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The On Demand/Instant Insurance Proposition - Webinar Deck


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Listen to an experienced, global panel of insurance professionals present, discuss and answer your questions on the theme of “The On Demand/Instant Insurance Proposition”.
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The On Demand/Instant Insurance Proposition - Webinar Deck

  1. 1. 1 Why Telematics? Webinar: Insurance Aggregators In Asia 29th September 2015 Webinar: The On-demand/Instant Insurance Proposition
  2. 2. Our Panelists
  3. 3. Discussion agenda 1 Presentations: Freddy Macnamara: The on-demand insurance business Ed Axon: How to generate interest and demand Jacky Zhou: Healthcare and China Perspectives Tim Attia: On-demand configurable solutions 2 Questions and Answers 3 Snap Poll – share your view
  4. 4. Questions & Answers How to participate: If you have a question please type into the Q&A area If you have a comment please type in the chat area Session format: The moderator will use a combination of his own questions and those from the audience
  5. 5. Freddy Macnamara @ Cuvva The On-demand Insurance Business
  6. 6. Ed Axon @ Trov How to generate interest and demand
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  16. 16. Jacky Zhou @ Datebao Future of Internet A&H insurance in China
  17. 17. Growth of China Health Insurance In 2016 • Health insurance: Premium: 404.25 billion Permeability: 9.1% Compound growth rate (2011~2016): 42% 2020: 1trillion and 300 billion • Internet health insurance premium: 3.18 billion 209.9% year-on-year growth Data from CIRC
  18. 18. Macro Environment of Health Insurance Demands in China • Critical illness becomes the greatest concern to urban residents. • Insurance purchasing is enhanced by the increasing family expenditure. • Limited medical resources can hardly meet the increasing medical demands. • Urban consumption groups have varied insurance demands and payment capabilities. Efforts should be made to meet different groups’demands.
  19. 19. Technology Affects the Consumption of Health • The technological influence on insurance in rural areas is mainly embodied with before-sales marketing and after-sales service. • The main consumer groups in rural areas are becoming increasingly knowledgeable, and they now have much better access to the Internet and better acceptance to online products. • Development of new technologies will largely improve the appearance of Internet insurance. • After-sales service, claims settlement, and other crucial procedures of insurance will change as well along with the emergence of new technologies.
  20. 20. Future Trends of Health Insurance:Big Data, Machine Learning & AI • We focus on product innovation & customer experience • Big data will give rise to accurate pricing. • The application of AI in insurance will not only save human resources but also accelerate and deepen information processing.
  21. 21. New Opportunities of Health Insurance • Take the strength of the Internet to drive innovations and changes to traditional insurance and enhance the insurance consumption. • Facilitate better inclusiveness of health insurance to the public. • Give better play to risk control and protection role of insurance rather than just claims settlement. • Acting as the payer, health insurance should provide users with one-stop rehabilitative service by integrating all the resources.
  22. 22. Tim Attia @ Slice On-demand configurable solutions
  23. 23. 2 23 Questions & Answers How to participate: If you have a question please type into the Q&A area If you have a comment please type in the chat area Session format: The moderator will use a combination of his own questions and those from the audience
  24. 24. Snap Poll3 24 Q. What percentage of insurers will have an on-demand insurance offering for customers by 2022? 1. <25% 2. 25-50% 3. 50-75% 4. >75% How to participate: Just respond to the question when it appears on your screen
  25. 25. Announcements REGISTER NOW FOR FREE! EUROPE LIVESTREAM EVENT 19TH & 20TH Sept • Europe LiveStream is a unique two half-day online webinar programme featuring a mix of global digital advocates and experts in digital insurance. • Register and join part or all of the LiveStream - you can dip in and out as you like - or watch the recording later! Only registered attendees will receive a recording of this event. TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE FOR 2017 ASIA CONFERENCE | SINGAPORE, 2ND Nov • Following the success of the 2016 Asia conference in Hong Kong we are holding our 2nd annual Asia conference in Singapore. Limited tickets are still available for Asia’s most relevant digital insurance event. Attend to vote for award winners!
  26. 26. Post webinar activities Recording will be emailed to registered participants Our next webinar is on the 19th October on the topic “Digital Insurance Distribution- Ecosystem products”. Register here for the next webinar: insurer-webinar-digital-insurance-distribution-ecosystem-products/ Please give us your feedback If you would like to follow up with any of the panelists - Hugh Terry: - Murray Raisbeck: - Freddy Macnamara: - Ed Axon: - Jacky Zhou: - Tim