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  1. 1. Synopsis: Fate has united Kevin with meeting a girl Alisha who he believes is his girlfriend, little does he know the effect of being engulfed into her lies will result into his own murder. Meet the story of a 17year old young boy who was led to his own death by his 18year old love, someone he thought was his own.
  2. 2. Characters: Main characters include  The other most a 17 year old boy significant character is a named Kevin who has 18year old girl named recently been released Alisha who is studying from jail. He then wishes her last year at college, to start his life fresh until however she is unable he is perpetuated into a to cope with the stress relationship with and pressure so decides someone who he to relieve her tension in believed he will setting up a conspiracy potentially spend the in which she gains rest of his life with. The pleasure from watching outcome of this is someone else however not what he emotionally destructed. thought…
  3. 3. Inspiration: Our main inspiration was from the recent film my murder in which the storyline is similar. For those of you who are unaware of what this is about here is a video clip of part 1 of the film: Az8QFuI
  4. 4. Why did this inspire us? The main reason which attracted us into the idea of creating a short film based on my murder was simply due to the fact that the events within this film have taken place and are actual reality. Meaning this is based on a true story which started the spark of “honey trap killing”. We as a group thought this is an issue which needs looking upon. As technology and communication changes the way we interact as individuals it can lead to many other problems occurring. For example had the girl in my murder not have a phone, whatever happened would not have taken place. Basically.. Technology is putting the life of individuals at risk and it is not looked into as enough as it should be.
  5. 5.  Another reason is because many of us may have friends who are involved In such conspiracies however chose not to say anything simply because they do not wish to put their life at threat. Therefore creating a short film would advertise the impact of such behaviours and will encourage people to speak up and prevent such things from taking place.
  6. 6. What makes our idea different? The overall idea of our short film differentiates from others, this is because our short film is solely based on true events. This can have a huge impact on the way we present things and therefore needs to be accurate. Moreover many of us are able to relate to something when it involves the term relationship and there are possibly many individuals out there that have come under being in the “honey trap killing”. Very rarely you will see films which almost everyone is able to relate to.
  7. 7. Audience As our aim for the short film is to spread a message and raise awareness the audience is of no specific set. Although you can argue that due to the themes, the characters and the way it Is presented the predominant audience would be teenagers. Particularly due to the fact they are able to directly relate to such characters displayed.
  8. 8. Length Mymurder itself is an hour long however, we are going to cut this down for our film to four minutes. On YouTube short films are genuinely from 3minutes to 6minutes.
  9. 9. Logistics & Feasibility Location: bus- showing Kevin and Alisha travelling together, showing emotions and voice over of Kevin, street, park Props: phone- this is significant as todays generation is based a lot on technology so this will act as a useful communication device for Kevin and Alisha in particular, knife- key for our film as it creates a heavy impact in the death scene when Alishas boyfriend stabs Kevin.
  10. 10. The death scene Kevins death is carried out through murder which is committed by Alishas boyfriend. During this scene their will be more focus on the sound rather then the action. So for example; during the stabbing only Alishas boyfriend hitting the knife will be shown and then it will blank out to the point where their is blood everywhere and Kevin is laying on the ground. This will be deeply empathised through the use of sound.
  11. 11. Where the film will bedistributed? YouTube- large variety of audience mainly used by teenagers and 20+ so targets a lot of people, easily accessible for audience Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month Over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube