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Digital disruption and flatter workplace organizations are changing employee expectations regarding corporate learning. Organizations must take advantage of the opportunities created by these changes and align existing organizational expertise to them in order to fulfill business objectives. In this session, we’ll take you with us on our journey from tactical learning solution providers to strategic business partners focused on driving company performance. We’ll discuss how Hewlett Packard Enterprise has embraced the consumerization of learning and how we’re changing both our infrastructure and culture to exceed employee expectations for learning and drive company performance.

Key takeaways will include:

An understanding of how one multinational is approaching significant disruptions and the consumerization of learning.
Practical suggestions for what’s worked and what hasn’t yet.
A roadmap for navigating the necessary transition from formal training provider to integrated talent and performance partner.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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  1. 1. #CLOwebinar The presentation will begin at the top of the hour. A dial in number will not be provided. Listen to today’s webinar using your computer’s speakers or headphones. Welcome to the webinar!
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  3. 3. Embracing Disruption How one multinational is changing its approach to learning
  4. 4. Agenda •  Game Changers •  The shift •  Your choice (Platform Selection or Pilot Process) •  Lessons learned
  5. 5. Game Changers
  6. 6. What are some of the biggest disruptors for the learning function? Social media / online knowledge sharing MOOCs Software as a service with embedded learning Knowledge attainment apps Changing learner expectations Changing business requirements
  7. 7. Consumerization
  8. 8. The Challenge 8 There’s a way to do it better—find it. Thomas A. Edison
  9. 9. The Shift From … One size fits all Formal classes Desktop/laptop access to online learning Text-based as primary source L&D developed and curated content Available when scheduled Multiple learning systems To … Personalized access to learning Formal and informal micro-lessons, modules, and courses Mobile first access to online learning Video-based as primary source L&D and learner curated content Available when needed Integrated learning systems
  10. 10. Placeholder for Poll #2 •  Platform selection process •  Pilot setup and structure Which topic is of the most interest to you?
  11. 11. Platform Selection
  12. 12. The Vision Strategy Requirements Selection
  13. 13. Strategy 13 Environment Access to real impact, real time, relevant knowledge Exposure & Experience Dialogue, coaching, mentoring, stretch goals, rotations, shadowing Education Face-to-face, virtual classes, self- paced digital learning Module 30-60 mins Course 1 hour + Micro- Lesson 3-5 min
  14. 14. Requirements 132 Criteria 18 Categories
  15. 15. Platform Selection 5 Finalists Vendor vetting 2 Presentations 1 Choice
  16. 16. A Learning Experience Platform •  Curated content •  Personalized micro-learning •  Integrated libraries •  Powerful search •  Mobile ready
  17. 17. Pilot Process
  18. 18. Pilot Overview 1 Audience selection 2 Communication plan 3 Success metrics and surveys 4 Support infrastructure 5 First user experience
  19. 19. Pilot Audiences Leadership 550 Young Employee Network 250 The Learning Lab 65 Data Security 50
  20. 20. Communication Plan 1 Welcome message 2 Getting started 3 Reminder (if needed) 4 Initial Assignment Welcome!
  21. 21. Success Metrics and Surveys 2 Weeks before launch Participant Preference Survey 6 Weeks after launch (Midpoint) Pulse Survey At pilot end Post-Pilot Survey
  22. 22. Support Infrastructure •  Largely self-service •  Resource page •  Yammer/email support
  23. 23. First User Experience •  Assignments in queue •  Assigned to relevant channel •  Peers on system •  Prepopulated with content
  24. 24. Lessons Learned
  25. 25. Lessons Learned ProcessesPeople Systems
  26. 26. People Know … Your audience Your content Yourself
  27. 27. People Impacts “In my career at HPE, I’ve recognized how easy it is to get caught up in my day job and lose focus on the vision I have for my career’s future. [The Platform] has helped remind me to spend more time exploring my interests and plan for my future” Pilot Participant 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Q1 Utilization % LMS LMS Target Pilot Platform Pilot Target
  28. 28. Process Simple Scalable Repeatable
  29. 29. Impact on Portfolios 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 Q1 2015 Q1 2017 162 47 Deliverables Program/Project Mgmt Curriculum 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Q1 2015 Q1 2017 54 16 Deliverables Business & Professional Skills Curriculum
  30. 30. Systems Integrate •  External content libraries •  Internal learning systems •  Internal productivity systems Consider •  Public vs. private ecosystem
  31. 31. Systems Dependence Impacts 31 Curation: Social collaboration & knowledge sharing User-generated content Public domain expertise Formal and Informal learning tracking LMS: Content Repository & Access Formal Tracking & Compliance
  32. 32. Closing Thought ““The future belongs to the fast.” Meg Whitman
  33. 33.
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