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Ideas for startups at IST

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. SV comes to ISTstop talking, i_STart doingPresented by Hugo Duarte da FonsecaMAEIL experience in the Bay Area
  2. 2. Geek summary1. Getting to know more about our “MECA”, Silicon Valley2. Our experience there, with shipperform.com3. What can we do in Portugal, and IST?4. Sucess stories, getting there…5. Your future, our proposals to start doing
  3. 3. Googl’ing the areaINTERESTING FACTS-8 hours difference (GMT)Stanford Vs Berkeley1/3 VC worldwide300/400 startups bought/yearExpensive to liveDifficult to get apartmentDifficult to get VISAAll started Goldrush
  4. 4. SV timelineSource: Leadership Business Consulting and TICE
  5. 5. SV investment and ecossystem the framework and players Investimento em Venture Capital em Silicon Valley Venture capital, SV vs US Universities Incubators 47% 46% 41% 39% 37% 35% 3.351 3.230 3.094 2.737 2.826 Venture Capital Media 2.145 Q1-2011 Q2-2011 Q3-2011 Q4-2011 Q1-2012 Q2-2012 USD Milhões % do total dos EUASource: Leadership Business Consulting and TICE
  6. 6. shipperform.com1 idea1 contest1 prototype1 travel, 3 months2 guysiterating: pitching, developing, marketing, events, networking2 BIG customersInvestement
  7. 7. What can we do? In PT and IST at PT, we’ve started… at IST, we can help Incubators Universities Associations Working hard Idea Prototype Public Funds Venture Capital Organizations Iterate Linking with Enterprise Know-How Networking Media StartupsSource: Leadership Business Consulting and TICE
  8. 8. Success Stories… …from IST to SV and UK …Portugal needs more
  9. 9. The need for T-Shaped people Breadth of Knowledge about Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leadership Deph of Knowledge in a Particular Discipline
  10. 10. 9 Projects to get you started perfect job share cargo metrorss gruphoto cloudEDI cargoStats shipperline ARTelligence Timebook Your Future Starts Now!
  11. 11. Perfect JobTool for Head HuntingCrawl Social Networks for candidate skillsThe Future for HR recruitingDigg deeper for real infoDevelop crawling algorithms for social networksResult is a set of Soft skills Technical skills Personal infoWeb and Mobile Interface
  12. 12. ShareCargoShare your free car space and transportsmall packagesGreen and cheaper solution for shippingAims to be the central solution for package shipping worldwideBalanced marketplace with offer – search business modelIterate through customer development the “best solution”Develop a web platform using high-tech UX Integrate with google Maps/Traffic Gamifying experience with ranking system
  13. 13. MetroRSSStandard publishing of media content inWindows 8 MetroFramework to generate apps focused on newsExtremely valuable to publishersMarket research with potential clientsUse Windows 8 Metro style guidelinesDevelop a framework that enables the fast configuration of news sources and presentation schemas
  14. 14. GruphotoWhat if you could see all the picturestaken from yesterday’s party?Now you can!All location based info is dispersed over the webGruphoto is a disruptive concept that can change the waypeople reviews an eventBuild a dynamic timeline for an event Search social networks for contextual media Join all media from all participants Provide “timeline” featuresDevelop a working prototype with a web and mobile interface
  15. 15. CloudEDICloud tool to translate EDI formatsEDI is the main protocol of data transmission between organizationsCloudEDI can become a crucial platform for inter-continental businessUse MS Biztalk to develop the translation processDevelop a web tool to upload and download EDI documents Focus on the task
  16. 16. CargoStatsBusiness Intelligence platform for sea shipping dataFundamental for Gonvernament statisticsProvide better information for export/import studiesFind the sources of dataDevelop algorithms that are able to parse shipping data andprovide meaningful information for different clientsBuild a central information resource platform for shipping inPortugal
  17. 17. A simpler way to manage your cargo “Now everywhere!”Mobile apps are the present and the futureUsers expect the same level of functionality on the moveWork with 2 of the biggest exporters in PortugalDevelop an Android mobile app Notification and data driven Focus on the user needs
  18. 18. ARTelligenceYour personal art GuruTake a picture of an art piece and know more about itFundamental app for tourists and art enthusiastsBusiness development with MuseumsDevelop a mobile app Focus on UX Immersive Experience Content Driven Approach
  19. 19. TimeBookSimplifies scheduling of bookingsGlobal platform for booking services Hair-dresser Restaurants Car servicesBusiness development with clients and service providersDevelopment of robust, easy to use platform
  20. 20. Recommend Reading
  21. 21. Start working now! Questions? Contact us: