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weConnect - the Enterprise


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weConnect is a social suite for Sharepoint 2007. If you are not ready to move to Sharepoint 2010 and want all the social features, weConnect can be your solution. Build and developed on Enterprise requirements we have created a suite that brings internet technologie to the enterprise. An easy install on your Sharepoint farm to convert it into a more user friendly system that is people-centric. Make information more relevant and find experts faster. With extensive profiles and smart innovations we help your organization transform into a next-generation company.

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weConnect - the Enterprise

  1. 1. weConnectSocial Productivity at Work nexocial
  2. 2. What is weConnectweConnect is a smart tool that transforms Microsoft Sharepoint into a more usable environment for everybody inside the organization.weConnect changes the look and feel and provides a more easy way for people to connect, communicate and collaborate within your organizationweConnect is an information enabler and decision accelerator tool that reduces cost and increases efficiency nexocial
  3. 3.  Share Tacit Knowledge  Tacit knowledge comes from the on-the-job experience and outside knowledge that people bring to their work. As such, it is rarely documented and requires employees to contribute discretionary effort to share and transfer it. This tacit knowledge is a crucial input into training and continued learning as well as for building a knowledge base that can be accessed by employees at the moment they need it, whether working on a project or engaging with a customer. For many organizations, it is their competitive advantage—and it is at significant risk of being lost when employees leave or change roles. Discover and Connect with Experts  Today, there are fewer and fewer large companies whose employees are all located in the same building, city, or even country. Remote access, mobile devices, virtual communities, and other technology-mediated environments are driving the decentralization of organizations and workplaces. Outsourcing, offshoring, contingent staffing, and evolving models of employee engagement are also driving decentralization. From the perspective of the workforce, the demand for greater work/life balance is spurring a demand by employees to work from home more frequently. According to the Gartner Group, there will be 46.6 million teleworkers worldwide by the end of 2011 Attract and Retain Talent  The workplace of the 2010s will be one of unprecedented generational diversity. The youngest cohort in today’s workplace—and the ones businesses need most to replace retiring baby boomers—is the Millennial generation (b. 1981–2000). These digital natives grew up with computers, video games, and the Internet. Their relationship with technology provides them with not only useful skills but also a fundamentally networked view of organizations and a more informal approach to boundaries and relationships. Drive Organizational Productivity  In a challenging economic climate, all organizations are looking for ways to improve productivity, streamline processes, save costs, and outperform competitors. One key to achieving that is keeping people and teams across the breadth of the organization (including partners, vendors, outside resources, and potential customers) on the same page to promote common goals and avoid duplication of effort. What makes managing virtual teams particularly challenging is that team membership tends to be fluid and can include people from outside the organization. Virtual teams form and reform often, and can have multiple reporting relationships at different times. And when teams are loosely organized and distributed across multiple geographies, visibility into data and processes becomes even more critical. nexocial
  4. 4. Why do you need weConnect• Makes SharePoint use easier• Easier access to knowledge• Improved access to knowledge experts• Get connected to and follow the colleagues that are relevant for you• Improves collaboration with colleagues and groups• Greater ability to share ideas• Improves employee productivity nexocial
  5. 5. Feature Function BenefitProfiles & Friends Self managing Corporate Address Easy expert and resource location to save book time and moneyActivity Feed List of recent activities of you and Information becomes relevant again, reduces your colleagues information overloadBlogs Offers individuals a way to Reduced training cost per employee on communicate/share information average by 14% with broad set of other individualsWiki Facilitates co-creation of Improved new employee time-to-productivity content/applications across large, on average by 19% distributed set of participantsDiscussion fora Ask and answer questions or Shortened time-to-resolution on average of discuss new ideas or issues 22%Groups Self organizing groups of people Reduced project time-to-completion on and information of the same average of 34% interestsTagging / RSS Adds additional information to Get metadata on your content to find the right primary content to prioritize information faster and save time and money information or make it more valuable nexocial
  6. 6. Feature list weConnect• Profiles & Presence • Discussions• Easy to use personal profiles with pictures and work related people • Ask and answer questions. See in one view which questions are information. This is completely connected with Microsoft Sharepoint answered or not, to quickly find the solutions to your issues. Group profiles and MySites. Also online / offline status is available. and public forums are available.• Signals • Email and messages • weConnect has an automated emailing system integrated using the• Status messages allowing users to share their whereabouts and activities. Sharepoint engine. Information can be sent automatically or Signals keep you up to date with information that you care about most. manually to people’s inbox, including weekly digest• Connections & People Search • Suggested colleagues• Connect with the people you care about most or are just interested in • Using the powerful engine of Sharepoint 2007 weConnect can each others activities. Building a Linked-In like network helps employees suggest colleagues that matter most to you.. navigating their way to corporate information database. With expert- • Search location people can be found on all criteria in the profile. • Full-text index search that also includes information from inside• Groups Office documents with advanced filtering possibilities• Create private and public groups to structure information and facilitate • Tasks in Groups projects. Every group consist of status messages (signals), multiple blogs, • Within a group people can assign tasks to other people. These tasks wiki, discussions with Q&A, Files and activity feeds on the dashboard to are integrated into Microsoft Outlook and have email notifications. get a quick overview of what changes inside the group • Rating, Tagging & Badges• Blogs • Almost every piece of content will be rate-able, tag-able and the scores and reputation that people are accumulated by participation• Content creation and sharing of information on your personal or group and rating of content within weConnect will be shown in each blog. Everyone can comment to interact with the experts. Within groups person’s personal badge. multiple blogs can be created. Wiki • Favorite Places• Capture and structure information with multiple people to re-use that • Bookmark your favorite locations information inside the organization. This can include work instructions • Automatic Group Expert Locator and best-practices. This includes version history and comparison. Both • Based on the reputation of people, automatic list are generated to personal and group wiki are available. quickly identify the experts that are part of a group nexocial
  7. 7. Contact Nexocial LTD Fu Hua Yuan 8-2015 Gao Xin Qu – Chengdu +862885335266 www.weconnecttheenterprise.comHugo Leijtens | | +31627119199 | +86 15608005653 nexocial