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  • AG Comments - It is very important here to explain the second session and what this is hoping to achieve ie. we are often asked about best practice and how different firms utilise BankLink with a variety of industries. What we have put together is a few different scenarios where we will highlight relevant features for specific business types ........ We’ve used the sorts of businesses that practices typically deal with to highlight the different ways The BankLink Service can meet their clients’ needs… Welcome to BankLink’s 2011 Seminar Series. My name is XXX and I am your Regional Account Manager. Thank you all for coming along today, I hope you enjoy yourselves and find the seminar relevant and interesting. It’s great to see so many familiar faces, as well as quite a few new ones. As BankLink enters 25 years in business partnering accountants, we want to thank you all for supporting us over the years and we’d like you to share in the celebration of our silver anniversary.
  • AG Comments – The main focus for this years seminar is to highlight how BankLink intends to expand it’s services and offerings without ever forgetting that the Accountant is number 1. The Seminar this year will cover what we have achieved by working together in the last 25 years and where we are heading in the future. You will hear about the 2011 BankLink Practice Enhancements and the great benefits of our new client tool BankLink Notes Online. You will also get an update on new Financial Institutions, Consulting Services and Marketing resources available. We will conclude the seminar with a Q & A session. The BankLink team will also be available after the seminar if you would like to speak to any of them personally. House keeping???
  • AG Comments – Presenter needs to highlight here that every other Accounting Software provider MYOB, Q/Books, Xero etc. target the end user whereas BankLink has always dealt with the Accountant while other suppliers provide end user solutions we have always placed the accountant at the centre of the equation – we always put the accountant first. because we acknowledge that different businesses have different skills and needs from their accounting software As we enter 25 years in business, our focus still remains on keeping you, the accountant, at the heart of everything we do. Your feedback and suggestions have helped shaped The BankLink Service into what it is today. And as we look to the future the needs of yourselves and your clients will continue to aid us in developing new products and enhancements/innovations that will cater for the differing needs and accounting abilities of your clients. In NZ, even though there are a large majority of accounting practices using BankLink, we are still experiencing steady annual growth of both accounting practices and accounts. (130 new practices and over 20,000 new accounts ) We now have around 4,200 accounting practices and 250,000 small businesses in Australasia benefitting from being on The BankLink Service. Through site visits we constantly hear about practices who are restructuring their practices/changing the way they run their practices, in order to fully utilise the benefits of BankLink, for a wide range of clients in different industries, to achieve efficiencies (time and cost savings), take on more clients, increase profits... Our success over the last 25 years has... The knowledge gained from our success in NZ & AU has been a great help as we launch into the UK in April this year. Still have focus on NZ – core market.
  • Celebrating 25 years in businesses partnering with you all... AG Comments - This REALLY needs to be a quick slide and NZ only We are very proud of the recognition we received last year in winning the Most Innovative Approach to International Business (NZTE) and honoured to also be finalists for two NZ Hi-Tech Awards – PricewaterhouseCoopers Hi-Tech Company of the Year & the International Business Wales Hi-Tech Exporter of the Year.
  • Celebrating 25 years in businesses partnering with you all... AG Comments - This REALLY needs to be a quick slide and NZ only Through our sponsorship of both Rowing NZ and Mitch & Simon Evans, we are delighted to be able to continue to help young kiwi talent achieve success locally and internationally/on the world stage. We were delighted at the success of the NZ Rowing Team at the 2010 World Rowing Championships and it was an honour to be part of such an exciting event and get a chance to experience the incredible atmosphere at Lake Karapiro. We are looking forward to now supporting the NZ Rowers in their journey/build up to the 2012 Olympics. Mitch & Simon Evans - update
  • As we mentioned at the beginning of the seminar BankLink is looking to expand its services and one of the first examples of this was the introduction of daily data at no additional cost. Businesses always need up-to-date information, and we know from the uptake that you are finding this a very important addition. BankLink continues to have very strong relationships with financial institutions. We collect read-only, direct, secure data feeds. Other services may ask you for you internet banking login credentials to capture your data. This could violate your banking terms and conditions, and BankLink will never do this. The IRD recently issues an alert regarding data housing. In line with this, BankLink holds all of it’s data storage in New Zealand.
