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Business Model Game_Manual_English Version


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This is a manual instructing business model game process

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Business Model Game_Manual_English Version

  1. 1. R9/A Understanding the Business Model through Practice -5 xléti-% i0Ii**e‘E'EI X| ’%‘flI’; !i4‘: ILlEl_ -5 x * gg CCL[Creatrve Common License] §%;0ll mar 0V-W0 ‘I ‘ RAl: t1|§EI-‘fl2«l%XlN .5323. Dlfi 7l§ElLlCl
  3. 3. Rt-any fov Next Staqe Maw. ‘ Swot Rt-any for Next Stage Ready for Next Stage
  4. 4. Business IIEIIEWIIIIIA 5 Stage Process - ” , T " , l_Ll§. Vl§. l!w4I* lll§Wl5.l‘n5) Run and Gun Reborn as Push Start Button Run and Gun Valuable Product (Extended Play) Identify the business idea, Set target rnaiket segment and verily whether users will use I'IO. can the business idea be Relleci the changes made to Learn, and rnarket identity the value DFOLJOSILIOI‘. this DIOCLICI/ SGl'VlcL‘ actua| ized7 Plan Process, Flow, the business model with lime and Opeiutiuii a lst Inspection 2nd Identify aspects of the competitive market _ Inspection environment with direct/ indirect influence on the business model& Outline specific customer and product/ service characteristics. + Test Product/ Service Suitability for target customer and revenue streams involved in the operation of the business model. Outline specific input resources, cost,
  5. 5. Business IIHIIIEWIIIIIE wvmi , v 3 l r I eiit . n et II II rt! L Ext, Brzrri Ext. Boardi I Main Board I-r Fiaairr , fiusItsiiiiu' "_ 3- pimgupf‘ ; .;, 5;: -ELL 3-LINN Inuit-nu-T '! ;nI| In-an . .. .. II t. _ ‘fl s ~-—- I I . . ii. -I fie I” I I A I I IIFEIIW = ! A -‘-? -- . ... .s. —.. .. . -.. ... ... _. — ' I 7. man, - 1 I I 2‘ I 5 I I C 7 T TEMPO am I ~ I _K, _ _ . strain :2. . -.-. . -. -: --- -- y :1 I %_l, _ _ (J ir£i'i: roi: tss j I
  6. 6. smrrc©ra at Case Example Business Idea - What is the key concept of this business idea/ item? - What does this business idea/ item seek to provide to customers? - Can be both specific or vague. 1 BUSINESS IDEA Free Smotrfpharie Messaging / V0/P service - Describe the business idea/ item that is in construction or currently being pursued.
  7. 7. sfli@: ie 1L a Key Feature What is the key feature of this business idea/ item? What What aspects of this business idea/ item can grab the customer's attention? How How can this aspect of the business idea/ item (Q2) be delivered to the customer? 9 Idea/ Item Considering Q1,2, how can we describe this business idea? . Example / “Iessaging Volp ¢: 'I> ‘ Group Messaging Function . Example 5rno. rrp/1z7ne/ +,7p c: > «: ‘> . Example Free fimaflphune / "lessn5ing/ V0//7 service E Guideline Business Idea Write at least 2, at most 3 features Write at least 2, at most 3 aspects Express in one sentence 4lz/ -“z/ @/ii/
  8. 8. s'17=z; t©e .1 Case Example Team - Who are the key members needed at this point now to commercialize the business idea? List the minimum human resourcelteam members needed to actualize the business idea. The composition of team members and their roles will have a big influence on the [Key Resources] and [Cost] management of the business and therefore requires serious consideration. :1 WW [Current] I. I/ I/eb 7)eveIu,7er(I) 2. Marketing Managerfl} [New Members Required in the next’ 6 Mnnfhs] 3. Marketing Manager For Chinese Market (I) H1 Merchandiserfl)
  9. 9. Scfflgg 1 Case Example lfi Market - Who are our first target customers when the business item is put on the market? - Which market are our first target customers actively involved in? - What is the overall size of this market? Once the business idea is made marketable, it is important to consider the specific market in which the sales will occur in, This will allow us to specify target customers and market positioning. ' ""*'= “ '"7“"'i~$= - Hwluu i: .:. ., «M mm ufoul mum Mus; "'m'' H“‘’’; "‘ "M" (W §~m7h'"‘ abut '1 he on agar; (Min 16 bud H nu. ) IHLH 1p. lh. ¢u. i.n to; In‘ m ' ' 9
  10. 10. $'f'[EiL@llE- ii. a Target Industry Out of the 25 given Industry categories, which category does your business idea fit in? Industry Seg. Specify which industry segment your business idea fits in. Target Customer Seg. Who makes up the core customer base of your business idea/ item? 9 Market Positioning With consideration to 1,2,3, describe the target market segment in one sentence. l"1ubile/ ‘1essagivig . Example c: > Smarrphzzne Users in their ZDs'3Ds . Example «: ‘> Mulyile Messaging Service Marker Fur 5marr;7hune Users in their 20; "30; d. > c: > = > E Guideline Market Positioning
  11. 11. sfl1%e 1 Medical i-. ... a-. .o. .m. ... ;.. ... ... ..i maumwm-amnminin mmmm. m.. m;. m 3:1“: — — — ‘ Distribution Fashion Health & Fitness I-«mountain-nnurr-Cow u-. ..»». ..m. ..m. .a_. .a u. ..i. ..». s.. .ivmuia. ..iim. a Unawa- Appendix. 25 Industry Categories in. noun on may »—. noun: .4 Into! mm mm, llrrrclamoanmuuruan an m. .. Lifestyle mum-y-. i=—. uo. .aui. i.a ppnmmmuliwmm-awn m. ..ui. .ya. r. ¢.w. ..m. .«-u nnamvflvral'n: uiIri'IvIlin . ,-an. irndnirlunynuw-d huranlrrldrruuw-own-um-I m. i.. ... i.unr. ..rc. .-i-M. - -ennui-mum-uurnvrunnma . ... ... ..m. ... ... ... =.. ... ,., ._ . ... .,. ... ... W5 la 1 “": :’"’ dalivlry am we 5,"; 3:; cm mid *“°‘"“”“ 5“ daily care , ,m, , . ..i. .W. .,. ,. mmmm. t. W — — _ Food & Drink Music Photo 8: Video Travel c. ... .,. ... ,.. ..w. ... ,,. m_. . . ",. ... ,.. ... m._. ,.. ... .. .,. ,.v. .., ... ... ,.. ,.. ... .. . m.. .., .., ... ... ,.. .i. ... .,, i. ..a«as. ».. ..-u= .m_. .. a. -umu-. ... =u lneluneev-Mr s. ... ... ..‘. ..: ... s.¢. ... ... . SE mum MUD‘ mm izrdermg Irma Ililauvzfl wan nets: -$1 re. .. min- mule eunvll. -u-rm. tmflam mm. .. nummisn m. ... -at mm. :1 W. Instrument mm. mi. .. IIBIIW imam. mg" u-quwuwumuimmnn .4ii. ..». .»m. n.. w.. ... ..a . ... .». .sa. ..s. .mt. .-. Irmflirvllliranrbwi «wane. - . a.u. uuu. .o-. iu. .y. .a. ..s nlmrulliirrrrlfivr-dr—-rrlznu ohmmmox servvce broad cumin; vldlo mum mi guide reservation car i-«tar ~. -suing. -uuneumna nflwrrflmlnnlflltmian . _a. ..v. .n. =.. ... ..u. .z. .1 n-as-mm. Lia. Niiiiinytdnndnllllmflot nmmrr-cxwlinrtnfiopinmnmo Iflvlrd/ nvfinrlnfnrrriluchnnni-Imuu . mi. .uu. -.amr—. Utility . ... ... ,.. .i. .u. ... ... ... ... ... . um In mm mm and ii. .. men . . mama, _ win, and I lubwly mp social mmm. arrival «once fllilflbulflil nuvvgnlion Idyemmng Lat nnm Wipe comparison ma. j —_ Book/ Meqcizlne Mmimmumn-mum. —m. .u. o.. ..n. ... .a. mn. . Minmmmmmummm AuVerlrn—yD4Iru<«bIIpotIrw- intnndimflnuvnuntnnebnnrrnm . .r. .ama. i. .a. ... =.. ._u. Irv-vb-one-HNFCI-I-mar: nnm virtual wallet UDAYVI-em mobile smug Education huvduwrlntnuwfl-ooucuvulll . .uu. .-. .m. ..i. .»¢¢. .m. . um. ..-s. u.. .¢. m.n. —». a.. . — _ - — —7 Safety Game Business M0"Uf0Cf| -"'| "9 . n.. ... .,. .,. ... ... ... ... ... ... ,., mm-mm-mwnu . .m. ... ... ,.. ... ... ... ... ... . . i.. ... .,. ... «.. ... ... ... .. Iiumrnuilvvliauzum -am rr-I-I--W-i---U--W draw-driunniruofiolt-whrruin wmamaumuw Mmnvnirwridninruwmnnn "“W'-'l“l‘“*"°W" ntummnuhn Aaninomuin 5-4 nmvraan _, ,__, ,., ,,, ,,_, ,,, .. ... .,. ..i. .i. ... ..ii. ,.. ... s. .., ..p. ... ..i. ._i. ... , . .«. ..m. . . ..(. ... ... W , _ mun: .. ..¢i . . . ... ... .i vaimne mce stock chm", CCW W22‘! rannrisan W» lemma SNIMLIKOVI human msoumr mm xeli nromrum mcimz anle-wise Sdulnnn Elmmm m"'p°"m — — j map & transport Commerce Payment ICT in -n-in vwldndl-llthruoayrhl rrllunnvitmrurm nnnnnm. m-dash-I. luIu. nvnm-nu-fl rr-Ion-vln Iieluunlriovninai mm. mmmnmm. .. .., a_. ... ... my broadcast mlovmallun removal mm mam. i. ~.mi. m.e. ilim Beauty an-wulnuwamriua. m_mn——«. .-. m.. a r-diyawmdrznw . ..a. a.. ».. -'-= =----= w- . ..m. _-. .. .4“. Mi :1. rriau: u: um: an oil mauwy desagn Inngulqe cgsmel-c eiecwwv vrmr moving malri Will: may mmmmlam W mm Mr wzrfm lnlrasmicliirc , ,_, ,m mm , .., ,,. ,,c T j T —} Others hSlIl—ItnlIrIlmunIllnIlu| ? | —t/ Iwtduzuirnbcni-Uflod datum relxgian Inn! may mum; time service Sports u. ,.. m». ..am_r. ,.. m.. .m. ... . tonrwrouvuuulwudund-rvuotil vrluflliywliinurrnnallbp-itbuln . ..m. .a. am 693 won: Iacillly trawling Weather i. r.. s.-. .r. .m_. m.. ... a.. -. am—. ¢.»a. .»u. .». . o. .u. .-. .ms. .m. ... ... . «ma = ..i. m.. . weather nan Entertainment i. ... a.. ,o. .m_. .a. ... ... . -mpyoaawaumuem _. -=_. uam. «.. m.. .i. .ii~ m. ... ».. r.. ._. .n. .a-. .- am Rirviflwws magi: amusement park
