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benefit's definition and google's employee benefits

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  1. 1. S︳ S10029023 江惠敏 S10029038 藍婉倩 S10032007 何冠奕 指導老師:曹瓊文
  2. 2. What is Google?
  3. 3. The best workplace &
  4. 4. Founders Larry Page Sergey Brin
  5. 5. What Is ? • It’s an American multinational technology companies • Be committed to Internet search, cloud computing, advertising technology and other fields, to develop and deliver a lot of Internet-based products and services. • Its main profits come from Ad Words and other advertising services. • 2013 top 100 brand from interbrand , Google is No.2
  6. 6. 10 Beliefs 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. As long as a user-centric, everything will fall into place Try our best to do one thing until it becomes perfect Faster is always better There is only democracy on the net The need about information is everywhere 6. Should not make money by evil 7. Information is no limit 8. Information need is borderless 9. We do not care about clothing 10. Getting better and better
  7. 7. • was established •Move to silicon valley •Larry page and Sergey Brin established google inc and designed a search engine named google Establish schedule
  8. 8. • Acquire Motorola mobility • Move into our headquarters in Mountain View, California— better known as the Googleplex • Google's Stock Listing on NASDAQ
  9. 9. What is the definition of employee benefit?
  10. 10. Definition of employee benefits • Benefits : Indirect financial payments given to employees, may include health and life insurance, vacation, pension, education plans , and discounts on company products.
  11. 11. Paying for time not worked Typ e.1 • Supplemental pay benefits , or pay for time not worked , are expensive benefits because of all the time off that employee receive. • Common time-off-with-pay benefits include holidays , vacation , jury duty , military duty , sick leave , and unemployment insurance payments for laid-off or terminated employees.
  12. 12. Type.2 Pay for not worked • Unemployment insurance : provide for weekly benefits if a person is unable to work through some fault other than his or her own • Vacations and holiday • Slck leave : sick leave provides pay to employee when they are out of work because of illness • Severance pay : a one-time payment employers provide when terminating an employee
  13. 13. Type.3 Insurance benefits • Worker’s compensation Provides income and medical benefits to work-related accident victims or their dependents regardless of fault.
  14. 14. Hospitalization , medical , Type.4 and disability insurance • The pregnancy discrimination act(PDA):the act requires employers to treat women affected by pregnancy ,childbirth , or related medical conditions the same as any employee not able to work , with respect to all benefits including sick leave and disability benefits , and health and medical insurance. • The patient protection and affordable care act(PPACA):the act contains various provisions , for instance expanding Medicaid eligibility , subsidizing health insurance premiums and encouraging business to provide health care benefits.
  15. 15. Hospitalization , medical , Type.4 nd disability insurance • Consolidated omnibus budget reconciliation act(COBRA requirements):requires most private employers to make available to terminated or retired employees and their families continued health benefits for a period of time ,generally 18 months. • Long-tern care : care to support older persons in their old age
  16. 16. Type.4 Retirement benefits • Social security • First :retirement benefits : provide an income if the employee retires at age 62 or thereafter and is insured under the social security act. • Second : survivors or death benefits : provide monthly payments to dependents regardless of the employee’s age at death • Third: disability payments: provides monthly payments to an employee and his or her dependents if the employee becomes totally disable for work and meets specified work requirements.
  17. 17. Type.4 Retirement benefits • Pension plans : provide income to individuals in their retirement , and just overhalf of full-time workers participate in some type of pension plan at work. • Cash balance pension plans : having a defined benefit plan’s more predictable benefits , but having the portability advantages of defined contribution plans. • ERISA : the employee retirement income security act(ERISA)aims to protect the pensions of workers and to stimulate pension plan. • Vesting : the proportion of the employer’s contribution to the employee’s pension plan that is guaranteed to the employee and which the employee can therefore take when he or she leaves.
  18. 18. Type.4 Personal services benefits • Credit union : usually separate businesses run by independent companies to help employees with borrowing and saving needs ,but some employers establish their own. • Educational benefits : employer offer employees full or partial college tuition reimbursement. • Employee assistance program(EAP):a formal employer program for providing employees with counseling and/or treatment programs for problems such as alcoholism , gambling,or stress.
  19. 19. Meaning of work-life/family-friendly benefits • Refer to benefits like in-house health clubs , the overall aims of which is to make it easier for employees to balance their work life and home life responsibilities.
