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Cm4k 1229435267 4139 3950

  1. 1. .範圍: 翰林國中英語第一冊 Unit3~Review 2 考試時間: 50 分鐘 臺北市立龍山國中 97 學年度第一學期七年級英語科第二次定期評量試題卷 1.本試題卷共有四頁,請記得換頁作答。 2.1-39 題為單選選擇題,請以 2B 鉛筆將各題正確答案的英文代碼劃在答案卡上。 注意: 3.40-56 題為寫作題,請在答案卷上作答。 第一部分: 聽力測驗 (共 20 分) 本測驗共有四大題,每一小題都會播放兩次,請同學們注意聽廣播,仔細作答。 一、請注意聽廣播,選出句子中聽到的英文單字,並將正確答案的英文代碼 A、B 或 C 劃在答 案卡上。(每題 1 分,共 4 分) 1. (A) for (B) Mother (C) to 2. (A) This (B) cookies (C) for 3. (A) is (B) to (C) classmates 4. (A) they (B) is (C) koalas 二、請注意聽廣播中的句子,選出適當的回應句,並將正確答案的英文代碼 A、B 或 C 劃在答 案卡上。(每題 1 分,共 4 分) 5. (A) There are four. (B) Yes, there are. (C) They are next to the pencil case. 6. (A) Yes, it’s a pen. (B) No, it isn’t. (C) Yes, they are. 7. (A) That’s right. (B) I see. (C) Thank you. 8. (A) It’s over there. (B) Yes, it’s in the tree. (C) It’s cute. 三、請注意聽廣播中的句子,選出符合圖意的句子,並將正確答案的英文代碼 A、B 或 C 劃在 答案卡上。(每題 2 分,共 6 分) 9. 10. 11. 四、請注意聽廣播中的對話與問題,並將正確答案的英文代碼 A、B 或 C 劃在答案卡上。 (每題 2 分,共 6 分) 12. (A) In the afternoon. (B) At the zoo. (C) At home. 13. (A) Yes, there are. (B) No, there aren’t. (C) Yes, they are. 14. (A) There is one. (B) There are two. (C) There are five. 第二部分: 綜合測驗 (共 80 分) 1、 文法選擇 (每題 2 分,共 20 分)
  2. 2. 15. Jack: Happy birthday to you. This gift is ____________ you. Sam: Oh! Thank you! (A) for (B) to (C) from (D) by 16. Tim: Let me get the lunch box for you. Anne: Thank you _____________. (A) too much (B) very well (C) very good (D) very much 【第一頁,共四頁,背面尚有試題,請繼續作答】 臺北市立龍山國中 97 學年度第一學期七年級英語科第二次定期評量試題卷 17. Amy: ________is your dog, Lucky? Patty: It’s in the dog house. (A) Where (B) How (C) Who (D) How old 18. There is ____________ in the living room. (A) any sofa (B) a sofa (C) the sofa (D) some sofas 19. Patty: Aren’t the koalas cute? Kevin:___________________________. (A) Yes, they are ugly. (B) Yes, they’re cute. (C) No, they are cute. (D) No, they are not ugly. 20. I’m really hungry. Let’s get ___________ cookies. (A) any (B) some (C) a (D) much 21. Amy: How many tigers _________ _________ under the tree? Patty: Three. (A) is there (B) are there (C) is it (D) are they 22. Eve: Frank, __________ your family? Frank: No. They are my classmates. (A) is it (B) is he (C) are they (D) are you 23. Teacher: Look at ___________ pictures. They’re so beautiful. Jack: Yeah. That’s right. (A) a (B) that (C) they (D) these 24. Patty: Don’t ____________ the door! Amy: There’s a hungry bear at the door. (A) open (B) be (C) close (D) near 二、克漏字選擇 (每題 2 分,共 10 分) (At Jim’s house) Kitty: Meow! Sally: Ah! 25 is it? Kate: It’s my cat, Kitty. Sally: 26 . Where is it? Kate: 27 . Come here, Kitty. Kitty: Meow! Sally: Kitty, are you OK? Kate: Don’t 28 . She’s just (只是) hungry. Sally: 29 us feed (餵) her some fish then. 25. (A) How (B) Where (C) What (D) Which 26. (A) Look! (B) I see. (C) Oh, yes. (D) Oh, no. 27. (A) It’s in the bedroom. (B) It’s right.