  12. 12. ss'i7=zit©ia 1 Case Example NE a S n g(Guestimation using the Fermi Estimate) ( How many boxes of pizza are consumed evew day around the world? Pfadifie Answer] How many liters of water is the Pacific Ocean? .5O| Ve the Sample question in the Space below How many telephone poles are there in South Korea? What is the probability of meeting an alien being from outer space? The ‘Fermi Estimate’ allows one to find an approximate answer to a problem in a short span of time. The Fermi Estimate was named after Enrico Fermi (1901 ~1954), the father of nuclear physics who received the Nobel Prize in Physics, for giving his students such approximation questions to solve. The Fermi Estimate is also called the Back—of—the—Enve| ope Analysis because it is a simple method that can be calculated anywhere in a few steps. Rather than finding the exact value, the Fermi Estimate puts emphasis on finding the number of digits in the answer. Not even the questioner can solve a Fermi Question because there is no right answer. The point of the Fermi Question is the process of finding a solution solely through the power of thinking. The Fermi Estimate is even used in international conferences of world leaders to roughly calculate the ripple effect on the regional economy, or the economic effect of hosting a big sports event. The Fermi Estimate is a useful tool when there is high uncertainty and not enough information such as when expanding into a new business. What is the total annual sales revenue of dog feed in South Korea? Check solutions at the back
  13. 13. ofli©e. it Case Example M a n g(C-iuestimation through the Fermi Estimate) eon What is the total annual sales revenue of “'1' dog feed in South Korea? 1. Set Assumptions -1 out of 10 households in South Korea raises a pet dog, each dog consumes 0.2 kg of dog feed each meal, 1 kg of dog feed costs 1000 Won. 2. Arithmetic& Factorizations a. Population of South Korea: 50,000,000=50 Million b. Persons per household: 4 c. a/ b=12,500,000 households: 12.5 Million households d. therefore, the number of pet dogs= 1.25 million (C/10) e. Total consumption of dog feed in one year= 1,250,000 dogs X 0.6|<g (0.2 kg X 3mea| s/day) X 365 dayS=273,750,000 kg 3. Calculation (Market Size of Dog Feed Market) 273,750,000 kg X 1,000 Won = around 274 billion Won
  14. 14. o'fle@ae. 11. Case Example Sn g(Guestimation using the Fermi Estimate) How many telephone poles are there in Japan? Basics of Fermi Estimation Basic Procedure of Fermi Estimation I 7 7 7 noose Approach K Analyze Model Kerry Out Calculations K Check Reliability How many telephone poles Divide the whole area Comer; Jme Sufiatce are there in Japan? into city and suburb area 0 apa" m 0 a rectangular area xtrapolate the number Decompose into Model the average . . . a telephone Doles in eac (poles per unit areaX ~ number of poles per Cf‘? '"°a'e wgh ex'5t1':9 unit area to the whole total surface area) surface area by distric '9”'e 0”‘ 9 ‘Ola area of Japan 0' p°le5 ' "on: 4‘ ’—"ilFr'~» 3,000Mi| |ion ~ 3,300Mi| lion M o d ell l n g — . . P n" {C # f l k I Arithmetic Results 3 0* CW D'5‘“Cf5 G'°“(’3‘(')°i‘(° “P3” '°”° (, ')‘f; ‘)° “V (iogfirg) 24 Million Total Number of Poles 30 Million 5, of Suburb Denim Gross Area of Japan Propotion of Suburb #of_po| es per km‘ 5 Miiiion (3OKm7) (0.8) (25 in suburb area)
  15. 15. o= fl.tC%iia 2 ~<Possible Substitutes of Kakaotalk, the new instant mobile messenger , When the business idea of Kakaotalk was first developed as an ‘“—-ii “internetbased free mobile instant messenger‘, the possible replacements in South Korea were SMS, MMS, and Whatsapp. I" Case Example E‘ Substitutes - What direct replacement products/ services exist in the market today? - What are the possible products/ services which do not directly compete with our product/ service but can still indirectly encroach on our target customer base? ‘Substitutes’: existing products/ services which can satisfy the same consumer needs targeted by the new product/ service - [direct] Substitutes refer to businesses who currently or will in the near future provide the product/ service to the same target customer base in a similar or almost identical manner. -[indirect] Substitutes refer to business who currently or will in the near future provide the product/ service to the same target customer base in a vaguely similar or different manner. REPLACEMENTS canpetlrarsi 5M5. MMS, Wliatsapp replricenenfs-' felepllnne
  16. 16. /l/ l V/ V/l l r Successful Tweaker Example. . ' gm 7'' '1 . ‘ oi, / l W‘/ Ii KBS lnin‘orta Sorgs‘ Til Program (Soutt Korea) ‘Immortal Songs‘ borrowed key elements from SBS's ‘I am a Singer‘, the most popular music program at the time, and gave it a twist. It took away the existing problems of ‘ I am a Singer and was able to enjoy a longer period of sustained popularity. Case Example Direction -Keeping in mind the innovation gap that is necessary between our product / service and that of the competitors, what direction can our business take? -What is the optimal strategic channel for this business direction? (Platform Riding? Single-Play? Both? ) Considering the current competitors and potential substitutes, choose what direction is apt for our product/ service, and find the optimal strategic channels accordingly. -Listed in order of low to high magnitude of innovation gap: Settler, Tweaker, Pioneer) [Single Flag]
