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Business Model Journey Map-checklist_english version


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This is a business model journey map checklist by answering start-ups themselves. It is related to Business Model Journey Map

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Business Model Journey Map-checklist_english version

  1. 1. Business Idea Team Business Model Game checklist 본 저작물은 로아컨설팅의 지적재산권입니다. 본 저작물은 CCL(Creative Common License) 조항에 따라 '저작자 표시-비영리-변경금지의 조건'으로 이용 가능합니다. 1 8 Unmet Needs 2 3 Market 4 Replacement 5 Direction 6 Differentiation Customer Segment 7 9 Value Proposition 10 Offering 11 Job To Be Done 12 Buzz Maker 13 Booster 14 Supporter 15 Key Process 16 Revenue Stream 17 Key Resource 18 Cost Structure -What is the product/service idea that needs to be commercialized? (present in one sentence) - What is the minimum human resource needed to commercialize this product/service? - What role does each team member play? - Do these different roles complement each other? Are the role selections optimal for making the product/service marketable? 1)Market Positioning -What is the first target market segment? -Who are the first target customers that we must acquire at launching and what are they like? 2)Market Sizing - What is the projected market size of this target market segment? - Is this projected market size sizeable enough to attract external Strategic/Financial Investors? - If not, how should we should change our market positioning? (Do we need to pivot to an entirely new product/service?) - Is there a similar product/service delivered in an identical manner to our target market segment at the moment? - Does this product/service currently have the dominant market share? - If a similar product/service does not exist in the current market, is their an alternative product/service which could substitute for the needs targeted by our product/service? - Does this alternative product/service currently have the dominant market share? - Considering the points made in the Replacement section, what unique traits differentiate your product/service from the existing one? Is it a Settler,a Tweaker, or a Pioneer? - Considering the points made in the Direction section, what strategy is going to differentiate our product/service from our competitors? 1) Demographic Factors - How can we describe our target customers with demographically? (age,gender,location,income) 2) Psychographic Factors - How can we describe our target customers psychographically? (List customer's non-demographic traits like personality, values, attitudes, opinions, interests, lifestyle) - What are the inconveniences, pain points, and problems in ourtarget customer's experience with the existing alternative product/service? What are the customer’s vague needs and yearnings? - Why will the target customers use our product/service? Is there a clear need or reason for them to do so? What is that reason? - What can our product/service offer to eliminate the customer's discomfort, pain, and problems? - Can these solutions only be offered by our product/service alone? -What are the top-priority tasks at the current stage in order to realize the product/service’s offering? (technology attainment, business partnership, distribution network set-up, HR..) - Is there a stimulus factor for the product/service to be spread among target customers by word of mouth? Does our product/service or our team have a unique or interesting characteristic which helps it attract media coverage? - Are their sufficient mechanisms in place to attain out initial target customer base? (What affordable and efficient marketing strategies are there that our team could carry out before commercialization of the product/service?) - Considering the points made in the Key Process section below, Who are the persons, institutions, and organizations that could have a direct or indirect influence on the success of our product/service in the market? - To help our product/service establish itself in the market, which stakeholders should we foster give - What kind of data, information, and transactions are transferred between these relationships? - What are the key input resources needed to successfully commercialize and disseminate our product? (consider all three types of resources: human, market, and technology) - What is the level of cost involved in supplying the key inputresources?