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Presentation to stakeholders call agile pmo 140515


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Invitation to participate in my research on Agile PMO

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Presentation to stakeholders call agile pmo 140515

  1. 1. Agile PMO Invitation to participate in research By Hugo Lourenço
  2. 2. Summary  Introduction  Goal  Invitation to Participate in Research  Facilitator
  3. 3. Introduction How is the scenario?
  4. 4. Introduction  Nowadays, in my experience and perception, we have a great need for companies that have a PMO (Project Management Office) to act appropriately with the agility or even to understand the agile practices;  The opposite also occurs, many companies or staff who work with the agility do not consider the PMO as a source of added value;  So I am working on a research and study so that at the end we have a unique theoretical and practical results on how to join and use the best of these worlds...
  5. 5. Goal The target...
  6. 6. Goal  Conduct a theoretical and practical research on companies that operate with agility and having a PMO or not. Also be considered some PMOs working or not with agile;  The methodology will be through the action of various tools and agile and traditional techniques so that it is possible to perform theoretical research and field, and when possible for companies to release such access.  At the end, we will have a future article and a guide to practice, so it really is possible to implement, operate and evolve a PMO Agile.
  7. 7. Invitation to participate in the research Come collaborate with the community!
  8. 8. Invitation to participate in the research  I invite you, your business and your contacts to participate in this research;  If you are interested, I ask you to please contact me (Hugo Lourenço, Facilitator) and be a partner in this journey is just beginning.  Write an e-mail to with:  Subject of email: Search Agile PMO  Company Name  Web-Site Business  Your name  Your email address (if different from Ship)  Your phone / mobile
  9. 9. Facilitator Hands-on...
  10. 10. Facilitator  Facilitator: Hugo Lourenço, ENG, MBA, CSM, PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-RMP  Contributor and Reviewer's Edition 5 PMBOK Guide (pg 481)  Student of Program PMO MASTER CLASS 2014  Founder, creator and organizer of the Group Project Management Paraíba Valley - PMValeDay (Vale Project Management Day)  Professor of Senac-SJCampos and Trainer at Projectlab
  11. 11. Thank you! And come join in this new action in our community and evolution... Agile PMO Invitation to participate in research