  3. 3. (C) It’s 3 years old. (D) It’s a good cat. 28. (A) worry (B) stand (C) wait (D) be full 29. (A) Eat (B) Let (C) Get (D) Look 【第二頁,共四頁,背面尚有試題,請繼續作答】 臺北市立龍山國中 97 學年度第一學期七年級英語科第二次定期評量試題卷 三、看圖回答問題 (每題 1 分,共 4 分) 30. How many books are there on the table? (A) Three. (B) Four. (C) Five. (D) Six. 31. Is there a computer under the table? (A) Yes, there is. (B) No, there isn’t. (C) Yes, it is. (D) No, they aren’t. 32. What is on the table? (A) A watch. (B) A book bag. (C) A ball. (D) A clock. 33. Where is the clock? (A) On the table. (B) In the box. (C) Next to the picture. (D) Under the books. 四、閱讀測驗 (每題 1 分,共 6 分) Betty and Sally are classmates. They are in class 701. This is their classroom. Betty is in front of Kevin. Sally is between Betty and Amy. Tommy is a tall boy. He is next to Kevin. And Sally is behind Ben. 34. Where is Tommy? (A) A. (B) B. (C) C. (D) D. 35. Where is Ben? (A) Next to Betty. (B) Between Sally and Kevin. (C) Behind Tommy. (D) In front of Sally. 36. Who is next to Amy? (A) Betty. (B) Sally. (C) Kevin. (D) Ben. (At Randy’s house) Randy: Come in, please. Pam: Wow! Your house is big and beautiful. Randy: Thanks. This is the living room, and that’s the dining room. Pam: Where’s your bedroom then? Randy: It’s next to the bathroom. Pam: How many rooms are there in your house? Randy: There are five. How about your house?
  4. 4. Pam: There are four rooms in it. 37. How is Randy’s house? (A) Little. (B) Ugly. (C) Pretty. (D) Dark. 38. Where’s the bathroom in Randy’s house? (A) It’s next to his bedroom. (B) It’s next to the living room. (C) It’s behind the kitchen. (D) It’s behind the dining room. 39. How many rooms are there in Pam’s house? (A) Two. (C) Three. (C) Four. (D) Five. 【第三頁,共四頁,背面尚有試題,請繼續作答】 臺北市立龍山國中 97 學年度第一學期七年級英語科第二次定期評量試題卷 五、文意字彙:請根據提示的首尾字母寫出合乎句意的英語單字 (每題 2 分,共 12 分) 40. K os and koalas are animals from Australia. Australia 澳大利亞 catch 接住 41. My dog, Lucky, can catch a ball. He’s very s t. tell jokes 說笑話 42. He is very i ting. He likes to tell jokes. 43. There are four people in my family. They’re my p ts, my brother, and me. 44. Henry: How old are you? Dennis: G s! Henry: You’re thirty, right? Dennis: That’s right. 45. There is a white V on the Formosan Black Bear’s c t. 六、看圖回答問題 (每題 2 分,共 10 分) 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 46. Where is Mr. Lee? (用完整句子回答) 47. Who is the birthday card from? (用完整句子回答) 48. Are there any lions under the tree? (先簡答再詳答)
  5. 5. 49. How many monkeys are there in the tree? (用完整句子回答) 50. What’s there on the sofa? (用完整句子回答) 七、整句式翻譯 (每題 3 分,共 18 分,錯一處,扣 1 分) 51. Sam: 這些是你的手錶嗎? Linda: 不,它們不是。 52. 那隻河馬的背上有一隻天竺鼠。 53. Cathy,請不要在床上吃食物。 54. 教室好安靜。有任何的學生在那裡嗎? 55. 我們在派對上打開禮物吧! 56. 他們的太太不在家。她們在動物園。 【第四頁,共四頁,本試題到此結束,作答完畢,請確實檢查】 台北市立龍山國中 97 學年度第一學期七年級英語科第二次定期評量 聽力測驗 本測驗共有四大題,每一小題都會播放兩次,請同學們注意聽廣播,仔細作答。  第一大題-請注意聽廣播,選出句子中聽到的英文單字,並將正確答案的英文代碼 A、 或 C 劃在 B 答案卡上。 1. Happy birthday to you, Mom. 2. These cookies are from my parents. 3. Please be nice to your friends. 4. Are there any koalas in the zoo?  第二大題-請注意聽廣播中的句子,選出適當的回應句,並將正確答案的英文代碼 A、 或 C 劃在 B 答案卡上。 5. How many pens are there in the pencil case? 6. Is this an eraser? 7. That gift is for you. 8. Where is the monkey?  第三大題-請注意聽廣播中的句子,選出符合圖意的句子,並將正確答案的英文代碼 A、 或 C 劃 B
