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This is a presentation consisting of "Case Studies of Digital Media in Pakistan", done by a group of SMU students who are taking the module "Digital Media Across Asia".

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  • Interesting case studies. But they seem to be limited in their role within Social Media primarily than digital media overall and socio-political landscape being covered primarily whereas entrepreneurial and corporate sectors could also have been used to illustrate a broader picture of digital media in Pakistan. Still, a very good effort, I think.
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  1. 1. Digital Media in Pakistan Case Studies
  2. 2. Digital Media in Pakistan Rising significance of Digital Media in Pakistan  Increased usage of internet and social media applications by people in Pakistan E.g. Facebook users in Pakistan  Dec 2008: 358,978  Jan 2011: 3,607,860  905% growth in 25 months Total Population: 177, 671, 000 Internet Users: 20, 431, 000 Mobile Subscribers: 107, 900, 000
  3. 3. Purpose of Case StudiesThe purpose of these case studies is to allow readers to have a better understanding, and in-depth views with regards to Digital Media in Pakistan.
  4. 4. Case Studies Yes! We Khan - Imran Khan Rally (2011) Osama at Abbottabad (2011) Digital Media being used to blackmail rape victims (2011) Pakistan floods (2010) The Long March (2007)
  5. 5. Yes! We Khan - Imran Khan RallySocial media was used in arecent rally by the PakistanTehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) onDecember 25thIt was a major socialmedia milestone forPakistan
  6. 6. Yes! We Khan - Imran Khan Rally PTI uses social media to:  The key platforms PTI‟s social media efforts  clarify party policies include:  dispel rumours  Imran Khan‟s and PTI‟s  engage with voters official Facebook pages  inspire hope & groups  provide a catalyst for change
  7. 7. Yes! We Khan - Imran Khan Rally‘We Want Imran Khan To Be The Next Prime Minister Of Pakistan’
  8. 8. Yes! We Khan - Imran Khan Rally „Jaagutho‟
  9. 9. Osama at Abbottabad (2011)Live tweets of the Abbottabad raid by Pakistani blogger Sohaib Athar
  10. 10. Osama at Abbottabad (2011) Before US President Obama announced and confirmed the death of Osama Bin Laden, Twitter was already abuzz with speculation of the event. More people hear the news via Twitter first than anywhere else.
  11. 11. Digital Media being used to blackmail rape victims (2011) Year 2010  An one-hour video showing the rape of teenage girls in Khairpur hit YouTube  It was only after the registration of a First Information Report (FIR) and intervention by the concerned parties that the video was blocked Year 2011  Two more cases of the same nature surfaced in Karachi and again the digital media was exploited to widely distribute the rape videos and blackmail the poor victims  Video was removed from YouTube after War Against Rape contacted the concerned website‟s administrator
  12. 12. Digital Media being used to blackmail rape victims (2011)Saveed Siraj, a social media expert: “Laws governing ethical usage of these websites are emerging, but it is still an “ongoing process” as the area is a relatively recent development on the internet.” “Cyber laws exist in Pakistan, but they are weak at the moment and more needs to be done.”
  13. 13. Pakistan floods (2010)Social Media Campaign helped to raise funds for floods victims
  14. 14. Pakistan floods (2010) Social Media Campaign was led by ordinary people  Responded quickly and generously  More than 4000 people contacted their politicians in just over 24 hours
  15. 15. The Long March (2007) A case study in digital activism What happened?  November 2007  Then-president Pervez Musharraf imposed a state of emergency, deposed a Supreme Court Justice, and blocked all television channels
  16. 16. The Long March (2007) The Long March  A strong civil society campaign, spearheaded by the legal community  In an effort to restore the independent judiciary and democratic rule Using chat forums, YouTube videos, Twitter feeds, and blogs to organize the Long March, publicize its various events and routes  To ensure that citizen reporting live from the march itself can be widely circulated to counter the government-influenced coverage of the protest on mainstream media outlets
  17. 17. References media-landscape-in-pakistan online-huma-yusuf-in-pakistan archives/17060