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Life IQ InsurTech Award Presentation


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Nominee for The Digital Insurer's Asian Start Up InsurTech Award

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Life IQ InsurTech Award Presentation

  1. 1. Engage for Life
  2. 2. Daily Actions and long-term Habits are the problem…. and the solution The benefits and ROI are there for the taking It’s NOT a medical & sickness problem
  3. 3. LifeIQ draws on the applied sciences of Motivational and Self-determination, replicated in thousands of studies since 1987. Novelty ComplexityMastery Discover Share Relate A(Like)Follow Thrive Move FuelFeel Flow Discover Share Thrive Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose. Applied Neuroscience Model
  4. 4. Actuarial Habits Model (Health At Work Actuaries) Nutrition Sleep Hygiene Meditate Health Happiness Acts of Attention Foster Relationships Acts of Kindness Security Save Money Insure Risks Manage Debt Pivotal Habits Exercise Integrate positive habits into all levels of the organisation, starting with leaders.
  5. 5. Get Real ROI: Actuarial Research Dose (Inputs) Value (Outcomes for Stakeholders) AbsenteeismSick Care Costs Presenteeism MortalityExercise Healthy Eating Sleep Quitting Smoking Stress Management Drug Therapy Units per Man Hour Decision Making & Executive Function Error Rates Stamina Employers > Productivity Insurers > Costs & Growth People > Life Quality Obesity Blood Sugar Cholesterol Hypertension Cancer Diabetes Fatigue Heart Disease Scientific, actuarial programme and product design. Evidence over Eminence.
  6. 6. Solution Outline • Engage with the customer • Customer centricity in real life • Digital engagement and behavioural economics • Earn trust through authentic value-add • Gain live data and actionable insights • Manage key business metrics: retention, selection, risk and cost • Build brand loyalty and advocacy • Innovate and design new solutions • Retain and gain market share • Improve risk performance
  7. 7. Responsive Web: desk, tablet & phone
  8. 8. Mobile-Centric Delivering what customers want ● Instant gratification (compelling content) ● Quick & Easy (gets out of their way) ● “Invisible” (notifications drive engagement) ● Seamless integration (apps & devices) ● Always on (persistent login)
  9. 9. Discover Act Share RewardJoin Build trust in platform. Social Engagement Track & Remind Daily Actions Personalised Content Initial Onboarding Assess & Score Discounts & Rewards Web or App Groups Join Codes Friends Groups Badges Leaderboards Social media Coaches Daily Actions and Challenges. Reminders Link a device Link to Apple/Android Personalised Actions. Novel Content Multi Media Related content is linked Discounts & Rewards Measure Determination and Ability to change. Gather results Report Actionable Insights Personas Actions Preferences Demographics Enrolment Insights Design Campaigns & Products Design Engagement Campaigns, Promotions, Products & Services Promote LifeCycle Core Web & Mobile MarketingMarketing Extension
  10. 10. Personalised dashboard
  11. 11. Key Sections: Discover
  12. 12. Key Sections: Act
  13. 13. Key Sections: Share
  14. 14. Optional Section: Reward
  15. 15. Reporting: per Employer/Product Group
  16. 16. Instant Insights per Reporting Group
  17. 17. More Reporting & Actionable Insights
  18. 18. Whats makes LifeiQ Unique? • Strong scientific model and applied neuroscience • Research and evidence based • Personalised user experience based on psychographic and contextual algorithms • Adoption-centric not compliance based • Intrinsic, not extrinsic rewards • New age social and gaming mechanisms • Agile, lean and adaptive IT platform • Apple HealthKit, CareKit and Android Fit integration • Web, tablet, mobile browser and native apps • Strong analytics and multi-group/employer capabilities • Proven internationally in diverse cultures and demographics • Highly cost effective compared to legacy systems • Not software vendors, solution architects