From Orientation to On-Boarding: Transforming the New Hire Process


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A recent survey by Right Management indicates that 84 percent of employees plan to look for new jobs this year. Even if only a fraction of that turnover occurs, it means big changes for organizations and a real need to engage their workforce. Companies need to actively involve their employees from the start to maintain productivity, create camaraderie and ultimately improve business results.
Creating an engaged workforce starts with designing a relevant on-boarding process, not just an orientation session. This session will discuss the difference between orientation and on-boarding, as well as how you can implement an on-boarding program to engage your employees and positively impact your organization.

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  • Its very tragedy to everyone concern.Taking new employee is a very big process.If we proceed in a regular manner mean,its take more time and money also.Better to avoid by keep the new employee and give more responsibility to them...

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From Orientation to On-Boarding: Transforming the New Hire Process

  1. 1. Orientation to On-Boarding: Transforming the New Hire Process Speaker: Sharlyn Lauby President ITM Group Moderator: Daniel Margolis Managing Editor Talent Management magazine #TMwebinar
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  5. 5. Orientation to On-Boarding: Transforming the New Hire Process Daniel Margolis Managing Editor Talent Management magazine #TMwebinar
  6. 6. Orientation to On-Boarding: Transforming the New Hire Process Sharlyn Lauby SPHR, CPLP President ITM Group #TMwebinar
  7. 7. From Orientation to Onboarding: Transforming the New Hire Process Presented by: Sharlyn Lauby, SPHR, CPLP President, ITM Group Tuesday, November 15thTwitter @SilkRoadTweetsHash tag #TalentTalk
  8. 8. Launched in 200520 Global Locations 96% 62 2000 Renewal Rate of the Fortune Customers 500350 EmployeesLess than 2%voluntary turnover 8  
  9. 9. SilkRoad offers the mostcomprehensive suite of cloud-based talent managementsolutions.Adopt the entire Life Suite or asingle solution – your choice. 9  
  10. 10. From  Orientation  to  Onboarding:  Transforming  the  New  Hire  Process   Sharlyn  Lauby,  SPHR,  CPLP  
  11. 11. Today’s  Session  •  Learn  the  difference  between  orienta;on  and  onboarding  •  Outline  some  benefits  to  an  onboarding  process  •  Discuss  4  steps  to  designing  an  onboarding  program  
  12. 12. POLL:  My  organization  currently  has…  A.  A  formal  orienta;on  program  AND  an  onboarding  program   in  place  B.  A  formal  orienta;on  program    C.  An  informal  orienta;on    D.  It’s  in  the  works!  
  13. 13. What  is  Onboarding?  Onboarding  is  the  process  of  helping  new  employees  become  produc;ve.      And  employee  orienta;on  is…the  process  of  welcoming  a  new  employee  into  an  organiza;on.      
  14. 14. Let’s  Compare   Orienta(on   Onboarding  •  One-­‐;me  event   •  Frequent  Interac;on  •  Welcome   •  Produc;ve  •  Introduc;ons   •  Performance  training  •  Paperwork   •  SeTng  expecta;ons  •  Culture   •  Organiza;onal  goals  •  History   •  Performance  evalua;on  
  15. 15. POLL:  Orientation  lasts…  A.  1  hour  B.  Half-­‐day  C.  Full-­‐day  D.  Longer  E.  Something  else  
  16. 16. Employee  Onboarding   Produc;vity   Benefits   Engagement   Reten;on  
  17. 17. Designing  an  Onboarding  Program  •  Look  at  current  process  •  Review  any  per;nent  data  from  employee  surveys  and  exit   interviews  •  Get  feedback  on  the  current  process  •  Establish  program  goals  •  Create  program  •  Evaluate  program  outcomes  and                     make  necessary  modifica;ons  
  18. 18. Getting  Feedback  –  New  Hires  •  Impressions  of  orienta;on  •  Orienta;on  topics  •  Materials  •  Value  and  importance  •  Management  welcome  •  Co-­‐worker  welcome  •  Produc;vity  •  Comparison  to  job  descrip;on  •  Comparison  to  interview  •  First  day  versus  90-­‐days  
  19. 19. Getting  Feedback  -­‐  Managers  •  Length  of  ;me  to  become  fully  produc;ve  •  New  hire  knowledge  on  their  1st  day  in  department  •  Value  of  material  covered  in  orienta;on  •  Expand  or  reduce  topics  •  Impact  on  produc;vity  •  Impressions  of  current  process  
  20. 20. POLL:  Is  technology  a  part  of  orientation/onboarding?  A.  Yes  B.  No  C.  We’re  considering  it.  
  21. 21. Design  Alternatives  •  Pre-­‐hire  and  post-­‐hire    •  First  day  and  introductory  period  •  One-­‐on-­‐one  sessions  •  Group  sessions  •  Video  •  Live  chat  •  Self-­‐study  format  •  Modular  format  •  Checklists  •  On-­‐the-­‐job  training  
  22. 22. Implementation  Considerations  •  Number  of  new  hires  •  Length  of  ;me  to  become  produc;ve  •  Monitoring  •  Changes  and  updates  to  content  •  Commitment  from  management  
  23. 23. Program  Evaluation  •  Pilot  groups  to  evaluate  program  •  New  hire  surveys  •  Orienta;on  session  evalua;ons  •  90-­‐day  reviews  •  Manager  focus  groups  
  24. 24. Case StudyAbout – A not-for-profit health care system located inNortheast South Carolina employing more than 4900employeesOnboarding Challenges –o  Complicated and unmanageable.o  Cut back orientation time and eliminate paperwork – 278 minute new hire processo  Compliancy standardso  Improve new hire experience 24
  25. 25. Solution/ResultsSolution –Onboarding and Life EventsResults –o  Process Improvement/Complianceo  Streamline focus of the organizationo  Electronic forms – Now only 45 minute Hire Process!o  Positive New Hire Feedback!!! 25
  26. 26. Career Portal 26
  27. 27. Set  Employees  Up  for  Success  •  Orienta;on  and  onboarding  must  align  with  each  other  and   organiza;onal  goals  •  New  hire  and  manager  feedback  is  essen;al  •  Program  design  should  match  organiza;onal  needs  •  Evaluate  your  process    
  28. 28. Additional  Resources  •  Crea;ng  an  Onboarding  Plan   •  h^p://;ng/crea;ng-­‐an-­‐ onboarding-­‐plan/  •  5  Ways  Tech  Can  Make  New  Hires  Feel  Like  Part  of  the  Team   •  h^p://­‐new-­‐hires/  •  A  Real-­‐Time  Look  at  Onboarding   •  h^p://  •  5  Tips  for  Onboarding  Remote  Workers   •  h^p://­‐remote-­‐workers/  
  29. 29. SilkRoad Resourceso  Creating an Onboarding Process eBook  For a full listing of SilkRoad resources, including case studies, videos and eBooks please visit: www.silkroad.como  Additional Questions? sales@silkroad.como  For a full listing of upcoming webinars please visit: 29
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