  • When we ask you, you always ask us to expand the range of financial institutions we can provide to you through The BankLink Service. With that in mind, we have added another three data sources; KiwiBank Credit Cards, WBS and Westland Dairy (Do I hear a Yeah Ha) We are also secured daily KiwiBank Data This year we will continue to work on expanding our financial institution offerings which may include Tatua diary as we are in trial with them now!! (Do I hear a Ho down!) ‘ If there are any institutions you’d really like to see added to The BankLink Service’ you can visit the Financial Institutions page on the website where you’ll find a form to complete and email back.  Remember to give the name of the institution and the number of accounts you’d like to load, and we’ll see what we can do.  The more requests we have, the better the case we can put to the institution, so your help is much appreciated here’
  • FW BankLink’s position in the market We are often asked where we sit in relation to other products and companies in our marketplace. Products live MYOB, Quickbooks, Saasu, Xero, Live Accounts and so on. So we thought it worthwhile just to spend a few minutes looking at where we’ve come from, how we see the market today and how we see this projecting into the near-term future. Perhaps a good way of doing this is to present it pictorially – a picture being worth a thousand words should also make it more enjoyable for you! I should state that while we are talking to you today a lot of the discussion is related to your clients, the work you do for them, and the work they do themselves. BankLink’s History (Slide 7) Let’s start with a spectrum of simple, easy to use systems at one end and fully functional more complex systems at the other. Here we are talking about the Across this spectrum one distinct difference we see is that at the simple easy to use end live the clients who have no desire to do any of their own accounting work, they rely on you to do it all for them. This may be because they recognise that you have the best skills for the job, or it could be that they prefer to spend their own time working on their business or just relaxing rather than ‘doing the books’. At the extreme other end are those that are have the skills and the desire to want to do it all themselves – we call them the DIY clients. If you think about your practice, you will have clients like this however, while they might like doing it themselves, not everyone makes a success of it as I’m sure you will agree – but that’s another story and I’ll come back to it later. So at one end the ones that rely on you, at the other the DIY guys. Across the spectrum however there varying degrees of need and skill – some people need a combination of you and themselves to best do the job. For example they may want to do some reporting themselves, or produce their own GST/Bas returns, or raise their own invoices. BankLink’s philosophy is to accept this position and provide simple easy to use products to enable it to take place BUT we believe that you – the Accountant – should be the one directing the traffic and deciding just how much clients need to do themselves. We see you in control of the process. Back at our starting position in 1986, we started out with a very simple product that over time gained more functionality was included to enhance memorisations, produce reports, produce GST/BAS returns and we added functionality for your clients to assist in the process. Products like BankLink Notes and Books were logical extensions as the use of the internet grew. In more recent times we have added products for your clients such as Invoicing and Payables moving us a little toward the middle of the spectrum. However those of you who know these products will agree that we still keeping to the philosophy of keeping them easy to use and not over engineering them.  
  • Used to explain the positioning of BankLink within the marketplace of ‘Accounting solutions for small businesses’. The size of the circles can used to represent the relative size of market share. It clearly shows where BankLink’s heartland is and where we are going to slowly move into the online space for clients who want that option. Accounting industry changes with introduction of online options Mention supply agreement with MYOB Live Accounts – to provide data to small businesses outside of BankLink’s target market… The supply agreement we have with MYOB for Live Accounts took us to a new market – supplying data to what was traditionally the computer based DIY market as it moved to ‘the cloud’. There has been a little confusion in some quarters with people thinking that we were perhaps endorsing a replacement for BLP Absolutely not – Live Accounts is for the competent DIY client (who wants full GL functionality) we have previously described FW Script Accounting Solutions SME Marketplace (Silde 9) Developments in technology require us to add another dimension – that of desktop at one end, cloud based at the other end and a middle arena where we both exist. When we do this we can now view the market (as we see it) for SME accounting solutions. At the DIY end MYOB and Quickbooks on the desktop are now joined by Software as a Service products like Xero, sassu and of course MYOB’s Live Accounts and Reckon’s Quickbooks on Line. As an aside you can see how our decision to supply online transaction data to MYOB for Live Accounts opened up a new market for us – rather than a competing market as people may believe or try to purport. From BankLink’s perspective we too have entered the ‘cloud’ with last year’s release of Notes on Line – our first venture into this space.
  • Used to explain the positioning of BankLink within the marketplace of ‘Accounting solutions for small businesses’. The size of the circles can used to represent the relative size of market share. It clearly shows where BankLink’s heartland is and where we are going to slowly move into the online space for clients who want that option. FW Script BankLink’s Future Direction (Slide 3) Let’s look a little into the future. We have 2 major projects in progress at the moment that will shape our direction for the next few years. Firstly, Practice .NET. This is a complete rewrite of our BankLink Practice product into a new language (.NET) that will enable our products to exist in both the desktop and cloud environments. It will be you who’ll choose when and where you want to use the system, potentially slipping seamlessly between the two environments as you work with your clients. The advantages to you will be easier sharing of data, – no more check in check out for example - collaborating with your clients will be easier, and it will provide you with a more convenient and flexible way to work. Along with the rewrite we will be expanding the functionality by including a Report Writing facility to allow you and your clients to customise and design specific reports. Practice .NET will start rolling out later this year. Secondly, again in .NET we are developing what we are calling Business Plus. Business plus is new versions of Invoice Plus and Payable Plus along with Wages Plus. Our clients have for some time been requesting a simple payroll/wages solution for their clients, in some case to run in house and in some cases for the clients to run themselves. Either way it has often been a stumbling block in moving clients from a DIY solution they felt they had to use because we could not offer Wages. The aim again will be simplicity and ease of use and I will give you a preview in just a moment. Again just to reinforce these products will all run in either the cloud or on the desktop. The BankLink online world will provide an interchange between you and your clients that will leave you in control and them working with tools that suit their needs. The Wages Plus product will be delivered in early 2012. In summary our plans are to expand and enhance our products to embrace the best of what the internet offers, and to add functionality to the suite to provide greater choice for your small business clients who want to carry out some of the accounting function themselves, while always leaving you in control.