  20. 20. Types of work-life/family-friendly benefits • Workplace flexibility : arming employees with the information technology tools they need to get their jobs done wherever the employees are.
  21. 21. Meaning of flexible benefits plans • Individualized plans allowed by employers to accommodate employee preferences for benefits. • Also called cafeteria plans because employees can spend their benefits allowances on a choice of benefits options.
  22. 22. BENEFIT
  23. 23. “T h e g o a l i s t o s t r i p a wa y e v We ypt r hoi v ni gd e haa t e r t g e t s di anr o upr a c k a g e s t a n d e m pf l r oi ynegees b w a y . i t s , ’ e n e f o f b u t o n t o p o f t h a t a r e f i r s t -c l a s s d i n i n g f a c i l i t i e s , g y m s , – a u n d r a b ro o o m s , l j u s t y u t m a s s a g e t r ho i o nm s , a n y g a h a i r c u tr s , o r k i n g h a d w c a r w a s h e s , d re y m i g h t e mp l o y e c l e a n ia n g , w n t .” c o mmu t i n g b u s e s Go o g l e CE O,
  25. 25. When it comes to our benefits and perks, we have everything you’d expect from a large company, like health insurance, retirement benefits and so on. But we also offer way more than the basics. Our benefits are part of who we are, and they’re designed to take care of the whole you and keep you healthy, whether physically, emotionally, financially or socially. We want our benefits to work for you. We want to make your life better and easier. We care about you AND your family.
  26. 26. We want our benefits to work for you.
  27. 27. We want our benefits to work for you. Here’s the secret sauce to our benefits and perks: ♦ It’s all about removing barriers so Googlers can focus on the things they love, both inside and outside of work. ♦ We’re constantly searching for unique ways to improve the health and happiness of our Googlers. ♦ It doesn’t stop there-our hope is that, ultimately, you become a better person by working here. Work-life Benefits
  28. 28. We want to make your life better and easier. ♦ Googlers’ interests and needs evolve over their lifetime. ♦ Evaluate benefits regularly and adapt them to the needs of our changing population. ♦ Googlers’ benefits are an open conversation and your feedback is a part of the equation. Flexible Benefits
  29. 29. We care about you AND your family. ♦ Benefits exist to make sure that Googlers are well taken care of. ♦ Your family matters to you, so they’re important to us, too. ♦ We have a number of benefit programs and onsite amenities to support you and your loved ones through life’s various stages and situations. More time with your baby New parents get time off and some extra spending money to help them welcome their new bundle of joy. Family-friendly Benefits
  30. 30. THE TYPES OF GOOGLERS’ BENEFIT -Pay For Time Not Worked -Insurance Benefit -Personal Service Benefit
  31. 31. Pay For Time Not Worked Employees at Google get 15 vacation days during their first year at the company, 20 days off after four years, and 25 days after six years. Googlers also get all of the sick days they need and 12 paid holidays. 18 weeks of additional paid time off post maternity leave; new fathers can take 7 weeks off.
  32. 32. Insurance Benefit Death Benefit-Google's unusual "death benefits" include paying the deceased's spouse or domestic partner 50% of their salary for 10 years. All of the dead Googler's stocks vest immediately. Each child of the employee receives $1,000 per month until age 19, or age 23 for fulltime students. Googlers and their families are covered with travel insurance and emergency assistance even on personal vacations.
  33. 33. Personal Service Benefit Fuel Efficiency Vehicle Incentive Program provide a $5000 rebate to employees purchasing hybrid cars. Free flu shots. Annual on-site Health Fair offering free testing services. Never stop learning. Reimburse employees for classes or degree programs that help they with what they do. Googlers get legal advice at no cost and, in the US, also get common legal services at a
  34. 34. Personal Service Benefit FOR FREE
  35. 35. Personal Service Benefit LEISURE TIME
  36. 36. IN SHORT  HR functions and policies align with business model and vision makes Google the most exciting young technology company to work for.  Healthy work-life balance is motivating people.  "I trust the people I work for, have pride in what I do, and enjoy the people I work with”.  Trust is “written” on the psychological contract.  Good employment relations, employee relations.  High Employee involvement.  More likely engage in discretionary behavior.  Positive Organizational citizenship behavior.  High job satisfaction and commitment, even self-motivated .
  37. 37. YOUR