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A New Generation of Rigid Airship


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Environmental issues and finding alternatives for cleaner transport, have never been more important. Our NEW GENERATION OF RIGID AIRSHIPS is today, A NEW RESPONSE, ECONOMIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL, to the problems of TRANSPORT OF HEAVY LOADS, FREIGHT, dangerous goods, support to humanitarian relief, monitoring (traffic , sea, etc. ..), communication (HD filming, promotion) etc.... or in the context of TRANSPORT AND INSTALLATION OF RENEWABLE ENERGY..

To quote the Vice-President of the European Commission TAJANI at the symposium, AIRSHIPS ARE A 5TH SOLUTION FOR THE FUTURE OF TRANSPORTATION. For services comparable to those provided by the cargo plane, they :

- are 6 TO 10 TIMES CHEAPER in running costs
- consume 6 TIMES LESS FUEL
- reject in the air 10 TIMES LESS C02
- ALLOW DIRECT CONNECTION FROM SITE TO SITE, that other transportation services are unable to perform

Feel free to call me at 33 (0) 6 74 41 25 94 if you want to be part of the project, and to arrange an appointment that will bring you all the explanations and additional insurance to understand this project. Open to all suggestions, thank you for your attention..

Jacques Macaire
Mob : 33 (0) 6 74 41 25 94

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A New Generation of Rigid Airship