Alvarado gallegos hugo daniel


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proyecto de fotografia

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Alvarado gallegos hugo daniel

  1. 1. Through my eyesHugo Daniel Alvarado Gallegos
  2. 2. Since ever, my mom have said that everyone in the world has the same skillsand that we are everyone the same in some way.
  3. 3. That is kind of confuse, becauseactually there are so manycultures and styles of life in theworld.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 100Speed: 1/100Aperture: 7.1
  4. 4. There out are millions of differentlifestyles.There out are millions of differentcolors.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 100Speed: 1/320Aperture: 9
  5. 5. So many people just considerone main way when they areplanning their lifes. Similar towhen people only see what theyhave in front and not behind.Even when that they are lookingat is shit.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 400Speed: 1/10Aperture: 5.6
  6. 6. And in the end, we have asociety full of the sameprofessions and cases that wecan easily guess what is goingon with the people you miss thetouch.All of us are doing things thesame way.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 100Speed: 1/100Aperture: 7.1
  7. 7. Here is where I think my mom isright.We were educated the sameway, So we should have thesame skills.That is something that havehappened since the beggining ofthe civilizations. Or even beforethat.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 100Speed: 1/160Aperture: 5
  8. 8. That is still scary to me.We are all the same, and we arein the same world, butdepression and loneliness exist.As if each of us live on a differentdesertic island.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 100Speed: 1/100Aperture: 5.6
  9. 9. Thinking about that, is how I live.From this chair, everything looksfine. Everything seems to be thesame every single day.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 200Speed: 1/640Aperture: 6.3
  10. 10. I dont know why and when Ibegun to think this.Now all that I can do is to sit andlisten to music.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 100Speed: 1/30Aperture: 25
  11. 11. Without clearing my head, Istarted to think more in the Word“different”.And I found some consequencesquickly.Different means Atention, couldbe good or bad deppending ofthe circumstances.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 3200Speed: 1/25Aperture: 4.8
  12. 12. Yeah, there are everytime two orone things highlighted. Actuallythat happen with groups ofpeople.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 100Speed: 1/20Aperture: 25
  13. 13. But, where are all those differentpeople?Are they hidden in their houses?All this is so boring, I wish I couldmeet some of them.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 100Speed: 1/100Aperture: 6.3
  14. 14. Maybe no one notice all the goodpeople who go under the brigde.Oculting themselves from thepeople who go there up.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 100Speed: 1/400Aperture: 6.3
  15. 15. No, wait, Im wrong. Society isnot blind.They are just refusing them.As if they were armed anddangerous.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 3200Speed: 15Aperture: 16
  16. 16. Are they being rejected only forbeing different in some way?What a shit!Makes me wanting to be aloneand far away from those dumbs,even if all the problems of theworld fall on me.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 100Speed: 1/100Aperture: 7.1
  17. 17. As the physics effects of light, allthis is too difficult to understand.Is because I dont know why arethey rejected.Why?Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 400Speed: 1/1600Aperture: 4.6
  18. 18. They can feel love.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 800Speed: 1/8Aperture: 5.6
  19. 19. They can swim.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 100Speed: 1/50Aperture: 6.3
  20. 20. They can play sports.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 100Speed: 1/320Aperture: 6.3
  21. 21. Even, they can marry.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 3200Speed: 1/40Aperture: 5
  22. 22. Or be alone (which is good insome cases).Exif:Camera: Motorola Razr iISO: 100Speed: 1/800Aperture: 2.7
  23. 23. So, I dont know why they arebeing rejected if they are kind ofthe same in this big city wherewe all live.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 400Speed: 1/2000Aperture: 7.1
  24. 24. Actually, they are making achange, making the city a Littlemore different day by day andmore beauty.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 360Speed: 1/2000Aperture: 7.1
  25. 25. Thanks to some of thosedifferent people, we can nowenjoy many technologies.Some of them are so crazy toinvent great things. Aren’t they?Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 3200Speed: 1/1000Aperture: 5.6
  26. 26. With that, Im now thinking aboutlooking at me in the mirror.And stop trying to be what otherswant to see.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 100Speed: 1/100Aperture: 6.3
  27. 27. Stop being one more in themiddle of nothing.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 100Speed: 1/100Aperture: 5.6
  28. 28. Go up the hill no matter whatothers think.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 100Speed: 1/50Aperture: 6.3
  29. 29. I want to be that thing who growup higher than the thorns.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 100Speed: 1/100Aperture: 7.1
  30. 30. I want to be unique.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 100Speed: 1/160Aperture: 5.6
  31. 31. And specialExif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 100Speed: 1/80Aperture: 5.6
  32. 32. I dont want to raise my head tosee other at the eyes, as if theywere more than me.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 100Speed: 1/100Aperture: 7.1
  33. 33. I want those have fear to me.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 100Speed: 1/80Aperture: 5.6
  34. 34. And demostrate that I can groweven higher.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 100Speed: 1/640Aperture: 6.3
  35. 35. From now. I will keep this trackthat I have thought in my room.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 3200Speed: 1/30Aperture: 4
  36. 36. Begining being myself.No one will dry this ugly cactus(me).Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 200Speed: 1/320Aperture: 5.6
  37. 37. Sorry mom but your son is nowan adult.Even taller than you.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 400Speed: 1/2000Aperture: 7.1
  38. 38. Who is thinking about beingdifferent than the rest of thepeople.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 400Speed: 1/2000Aperture: 6.3
  39. 39. Because what he see’s throughhis eyes.Is not enough (sh!t).Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 400Speed: 1/800Aperture: 7.1
  40. 40. He will do his best.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 100Speed: 1/40Aperture: 5.6
  41. 41. He will reach his dreams.Exif:Camera: Motorola Razr iISO: 400Speed: 1/100Aperture: 9
  42. 42. And he will make the view fromhis eyes, beauty.Exif:Camera: NIKON D3100ISO: 100Speed: 1/200Aperture: 6.3
  43. 43. “If you are not completing your goals, someonewill hire you to complete his ones.”Anonymous