  17. 17. High Level of competition in the current market is vew low. The product/ senlice needs to construct a new market. Pioneer Strong differences exist compared to existing substitute. A unique product that differs clearly from substitute. One or two key differences exist compared to existing substitute. These differences offer a new and unique value. Maintains the key traits of success of the current dominant substitute with slight variations UO[1BI0UU| io aaifiaa '*i l Modify slightly from the existing dominant substitute, apply localization. Enter before market saturation or penetrate into new geographical markets. Low Copy directly from the existing market verified product/ sen/ ice. Does not depend on an existing platform Platform Riding + Single-Play Free-riding on a chosen platform for leverage
  18. 18. $m—_1['E*@1l/2'3 R Case Example . ' Differentiation - What key point of difference does this business idea embody compared to its direct and indirect substitutes? - Describe how the product/ sen/ ice differs from its existing and potential substitutes - Specify just the 1 or 2 main key points of differences. are *= "8‘3'i oiw I. Each episode themed with an uld legendary singer and songs/ prvgmm rhusi; -vi mcardingly 2. Tuurrmmenr style umperirimi with singers Fmm vnmiims genres *Points of Differentiation: Tweaker Case Example 2, KBS Immortal Songs chose to go in the direction of a 3 Tweaker through two key points of differences. (1) Theme each episode with an old legendary singer and sustain a more focused viewer interest (2) A customized selection rather than a sun/ ival competition betweenexisting singer participants to provide better music.
  19. 19. $fl‘©E3 Guideline Differentiation Are we expanding into an entirely new market? Whar are your Pioneer reasons for choosing The following market Are we superior to the existing substitutes in terms of efficiency of key processes and product quality? direction strategy? Are we providing a new form of entertainment and engagement than the existing substitute through new methods or higher quality content? Are we providing a similar productlservice to the existing substitute targeted at a specific theme, function, market, customer base? rvw . . Is there a noticeable i provement from the exist g substitute in temis of procedural effiae ‘ , , and consumer cost? Are we simply applying a business model that has been verified in another geographical market to a new market and customer base without alterations? Settler ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— -- Are we simply copying a service providing process from another area for our business model? List the specific details of your 2- differentiation strategy from the 3. reasons chosen above (min.1—max.3)
  20. 20. am’-t%eei= Case Example he Customer Segment - in case of commercialization of product/ service, who are the initial target customers that we to acquire for market penetration? Define the target customer base from two aspects. Classify by Demographic factors such as geographical area/ location, gender, age, income Classify by types of social groups based on Psychographic factors such as social class, lifestyle personality RPM —-i Demographic I demographic 20-3-7 singles living alone in mermpolimns nationwide (South Korea} ~ Coway Co. Minature Water Purifier Targets Single Households Psychographlc 1 As the proportion of single-member households passed 25% in South Q p5yCh0graPhiC Korea, single households became a key target market segment for the k d : al Fl old‘ of N‘ househmd apphancesmdustry 53/ win 5 sru la ms, A rue ti) uz ea. gnzcery shnppinfi. mam llezurnfirnis. ln order to cater to this customer segment who usually live in smaller design fimirrure. ilrtsrmit »iuuIIiss, , etc, cramped apartment studios, the Coway Co. team focused on maximizing 5 k V M" ,5? Mr 5 d 5 “T 2; at a 9 m an 5 rm the spatial and electrical efficiency in their water purifier designs, leaving Just the key functions and offering the product at an affordable price. fr: design.
