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Direct Marketing


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Direct Marketing

  1. 1. Marketing Through Personalized Printing & Variable Data Kelly Chapman Digital Print Production Coordinator
  2. 2. What is Variable Data Printing? • Variable data printing • VDP can incorporate (VDP) is the ability to customized text, charts, merge a templated page colors, logos, headlines, layout with a variety of and other page elements. customized page Thus you can in turn elements. create individualized Letterhead brochures, catalogs, and Address Salutation direct-mail pieces for high-impact, 1:1 Body Text marketing and other Signature communications. Eric J. Adams, Personalized Printing for Less,
  3. 3. Benefits of Variable Data/ Direct Mail Printing • The Rochester Institute of Technology and several marketing organizations have found that personalization is more effective than forms of mass communication. – Response rate avg. increase 34% – Response time increase 35%
  4. 4. Types of Variable Data Printing • Transactional or statement printing – Accounts Receivable Bills, W-2’s • Basic Mail Merge – Merge letters, addressing postcards, flyers • 1:1 Marketing Applications – Informational brochures, newsletters, donor letters, catalogues
  5. 5. Numbering Sequential Numbering Tickets, Surveys, ID Cards
  6. 6. Postcards Addressing
  7. 7. Newsletters Mailing Permit We can address, attach mailing permits, saddle- stitch, fold, and mail your newsletters Bar-coded (multiple pages even!) Address
  8. 8. Merge Letters Letterhead Address Salutation Personalized Signature
  9. 9. 1:1 Marketing – Printing for an Audience of One • Variable data marketing works by recognizing the relevant differences between people and matching them to appropriate content and presentation. Student #1, Lisa - Interested in Art - Planning on starting school Student #2, John in Fall - Interested in Business - Planning on starting school in Spring
  10. 10. Sample Project First_Name Last_Name Enrollment_Term Major_Interest Database Lisa Johnson Fall Art John Doe Spring Business Kelly Chapman Summer Liberal Arts Joe Schmoe Fall Engineering Finished Pieces Susie Smith Winter Mathematics
  11. 11. Clean up Your Database – “Garbage In, Garbage Out” • If you’re going to build • Tips for cleaning a document based on databases: a database, the – Make sure your field quality of the names are accurate information that – Eliminate duplicate appears in the records document is only as – Correct invalid good as the database information itself. – Check spelling
  12. 12. Interested? Let us help! • Start brainstorming! What is my…. – Target audience? – The aim of my message? – My budget? • Call us – we’re here to help! – Database/Mailing Questions • Creg Arnold (after 12/20/04) – Print Merge & Design Questions • Kelly Chapman, 7-3984