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How does the product owner align with scrum master, stakeholders


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Product owners have difficult roles. On one 'side', they need to ensure stakeholder (often powerful people) get their wishes fulfilled. On the other side they need to make sure their teams are productive. Setting clear priorities; prioritizing based on 'value'; saying 'NO' to stakeholders; not disrupting sprints; these are just some of the challenging parts of being a product owner.

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How does the product owner align with scrum master, stakeholders

  1. 1. How Product Owner lives Abi Tiyoso CIST Omni-Channel Head
  2. 2. HELLO! I am Abi Tiyoso Short Brief About Me :  I was a Software Engineer, Digital Marketing, Solution Architect , and Management Trainee .  I’ve Spent 2 years as product owner .  Currently I am Omni-Channel Head and leading product teams to be excellent in SERA.  CSPO (Scrum Alliance), CBIF (AAPM),Analytics & Adwords(Google)
  3. 3. What is Product Owner ?
  4. 4. Build Right Things Build Things Right Product Owner Teams Scrum Master Build it Fast Roles on Agile Development
  5. 5. Expected Benefit Product Owner Role Scribe Proxy Business Representative Sponsor Entrepreneur Product Owner is a … Not Scrum
  6. 6. Product Development Methodology Persona Development PD Customer Immersion CI Usability Study US Experience Benchmarking EB Ideation of Product ID User Journey UJ Information Architecture IA Wireframes Mockups WM Visual Design VD Content Strategy CS Prototyping PR Front End Development FE Application Development AD Copywriting CO Video Production VP Channel Analytics CA Digital Diagnostics DD Feedback Generation FG Usability Testing UT Conversion Optimization CR Discover Identifying customer needs and value propositions Design Designing seamless cross – channel experiences Develop Iteratively develop applications and contents Optimize Improving usability, engagement and conversions
  7. 7. BusinessStrategy Continuous Digital Product Management Agile (scrum) Software development Life cycle Product Strategy Product Roadmap Product Backlog Overall approach and path to the goal Actionable Plan and product journey Details, user stories, feature Product Vision Product Increment User, Customer, & Other stakeholders Gather data & feedback Validated Learning Analyze and Retrospective Reason why creating product on first place Discover Identifying customer needs and value propositions Design Thinking LEAN
  8. 8. What Makes a Great Product Owner ?
  9. 9. There are many good product owners There are few Excellent ones
  10. 10.  Develop and Protect the vision [Hands off my Vision]  Match Confidence with Humility [Empathy, Humility Courage]  Know its about people, not software [Start with the humans]  Ruthlessly Self Improve [Learn Always Learn]  Know that Content is king [Words are the services]  Services are forever, not just now [Go Live is the start] Mark of Greatness
  11. 11. Disclaimer : It’s simplification, Implementation is depends on organization structure and situation. Stakeholder Management
  12. 12. How Product Owner Scaled ?
  13. 13. Product Owner vs Product Manager
  14. 14. Q & A
  15. 15. CONCLUSION
  16. 16. We are Hiring !Send your CV to