  21. 21. Wee * Out of the given criteria, fill in the boxes that are relevant to developing our product/ service. C USTO m er Seg m Eli T ‘ Cl 9 ll ll Ogl 51 0 ll lC 0 ooO 0 ' . ooo at Age Gender l Sexual Orientation / * Family Size Education Qiy 9 Occupation '2 ct Socioeconomic Status 7 [O I f) Nationality/ Race Language Religion FWD
  22. 22. $flE”@E4' Guideline * Out of the given criteria, fill in the boxes that are relevant to developing our product/ service. C Li stom er Seg m ent - P3;/ c'liQg la p l’i lg e>7 O ‘ Life Style , Life Value Attitude
  23. 23. aw-t%eei= . or‘/2, / ///7”»: /3 , t Case Example Unmet Needs -What inconvenience or lack does the target customer segment perceive with the existing substitute product/ service? -What part of the product/ service's Offering will induce the target customer choose our product/ service over the existing substitute? (ex. Service process innovation or price differentiation strategy compared to the existing substitute) - Look for an unmet need that the final user cannot perceive on their own. - Define why the existing product/ service cannot satisfy the consumer 100% and specify what needs are unmet. * Smart TV~ “Desire for a Social TV" l 8 out of i0 Youth under 25 years of age are obsen/ ecl to be actively using multiple mobile applications to share I and discuss about TV programs (Reutei, ZOiil c . Z 70% of tablet PC users and 68% of Smartphone users I use their‘ mobile devices to watch TV programs <llic-lson, [Oi l) I737 UNMET NEEDS "I want M share lnformmiwi About the rv yrugwmi i am wmiing now riimugii my mhrle device ‘
  24. 24. ii_~1i, i; __-: H‘ i. ii Wee N E E 5th essential that consumers must have and thus actively search for U ['1 met Needs fiii lii - ii "ii‘-vi‘ilii riii: l'il‘i 'il‘— ll‘ iii 'lli' i’l‘ll‘ Sth that is good when available but one can also live without rfir‘ he '; iti-"int: *iiii1i<': " . i'it’iii‘ii‘i «ii i ii "iTi«“i‘inl mil «: “i 'Uncomfortab| ity' 'Scarcity' 'AttractiVene55’ felt while using the existing substitute feltwhiie Using the existm Substitute felt while using the existing substitute confusing rather than intuitive I: desired fuctions, effects, Wimt to feel moved l? y new, _ information are not provided I: unique/ beautiful design or user high price | :| experience | :] ‘ ‘ _ _ quality of the functions, effects, _ "me '”effiC'e”t '“ term‘ °f | :] and information does not reach Want t° communlcate l: l 3. ‘a ti‘ . "Sage Wal "9 me consumerexnectatIonsl: l Wanttofeel included and desire a new type of . hoW_to. to be experience emotional emphathy provided El within a community | :| Want to boast and be recognized | :] Want to feel safe and relieved I: cumbersome, troublesome | :| Sense of competition, achievement, conquest, ru| e|: | Want to feel a sense of ownership and collection El Sense of curiosity and exploration/ Riddle-like | :| Personally tailored customization | :l
  25. 25. enieei Unmet Needs . Example isms . MM§ 10515 mumiy Specification of sum mu MW to he MOVE immiim Unmet Needs mi Flowing mm mm Favmoil ml pmmi. Specify the reasons for 'l/ l/pint m cummunlcznre mi. Friends more choosing the Unmet Needs , .,M, y Md mm Mm, checked in the previous page I Example “I wmir to zlim wirii my Friends miywliz-re, Articulate Key % Unmet Needs anytime, wirliuur worrying about The war " W Based on the information in 1, articulate the unmet need —Q/ fromthe customer's perspective and in the customer's words.
  26. 26. §'f[$@il§'i5 yr, Case Example _ _ Value Proposition - What is the key unique value provided in order to satisfy an unmet need of the target customer base? - What is the key value that the target customer base will willingly pay for? - Find out how our product/ service can satisfy the unmet need specified in the Unmet Needs section. Summarize in one sentence from the perspective of the user receiving this value. SK ll Airtouch Foundation -“A makeup that makes the wearer appear as if he/ she is not SKI] , 4 (ll wearing any makeup” l SK | |'s Airtouch Foundation perceived the consumers need to appear more natural and barcsfaced rather than making it appear obvious that the consumer was wearing makeup. The company satisfied this need by using cutting edge technology to develop a spraystype foundation that allows for more natural and even coverage, making the skin look naturally flawless. “A makeup that makes rlie wearer appear as if he/ she is not wearing any makeup‘
  27. 27. Sifflxgllgg Case E><am. p|e Offering -How can the value proposition be extrapolated into a wow’ experience that moves the target customer experiencing the product/ service? (Keep in mind that we cannot force the customer to feel moved We can only induce the customer to experience such an emotion If the value proposition is what induces the initial target customer to pay for the product/ service, Offering is what induces the customer to continuously consume that product/ service) Offering refers to the specific contents that make up the value proposition, specifying exactly what effects of the product/ service gives it the value that target customers want. SK-II AirTouch Foundation “Makeup that makes it seem like one is not wearing any makeup" The specific Offerings of the foundation which make up the value proposition of “appearing as if one is not wearing makeup" is as follows: (1) Foundation is more evenly applied, (2) There are no smudges made, and (3) Easier to use than original methods of using a brush or hand, allowing the customer to receive a value from achieving a more natural foundation makeup look. i. rimmimiim is applied more mm A7141 finely. 2, Nu makeup smuolges made 3, Easy to l. lse~Jusr Spray!
