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Let's Talk DevOps


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How frequently you deploy changes into production?

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Let's Talk DevOps

  1. 1. DevOps Implementation PT Prudential Life Assurance By Iskak Hendrawan
  2. 2. DevOps?? 2 Development & Operation as we know now.. Products / System BuildTest Plan Release Monitor & Feedback Release Fix Development Operation
  3. 3. DevOps?? 3 DevOps Model Development Operation Build Test Plan Release Monitor Feedback Products / System
  4. 4. DevOps Benefit 4 Speed Deliver Faster, Release Faster and Update to Customer Faster Rapid Delivery Increasing Frequency of releases, improving Product Faster Reliability Automated Testing to ensure Quality in Rapid Pace Scale Automation and Consistency Help to Manage Complex and changing systems efficiently Improved Collaboration Building effective teams under DevOps Culture Model, Emphasizing Ownership and Accountability Security Move Quickly while retaining control and preserving compliance, by using automated compliance and configuration management
  5. 5. Agile or DevOps 5 BOTH! Agile Project Management Emphasize Thinking of Small Manageable Features to be Quickly delivered that over time lead to larger changes DevOps Emphasize Improved Collaboration between Development and Operations Team, which leads to Fast and Effective Releases and Better Quality
  6. 6. DevOps Best Practices 6 MicroServices Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery Infrastructure as Code Monitoring & Logging Communication & Collaboration Done In Progress