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Coding Dojo - PyCon Br 2008 - EN


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Presentation (in English) about Coding Dojos and how to organize them.

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Coding Dojo - PyCon Br 2008 - EN

  1. 1. Coding Dojointroduction Hugo Corbucci ( Asyncs Team ( on Danilo T.Satos slides
  2. 2. MotivationProgramers dont practice!
  3. 3. BackgroundKata » Coding Dojo
  4. 4. Principles Continuous Learning Safe environment: – Non Competitive – Collaborative – Inclusive Fail & Redundancy Baby steps
  5. 5. General Rules Computer + Projector TDD (red » green » refactor) Everyone should understand ALWAYS start from scratch
  6. 6. Retrospective At the end of all meeting: – “What did we learned?” or “What did we liked?” – “What could have been better?” – Discussions or comments
  7. 7. Formats Kata – Presentation of a solution – Everyone should be able to reproduce – Interruptions are allowed at any moment to ask questions
  8. 8. Formats Randori – Pair Programming – Time-boxed rounds – After each round (5-7 min.): • The co-pilot becomes pilot • The pilot goes back to the audience • A new co-pilot is invited from the audience – Comments and critics only on green – Silence on red
  9. 9. Goals Practice Learn Teach Discuss with CONCRETE basis
  10. 10. Dont... Rush to finish the problem Use a real problem Go into flamewars on discussions Compete with other participants Allow people to get lost
  11. 11. Schedule 14h00 14h50 Dojo presentation 15h00 15h20 Problem presentation 15h20 16h30 Programming 16h30 17h00 Retrospective 17h00 ... More programming?