  28. 28. Sfflglgg x Case Example Job To Be Done -In order to realize the ‘wow’ experience for our target customer, what tasks need to be prioritized and first carried out? ion To f'»i~ fli’)1‘(‘ is iho iilnr ~ii'ii'i mil : onii'iinritini'i 0‘ li"l, ‘ <("y pint t"3‘§t“« that insii iis ll srroot" 'tii"nirin oft i 1,: sifcsstc>s. istai" tnis Overinri -Job to be Done are the key functions, technical components, conditions and environmental factors required to create the intended Offering. -Also includes partnerships, stakeholder relationship, license, qualifications that are necessary to carry out Job to be Done Ollkl I Design spray zimtaivier that can spray Fixed amount; unimniy 2, Apply unique iunizarimi fethrwlngy fur smumli finigli 3. use iii‘ swlnh and burrows SK-ll AirTouch Foundation “Makeup that makes it seem one is not wearing any makeup" SK_n (1 )Foundation is applied evenly and finely (2)No makeup smudges made (3) Easy to Use-Just Spray! The Offering described above requires a sprayrtype A makeup container with an ionizing function The foundation particles are ionized with a positive charge that will be attracted to the veil of negatively charged ions which is simultaneously sprayed onto the skin, giving the makeup a more fixed and smooth finish ilt Dill)‘ rig »s wlitit iiicluccs the LU5C0lVlC' to co itll‘. l’cic. ‘:iV coi istiwie t‘ at l)'LlfiLiLt/ BL" / lLC,
  29. 29. s>flt©iia@ Value Proposition A unique value proposition that caters for the unmet needs of the customer. 1. What unique value can we offer to satisfy the unmet base? 2. What is the key value of our product that the target customer group will willingly pay for? needs Of our target customer - The customers experienced value that supports the value proposition. What must be provided in order to extrapolate Offering Value Proposition { E1 Offering + Job To Be Done the value proposition of the product/ service into a wovif experience for the users? (Keep in mind that we cannot force but only induce the customer to experience such an emotion. If the value propositionis what induces the initial target customer to pay for the product/ service, Offering is what induces the customer to continuously consume that product/ service. ) Guideline Job To Be Done The tasks that must be planned and carried out for smooth delivery of the Offering to the target customer In order to realize the ‘wovif experience for our target customer, what tasks need to be prioritized? (If Offering is what induces the customer to continuously consume that product/ service, Job To Be Done iS the planning and coordination of the key processes that insures a smooth running of the business to sustain this Offering. )
  30. 30. s't“r’zt%eW Ho? 0 0 Wit 0 it o CaseExample Buzz Maker - Considering the unique characteristics embodied by the product/ service or the team members, is there a stimulus factor that could spread its awareness among target customers through word of mouth? (the word of mouth effect here should be induced spontaneously by the choice of the customer rather than artificially spread) - Record whether the team or the product/ service has such buzz-making potential in their innate characteristics, — Team members with unique backgrounds or wacky product/ services have the potential to create a buzz around the productjservice through word of mouth. - Drinkify “Signature cocktail suggestions for any music you're listening to" Web-based service that suggests a cocktail for the song you're listening now. It does not offer anything of phenomenal value to the customer but the creativity and uniqueness of the idea itself made it apt headline material as well as good ice-breaker topic. The performance and quality of the product itself did not matter for it to gain publicity and become exposed to potential customers. suggest cuzlrtails that Fit with the music playing “M49929! bars that make the best cuzkratil
  31. 31. sfltC%iefl ii’ Case Example W Booster - What are the possible marketing and sales promotion strategies that can be used to acquire the target customer base in the beginning stage? - Considering the unique characteristic of the product/ service, what are the possible ways to seize the attention of the initial target customer base? - Booster refers to any activity that will increase the frequency of use or acquire and retain customers. - Booster includes many of the sales promotion and below-the-line-advertising activities that utilize the product/ services unique characteristics ' Dropbox invite a friend and get 500MB for free‘ If an existing Dropbox user succeeds in getting friends to register to Dropbox through email promotions, he or she will get free storage space, | This promotion helped Dropbox secure new customers. ' it Free extra storage space when a Friend registers M Dropbox nme registration, EMME —twa friend refiistrafiuri. 265
