Ethic,Trustworthy, etcMilitary training,leadership, fiscalmanagement,accountability &budgets, coachingTranslating military skills tobusiness: planning, coaching,team leadership, competitiveanalysis, risk mitigation,improvementVet Perspective - Translated Military SkillsThe Greatest Career AdvantageHIGHCorporateLearning.com/Veterans
  33. 33. Some Military Skills Translated to Business UseMilitary Skill Commercial Business UsePerformance Counseling Employee CoachingIntelligence Analysis Analysis of CompetitionIntelligence Analysis – War Gaming War Game a Store Opening or New IdeaPlanning – Synchronization Matrix Synch Matrix a Business ProcessRisk Management Mitigate Risks in Company OperationsSOP’s Create an SOP for a Critical ProcessBack Up Plans (P-A-C-E) Create Back Up Plans for Critical ProcessesTeam Leadership Help Develop Company LeadersCrisis Management Use Rehearsals & Planning to Prevent a CrisisThe After Action Review (AAR) Use the AAR to Improve a ProcessMentoring MentoringTeaching Teach and Develop Leadership & Other SkillsYour Experiences Learn the Business & Translate Your Ideas!
  34. 34. Translated Military Skills Work for BusinessCorporateLearning.com/Veterans1. We Work Best When We Work Together2. Train Your Team to Succeed in Their Roles3. Train Realistically to Your Most Difficult Challenges4. Our Differences Make Us Stronger5. Great Leaders Speak to the Hard Things6. Humor Goes a Long Way to Build a Team7. We Perform Better When We Understand Success8. Anticipate & Adjust Rapidly to Changes9. Ethics Are Vital: Stand Up for Your Team & Decisions10. OK to be Unsure: Execute Well & Trust Your Team
  35. 35. Closing The ChasmActiveMilitaryVeteran VIAFullCommercialValueCorporateLearning.com/Veterans
  36. 36. Extensive ResearchMonster WorldwideInc.U.S. Departmentof LaborPrudentialPwC AnnualCEO SurveyConference BoardCEO 2013Summary ReportSHRMCorporateLearning.com/Veterans
  37. 37. We Asked VeteransFrank Anderson BenWormingtonChad Storlie“They helped us draw the map…”–Mike Echols, EVP Bellevue UniversityCorporateLearning.com/Veterans
  38. 38. Mistakes You May See Veterans Makes1. Applying Military Experience Without Modification2. No Career Planning – Waiting to Be Told3. Discussing the Past, Instead of a Focus on Today4. Treating Others Based on Past Military Rank5. A Stiff Military Bearing6. Inconsistent Grooming & Dress Standards7. Not Asking for Help in Transition8. Not Understanding or Appreciating Corporate Culture9. Not Maintaining the “Can Do” AttitudeCorporateLearning.com/Veterans
  39. 39. Close “The Chasm” to Vet Excellence70%OF EMPLOYERS60%OF VETERANS
  40. 40. Resources to Apply Military to Business• Learn How to Support theCompany’s Culture, Operationsand Goals by Translating andApplying Your Military Skills toCreate Business Results40CorporateLearning.com/Veteranswww.CombatToCorporate.com
  41. 41. THANK YOU!41CorporateLearning.com/VeteranssChad StorlieChad.Storlie@CombatToCorporate.comCombatToCorporate.comCorporateLearning.com/VeteransSponsored by
  42. 42. #CLOwebinarChad StorlieLieutenant Colonel, AuthorU.S. Army Special Forces(Retired), Combat Leader toCorporate Leader
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