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Cto cloud


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Business, Cloud Computing, Use Cases, Challenges, Disaster Recovery, High Availability, Databases, MySQL, LAMP, Performance, Scalability, Business Continuity Planning

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Cto cloud

  1. 1. BUSINESS IN THE CLOUD Advantages & Challenges
  2. 2. ABOUT: SEAN HULL20 Years Professional Technology ExperienceSpeaker IOUG, NYOUG, MeetupsOnline: DBJ, OTN, IOUG Select, ChangeThisExperience with 1/2 Dozen Cloud Hosted FirmsBook Author: Oracle & Open Source - O’Reilly 2001
  3. 3. INTRODUCTIONOracle on Sun >> Oracle on Commodity HardwareMigration to Cloud Hosted Applications Lower SLA, Less Reliable Servers & Disk PerfEconomic Pressure Trumps Quality & Performance Flexibility in Deployments Flexibility in Spending
  4. 4. CLOUD ADVANTAGESOn-demand Compute PowerLow Up-front CostsAutoscalingEasier Disaster Recovery & Compromise ResponseDisciplined Deployments, IaaS & AutomationAvailability Zones & Regions
  5. 5. CLOUD CHALLENGESPerformanceSLAs & Server ReliabilitySecurity ConsiderationsDatabase ConsiderationsNew Paradigm & Learning Curve
  6. 6. CHALLENGE: PERFORMANCEEBS Volumes Can Be Spotty - Use RAID0 Experience at Co. in Group Buying Space 4x EBS Vols in RAID0 Brought 3.5x Speedup1Gb Ethernet Saturation PointCPU Contention - Consider Dedicated InstancesUse EBS Rooted Servers - Not Instance Store
  7. 7. CHALLENGE: UNRELIABILITYAutomate Server SpinupsPerform Firedrill Tests & DocumentDeploy In Multiple Availability Zones & RegionsEmploy Automated Monitoring SystemsConsider Geographically Distributed Load Balancing
  8. 8. CHALLENGE: SECURITYLocation of Data & CompliancePotential Bugs in Virtualization SoftwareManaging CredentialsPassword Recovery Mechanisms
  9. 9. CHALLENGE: SECURITYNo Perimeter Security Use Security Groups - Mimic Firewall/VPN Use Principle of Least Privilege Consider Virtual Private Cloud Consider 3rd Party Solutions
  10. 10. CHALLENGE: SECURITYCloud Provider Problems Overly Broad Subpoena Against Them Fails to Protect Network Goes Out of Business
  11. 11. CHALLENGE: SECURITYTake Care in Choosing Secure Base AMIs Don’t Store Sensitive Data in an AMI Pass In Credentials at Spinup Time Avoid Additional Default Accounts Baked InConsider Intrusion detection & ApparmorBake In Packages to Avoid Version Changes
  12. 12. CHALLENGE: DATABASESPerform Replication Integrity CheckingBackups: Logical, Hot Backups & Offsite BackupsUse EBS Volumes & Software RAID0Vertical & Horizontal ScalingUse Availability Zones to Improve HA, Mitigate SLAConsider Encryption for FS & Network Traffic
  13. 13. CHALLENGE: DATABASESAutomate Spinups & Check for DB MountWar Story - Production Outage Targeted Ad Business - Hosted on EC2 Rightscale Managed - Third Party Monitored Templated Replication Rebuild
  14. 14. CHALLENGES: DATABASESRDS Offering Downtime Window - 30min/week Slightly Cumbersome Config Changes Still Need to Perform Integrity Checking Beware Version Upgrades Can’t Use Percona, Can’t Encrypt Filesystem
  15. 15. CHALLENGE: LEARNING CURVEServer Spinups, AMIs, Shifting IP Addresses Automation Requires More Forethought Devops - Manage Infrastructure as CodeSecurity Groups, Credentials Mgmt, EncryptionProvisioning, Metered Spending Rate
  16. 16. FURTHER QUESTIONSWhat Types of Applications Make Sense?How Do I Build for Performance and Scalability?How Does On-Demand Change Provisioning?What About Mgmt Platforms & Frameworks?
  17. 17. Q: WHAT TYPES OF APPS?Apps with Seasonal Traffic PatternsOne-off NeedsShort-term RequirementsAugmenting QuicklyDev & Test Environments
  18. 18. Q: BUILD FOR SCALABILITY?Build Separate Databases for Read & WriteCheck Freshness of Data - Replication Lag Be Careful of Stale DataBake Read/Write Connections Into Application
  19. 19. Q: ON-DEMAND & PROVISIONINGLarry Summers - “Preserving Optionality”Spending Now Controled by SoftwareCosts for Storage, Network, Instances, Elastic IPs
  20. 20. Q: PLATFORMS & FRAMEWORKSRightscale, Scalr, Cloudkick - dashboardsChef, Puppet, cfengine - configuration managementAWS Cloud Formation - templatesAWS Elastic Beanstalk - full stack automation
  21. 21. CONCLUSIONDo You Have Existing Investments in Physical Servers? Hybrid Approach With Slow Cautious AdoptionDoes Your App Exhibit Seasonal Traffic Patterns? The Cloud is Uniquely Suited To Your NeedsAre You Paying a Lot for DR Systems Currently? A Fully Scripted EC2 Deployment Could Save Big
  22. 22. ABOUT - SEAN HULL20 Years Professional Technology ExperienceLinux, MySQL, Web Operations & ScalabilityEC2, Rackspace Cloud & Rightscale Expertisehullsean @