  32. 32. s? m%ea Case Example Supponer In the commercialization of the product/ sen/ ice, who are the oersons/ institutions/ organizations that can have a direct or indirect influence in the acquisition of target customers and the negotiations between stakeholders? ~ Apart from angel investors and venture capitals, supporters also include specialists and mentors who can have an influence on sales and marketing. - In case of a business model targeted at govemment organizations or institutes, the role of sponsors/ coordinators are particularly important. Sea n Parker, Mark Andreessen, crucial mentor to a 9uru who provided both Mark Zuckerberg in the mentoring and investments as a launching stages of venture capital startup investor. Facebook “A Mentor who can advise on business direction, strategy, and operations -A Key Person with considerable influence at our targeted institution or customer base -An Angel Investor who can provide the initial Seed Money ‘Q! SUPPUIITER Merifnr (ex Pisrrrburran Marker spezmlrsrl Angel lnvesrar Key Person (ax. Drsrrrburivn Cvmpany A1
  33. 33. s'fleC<? :ie, @D Key Resources can be divided into 3 major sub-categories: Technological / Human / Market. These resources have a close relationship with the Offering and Job-To-Be-Done. Considering the key contents of Job-To-Be-Done, prescribe the key resources that must be inputted. I_T Platform Set-Up "r7si‘irir7, ex ser‘ aim Dc set-oi; Acquisition of New Technologyl I R&D Progression ificiri of 4R tec iioltxry, £IBl’t‘Ic)L)I’i(J Ir_iii, —.. itIi. iii ieikileu‘ Ietli. ~c>/ out lJc. ‘.i'IlEl‘ lLt‘Ill[. ,‘Jily —, 1. Technological Resources ‘ Technology Partnership] M&A ex :1 El Ti/ (7lit1r‘J’b” mi ririr‘, (‘o'rit7t: i:y‘~. _Sa| es& Marketing ex 2 i'Ilcllr‘<&'i~‘Jl(] Liirectois’ I >cl/ E: pesor‘ Technology Acquisition] -Development err I E’lL7I“lt'i’: 'I: 'l1]E‘/ ~’L)t"fiI(7Cll: l*5;l/ A Raiinatetii (1 ex e/ ui. :ei; » Board of Directorsl Executive Board Me - ex lLOO, iL5O oi: clltll I)’ . -~. 5 Iv1i~i(ii, ,,im‘icpi, ‘ [‘isti'ii*, ~itii: :i N: >iii'. ii'/ ~. i’. i,ii'. «ii; i*i 2. Human Resources Brandingl Sales Promotion] PR ex lVrNei'. si; titiei aiiu olliei iietliti cIL. l‘. L'I[i: ~c’Il eiif i>i'llIi'll‘ rli/ i i‘TI‘»t‘li‘ ’iTL“. I'ti. lll“‘ Customer Royalty Acquisition k’ ctiwlri ‘ii ‘J ii*i'. tiiii i. riiit: iiii‘i ii, t‘i/ i tiiis iii‘i , I? niii. '>i>iliii> Vir"lli ; :‘i= iititHiviif/ 'rri? E‘i. iii{>/ i HEDGE acacia 3. Market DDUUD Resou rces l Guideline
  34. 34. sTr*zi©e ~Who are the key stakeholders participating in the expansion of the product/ service? ’ Ca Se Example What kind of transaction relationships takes place between these stakeholders? Ke One of : he —<ey I’it6I33Cl. IDVlS s re Jenue GPFl€'atIT‘Cl flC7.l/ It. ’ | ,'iust set out what y r1I'iCl oi transactions with which stakeho ders wi= l lead to ievenue acciuisitior I - Who are the stakeholders making up the business and what kind of transaction relationships exist between them? Show this interaction using Player Tiles and Things Tiles below. Sundaytoz ‘Anipang’ . i§0°/ z of Total Transaction Cost) q u it mm Use, Awareness social interaction Direction ol flow of Dataéstlnformation »vi. u4.«s) Direction of flow of Money
  35. 35. §sflt@e 6 PLAYERS / STAKEHOLDERS User Small Partner Firms Partner Firms My Company P| ayer’s Company Committee, Union Government End Users, Customers 12 Things Tiles: Use the Player Tiles and Things Tiles to represent the key transaction flow of information/ goods/ m between the business stakeholders. - llio la la Money(sma| |) small sum of money used in transactions Money(| arge) large sum of money used in transactions Product players product/ service provided to the user/ customer Commission Fee commission sum paid out to middlemen players Service what users/ customers experience of the playefs product Exposure exposure of p| ayer’s or stakeho| der's product/ service/ brand to public - Subscription Fee a fee charged for the usage of a product/ service for each regular interval of time Right authority, qualification, claim, guarantee (ex, copyright, sales | icense, .s) Credit individual orfirm credit information (transactions made using credit cards) Reputation fame, brand image, trust Datallnformation various data and information being distributed and traded Interaction various communication and sharing activity occurring between users
  36. 36. s? zrtC§-la - Use the Player Tiles and Things Tiles to represent the key transaction flow of information/ goods/ money between the business stakeholders.
