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Reported Speech - Introduction

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Reported speech

  1. 1. Reported speech Past Simple Past Continuous Conditional Verb tenses: Complete the table. gave They said they _______ concerts at weekends. She said she _______________ to music. was listening He said he _________ to their concert. would go then; at that moment that day the next day / the following day the following Tuesday / week… that those there Direct Speech Reported Speech Present Simple “ We give concerts at weekends.” ___________________________ Present Continuous “ She is listening to music.” _________________________ Future “ I will go to their concert.” ___________________________ Direct Speech Reported Speech now __________________________ today __________________________ tomorrow ___________________________ next Tuesday / week / month… __________________________ Direct Speech Reported Speech this _________________ these ____________________ here ____________________
  2. 2. Reported speech A. Complete with the verbs say or tell. 1. Mark ________ Jane that he loved playing the guitar. told 2. The teacher ________ the pupils that they had to study more. told 3. Susan ________ that she would buy a Mp3 the next week. said 4. Mary ________ her friends that she loved Shakira’s songs. told 5. The reporter ________ that US5 will give a concert tomorrow. said B. Choose the correct option. 1. Kate: “I love dancing.” Kate said she love / loved / loving dancing. 2. David: “I am writing an e-mail.” David said he was writing / writing / writes an e-mail. 3. Mr Todd: “I don’t like concerts.” Mr Todd told me he doesn’t like / wasn’t like / didn’t like concerts. 4. Peter: “I’ll have my own band.” Peter told us he will having / will have / would have his own band.
  3. 3. Reported speech D. Reported questions 1. John: “ I love listening to music.” John said __________ listening to music. 2. Peter’s mother: “ My son is studying hard.” Peter’s mother told me that _____ son ____________ hard. 3. Reporter: “ Tomorrow I’ll interview a famous singer.” he loved her was studying the next day would interview 4. Mary and Sue: “We are tidying up our room.” they room. 1. John: “Jane, what type of music do you like?” John asked Jane ______ type of music ___________. she liked what 2. Sue: “When will your father travel to Kent?” Sue asked ______ my father ___________ to Kent. would travel when 3. Peter’s mother: “Are you studying?” Peter’s mother asked _____ ______ he ______________. was studying him 4. John: “Jane, what type of music do you like?” John asked Jane ______ type of music ___________. she liked what if The reporter told me ___________ he ______ ________ a famous singer. Mary and Sue said that ______________________ were tidying up their C. Fill in the blanks.