  6. 6. 在答案卡上。 9. A. The car is behind the tree. B. The car is between the trees. C. The car is in the tree. 10. A. The man is in the living room. B. The man is in the bedroom. C. The man is in the bathroom. 11. A. There are three kangaroos and one koala. B. There are a kangaroo and two koalas. C. There are two kangaroos and two koalas.  第四大題-請注意聽廣播中的對話與問題,並將正確答案的英文代碼 A、B 或 C 劃在答案卡上。 Patty: Today is my birthday. Let’s go to the zoo in the afternoon! Kevin: OK. (At the zoo) Patty: Look, Kevin! There are five koalas in the trees! Kevin: Wow! They are so cute! Wait! There are two koalas in the tree houses, too! Patty: That’s right. Look! There is a black bear over there! Kevin: Right. Are there any lions here? Patty: No, but there are tigers. Kevin: Cool! 12. Where are Patty and Kevin in the afternoon? 13. Are there any tigers in the zoo? 14. How many koalas are there in the tree houses? 臺北市立龍山國中 97 學年度第一學期七年級英語科第二次定期評量答案卷 ______ 年______ 班______ 號 姓名_______________ 任課教師: _______________ 1.本試題卷共有四頁,請記得換頁作答。 注意: 2.1-39 題為單選選擇題,請以 2B 鉛筆將各題正確答案的英文代碼劃在答案卡上。 3.40-56 題為寫作題,請在答案卷上作答。 五、文意字彙:請根據提示的首尾字母寫出合乎句意的英語單字 (每題 2 分,共 12 分) 40. 41. 42.
  7. 7. 43. 44. 45. 六、看圖回答問題 (每題 2 分,共 10 分) 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 七、整句式翻譯 (每題 3 分,共 18 分,錯一處,扣 1 分) 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 臺北市立龍山國中 97 學年度第一學期七年級英語科第二次定期評量答案 注意:下列為答案卡 1- 39 題的正確答案 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. C B B C A B C A B B C B A B A D A B B B
  8. 8. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. B C D A C B A A B B B B C C D B C A C (各題配分:一分/第 1 - 8 題;第 30-39 題;二分/第 9 - 29 題) 五、文意字彙:請根據提示的首尾字母寫出合乎句意的英語單字 (每題 2 分,共 12 分) 40. Kangaroos 41. smart 42. interesting 43. parents 44. Guess 45. chest 六、看圖回答問題 (每題 2 分,共 10 分) 46. He / Mr. Lee is in the kitchen. 47. It / The birthday card is from David. 48. No, there are not / aren’t. There are not any lions under the tree. / There are four / some tigers under the tree. 49. There are three monkeys in the tree. 50. There are (some / four) dons on the sofa. 七、整句式翻譯 (每題 3 分,共 18 分,錯一處,扣 1 分) 51. Are these your watches? No, they are not / they’re not / they aren’t. 52. There’s / there is a guinea pig on the / that hippo’s back. / On the / that hippo’s back is a guinea pig. / On the / that hippo’s back, there’s / there is a guinea pig. 53. Cathy, please don’t eat food on the bed. / Cathy, don’t eat food on the bed, please. / Please don’t eat food on the bed, Cathy. 54. It is very / so quiet in the classroom. / The classroom is very / so quiet. Are there any students there? 55. Let’s open the gifts / gift at the party. 56. Their wives are not / aren’t at home. They are / they’re at the zoo.