  37. 37. ea%K%a@ Case Example Revenue — With regards to the analysis of the Key Processes, what is the current and future source of revenue? Based on the analysis of the Key Process, specify the potential source of revenue that occurs between stakeholders in the box below. Contents Purchase Commission Fee 20% Advertisement Commission Fee Device Rental Fee $300 / month + Usage Fee $200/month Curiferits Purchase Revenue Margin 10% Uioo/ munth per unit purchase)
  38. 38. 53'r"[‘3@lEql Guideline Revenue - Check the targeted revenue sources of your business idea/ item (multiple choices possible) Revenue Sources/ Early Stages 7 Revenue Sources/ After Mid-term Stage~ - Commission (Indirect Revenue) - Commission (Indirect Revenue) Check inside corrosuonciiir; checkbox 1.Advertisement Commission El Chfik W60 Cviicsrmcina <h9<l<b0>. < 1./ Advertisement Commission I: 2. Usage Commission El 2. Usage Commission El 3. Sales Commission El 3. Sales Commission E 4. Others El 4. Others I: ‘ Product $alES Margin (Direct Revenue) -Product Sales Margin (Direct Revenue) 1. Direct Product Sales Margin El 11. Direct Product Sales Margin El 2. Distribution Margin El 2. Distribution Margin El - Content Sales (Direct Revenue) -Content Sales (Direct Revenue) 1. Pay Per View a 1. Pay Per View E 2, Fixed Monthly Rate El 2. Fixed Monthly Rate El 3. Freemium (Free aci: ount& paid Premium account) El 3, Freemium (Free account& paid Premium account) El 4. ln-App Purchase (item purchase) El 4. In-App Purchase (item purchase) El 5. Others| :| 5. Others El
  39. 39. sflt©e‘t‘) A: 6- Case Example Key Resource - With consideration to the Job To Be Done List, what is the top-priority key resource that must be inputted? ‘(, l£1SSlf, Jl'iCEl’ '. ELli"iOlOQlC&l, ‘i_. r7ia'“, or rriarket resource and si: ~eci‘v) -With consideration to the information listed in the Offering and Job To Be Done section, specify the key resource input needed at the moment. -Can be classified into sub-categories such as human, technological, marketing, sales promotion, and branding resource. Blackberry (RlM)'s ‘Push Mail Solution’ 'Rli/ l was the first company to come out with a (l(‘Vl((‘ that satisfies the value proposition of “easily accessing company server emails 3 outside the office" In order to achieve tlirs value proposition, R| l/ l introduced a new Push Marl solution using Push technology from the company server to set up an effective rnail notification system This Push Mail solution became R| lVl's key resource when designing the Blackberry KEY HESUURGE lTeclirii)Ii15icr»ililc; i)urce] Push Mail saluiiini seruy
  40. 40. s'flaC<%ie, @i Key Resources can be divided into 3 major sub-categories: Technological / Human / Market. These resources have a close relationship with the Offering and Job-To-Be-Done. Considering the key contents of Job-To-Be-Done, prescribe the key resources that must be inputted. I_T Platform Set-Up "ristiriir, ex ser‘ trim DC set-pi; Acquisition of New Technologyl i R&D Progression rfitrrr of AR tec no/ o.iv, £IB’t‘i’c)L)l’i(J lr_rrr. —.. itlr. irr reikileu‘ lt'L(li"(. )lUL-“L lJc. ‘.i'iiEi" rtt‘irrr, >.riry —, 1. Technological Resources ‘ Technology Partnership] M&A trx V. ) ii‘ rirriiti serve‘ mi rrrrrr (‘P'rrpi: riv‘~. Sales& Marketing ex 2 rrrerri‘<e-tisrtj Lirrectors’ I >Jlt': pesor‘ Technology Acquisition] -Development err i ’: "lL7l“lt'&'i': 'l1]E‘/ i'L)t"fiiOi'll: l*5;l/ A 3(ii'l‘i¢: lf'c'Lil (1 ex e/ ui. :er; » Board of Directorsl Executive Board Me - ex lLOO, iL5O uri cllfcl b’ . -~. 5 ivii~i(ri, ,i7i; ‘., pi, ‘ [‘isrr'ri*, ~rfii: ir lf: ‘(il'. )l'l~. i’. iirr'. «ii; i*i 2. Human Resources Brandingl Sales Promotion] PR ex iVii‘ic—ri'. sptruer urru other rretiiei tiuuerti. -»err err: ()i'llli'li‘ rlilli itrwri riTii~. iri. .trii~ Customer Royalty Acquisition k’ i, ti‘»fi'i iii rr ’(“»'. tlllI r, iriii: riir‘r icoiir (iris (‘ft , ii r"/ lii'}i"i. lili’) svstrrrrr r: ‘i= iiri‘Hrirrrf/ 'r); ?r‘riiiir>rr HEDGE acacia 3. Market DDUUD Resou rces ) Guideline
  41. 41. $L”__, [E'¥C@L‘E‘q) 9 Case Example @ Cost (H| %) - Considering the key input resources needed, what are the input costs necessary? How much? - Specify and categorize the actual input costs involved in supplying the key resources. - Only refer to the key components of the key resources specified in the previous section first. _developers +_designers= wages of $_/ yr Cost of system set-up& constructron= $_ Total Costs= $__/ yr [Terhrtolugiznl Resuurces] (Human Resources} Server Renml Fee-' 99:20/manrh rsw del/ eIu)>ers-‘$1090 / month (Shana/ yr) ($24,000/yr) AR Technology Development: l zlesigneri $100-7/mmth (914,DW/ yr) Outsourcing [fatal cast] mm; $l>ILaoo/ yr
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