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Le Temps Presse is an international film festival that presents short films from all over the world.

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  1. 1. LE TEMPS PRESSE : A RESPONSIBLE CINEMA Le Temps Presse is an The festival represents the union of the cinema art and 17 committed thematics, just like our 2017 co-presidency: Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Prize and the director Wim Wenders. The objective is to facilitate the information diffusion thanks to a fantastic and entertaining tool which is fiction short film. committed films The short films have to directly or indirectly deal with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN. RESPONSIBLE with the particularity to select International short film festival The 6 editions represent 1300 films watched from more than 40 countries. CINEMA Muhammad Yunus and Wim Wenders during « 8 » launch at the Grand Rex
  2. 2. OUR STORY THE ORIGIN : “8” FILM Eight international famous directors make the « 8 » film. All of the 8 short films are on OBJECTIVE : Give visibility to the Millennium Objectives Goals, an UN campaign not known by people TODAY In 6 editions, more than 1300 short films were watched from more than 40 countries. OBJECTIF : • To highlight young directors who have chosen to work for a responsible cinema. • To communicate on the Sustainable Development Goals thanks to an informative, entertaining and intelligible tool. OUR PROJECT • To develop the festival by organizing public screenings with the selected films. • To work with schools on sustainable development thematics during the whole year. OBJECTIF : To show selectedfilms in other places and raise awareness among the public about the Sustainable Development Goals. 2010 2017 Next editions 6 editions The directors of« 8 » handover the baton to the new talentedfilmmakers
  3. 3. THE ORIGINE: THE FILM « 8 » Jan Kounen Mira NairJane Campion Wim Wenders Gaspard Noé Gus Van SantGael García Bernal Abderrahmane Sissako 8 international directors known all over the world Youtube launch on February 5th 2010 with 2,5 million of views. Film available on the website:
  4. 4. TODAY : 6 EDITIONS ORGANISED Yann Arthus-Bertrand Julie Gayet Costa Gavras Abderrahmane Sissako Committed people Responsible thematics Important archives from 40 countries more than 1300 films watched A concept: handover the baton
  5. 5. 7th EDITION CHILDREN PRIZE More than 1000 children from 8 to 13 years old all around the world take a valued and critical look to our societies CLIMATE PRIZE A jury consits of 5 astronautes et scientists who give their point of view on the planet and choose their favorite film on climate and environment theme CINEMA PRIZE This prize goes to the most cinematographic film, the best cinematography, the best screenplay, the best director STUDENTS PRIZE Prize awarded by students from18 to 25 in partnership with Sciences Po Campus Menton WOMEN PRIZE It aims to stand up for women rights, male and female equality, and the place of women in our society SEAS AND OCEANS PRIZE Prize created with the help of the UNESCO Marine Program and based on protected sites and those to be protected ENERGY PRIZE It rewards the best social science fiction about the world of tomorrow, resources shortages, and new energic solutions CITIZEN PRIZE OF THE CITY HALL OF PARIS Prize awarded during a public sreening on the urban envrionment theme by a public from Paris and organized by the City Hall of Paris BIODIVERSITY PRIZE Prize about biodiversity and animal life protection on our planet YUNUS SPIRIT PRIZE A prize about Sports’ power to gather and raise awareness
  6. 6. CONTACTS
  7. 7. CONTACTS Founder Marc Obéron + 33 6 12 08 96 09 Project manager Lola Couture + 33 6 49 70 49 37 Le Temps Presse Lecode - Cité du Cinéma 20 rue ampère 93200 St Denis +33 9 50 94 47 42