Question 3 Evaluation


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What have you learned from you audience feedback?

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Question 3 Evaluation

  1. 1. What have you learned from you audience feedback?QUESTION 3
  2. 2. Pre-ProductionWe pitched our film ideas to our class to see Old Treatmentwhat they think of our initial ideas. Wespoke about promotion and other essential • using statistics from YouTube and eath • online websites. c&feature=player_embedded Treatment PitchGood Points: •• Using a real based story as an outline death-new New Treatment• Overall idea is really goodBad/Improvement Points:• Use bullying as the reason for the conspiracy rather then stress• Think about length- how everything is going to fit in• Make it more different to my murder• Need permission to shoot on a bus so re- think that ideaChanges made after audience feedback:• Used bullying as means to stress leading to conspiracy• Took bus idea out of film• Made the film different to My Murder• Kept length to a certain amount- consider when shooting
  3. 3. Pitching to BTEC Media- StillWe pitched our short film to aBTEC class in order to gain fresh Editing Pitch to BTEC Media classcomments from students whohadn’t seen the film before. We still in process of editing bedded&v=4Hvz0HxZ4Zkthe film. Good Points: • liked the storyline • Thought it was a good idea Bad Points: • one of the parts didnt make sense to them so need to make it clearer/re-edit Changes made after audience feedback: • Reshoot one or two scenes to make them clearer • Finish editing • Also decided to rethink of a new name for the film as the current name gives away too much and we would rather keep the film as a cliff hanger
  4. 4. Survey MonkeyWe used survey monkey to gain audiencefeedback from other A2 Media classes asthey would be aware of what type of feedback is needed. Good Points: Survey • Liked the choice of music monkey • Good location questions • Some parts of acting were seen to be good Bad/Improvement Points: • Found parts unclear • Background noise If we had more time the changes we could have made after audience feedback: • Reshoot noisy areas • Make things more clearer as this was the main issue
  5. 5. Print Product FeedbackOnce we completed our print products wedid audience feedback one last time in orderto make final changes to our print products.• Magazine Review: The magazine review needed a little introduction at the start of the magazine hence this was added in in the place of the quote. Also the date, page number, magazine name and issue number also were needed to be included into the magazine review.• Film Poster: The honey trap written on the side of the poster did not look professional and gave away too much hence this was removed from the poster. Also as we had chosen two film names we decided to keep fatal intentions rather than fatal attractions.