  • FW Script BankLink and your clients   (Slide 21) Following on from the discussion about our position in the market I think it is worthwhile to come down a level to look at how we see ourselves positioned within individual accounting practices, i.e. the micro view looking at your clients. Within most of our client’s practices there are clients who range from the DIY client we talked about earlier, to the barely interested. Many accountants tell us that their clients regard doing their own accounting a hassle but they do it because they think they’ll save money, or because they want quick access to information such as reporting, or because they need to raise invoices at time of sale. Some even believe that their wives, or husbands, enjoy doing the BAS/GST return of an evening rather than watch TV or read a book! I’m joking of course.  
  • FW Let’s take a closer look (Slide 22) Looking at this pictorially or diagrammatically we can express the clients within a practice in a sort of hierarchy. At the top of the pyramid are the expert users. These clients often have their own in-house accounting staff. They do it themselves, often using products like MYOB or Quickbooks a new Cloud product or even more sophisticated products, and they do it well. At the base of the pyramid are those with very little accounting expertise or interest in doing it themselves. They rely on you for their business management and compliance requirements. Typically these are the clients that are most likely to be on BankLink today. Interestingly in many cases that we are aware of there are clients in this band who do have the skills and/or knowledge to do it themselves but they prefer to have you do it so that they can concentrate on what they do best – running their business, doing their brain surgery etc. Now let’s turn our attention to the middle group. These are clients who do their own books/accounting but who couldn’t be called expert users. Some of them could be termed OK some are poor, some are messy. Most accountants tell us that the messy clients dramatically outnumber the OK ones. Often the work is incomplete, inaccurate, unreconciled, and requires a level of re-work once it hits your office, coinciding of course with your busiest time. You’d really question why they are doing it themselves? With some of the new products coming to market claiming to make accounting fun there is a risk that area might start to grow.   If you think that this hierarchy could apply to your practice then there is some good news because we have been working hard on finding a set of solutions for the middle band. We have found that many clients would switch to BankLink if they realised that all they needed to do was clarify the odd transaction - usually cheques – either by telling you what it was for, or coding it themselves, and receiving an email from you each week containing the reports they need to run the business. As an example a friend of mine (or a small business we know) turned 4 hours of accounting work each week into 30 minutes a month by switching from one of the packages to BankLink. The time she saved was then spent with her sales staff rather than at her desk ‘out the back’. This came about because she changed accountants. The new one only took her on if she was willing to switch to BankLink because that is the way they run their practice. She thinks it was one of her best business decisions. She still has all the information she needs and she has gained precious time. The same could be true for some of your clients.
  • FW Script Slide (23) Through what we call Client Tools we can provide the ability to raise invoices, process payables, produce cash flow and profit & loss reporting and prepare BAS/GST returns if your clients need to have this level of autonomy. The tools we supply are all part of the service, there’s no additional charge. As we have mentioned earlier we’d like to see you working with each client to help them determine just what is right for them. The timeliness of BankLink also needs to be considered. With data available even on a daily basis if required (at no additional charge by the way) you can work progressively on your clients spreading the workload throughout the year rather than have to deal with ‘messy’ file when you are at your most busiest time facing deadlines and so on. For our Australian clients this is particularly relevant for your SMSF clients. With the automated download of data you can have virtually all the information you require already entered when you come to complete the accounts for the fund. If you manage this progressively you can also have all of the documentation you require without having to chase your clients for details/paperwork. Wouldn’t that make a difference? Many of our clients, and especially start ups, adopt an approach of ‘you are going onto BankLink unless you can convince me otherwise’ with their clients. (In the SMSF world a BankLink authority form is part of the start up kit given to clients when they establish their win SMSF.) The new practices see it in simple terms – it either means fewer staff or more fee earners. Summary What we’d ask is that you take a fresh look at your client base and re-evaluate who should and who shouldn’t be doing their own accounting, and who would possibly thank you for moving them to BankLink.
  • Workflow Manager – Schedule work for the whole year Reduce work-in-progress, write-offs and debtors days Records Organiser – Fewer queries raised once jobs are underway – less pick up/put down
  • FW – worth adding some of the work Stef did for the webinars in briefly describing cloud computing and what we actually doing with this product AG Comments – First step for BankLink into Online offering. The first focus point here is that (1) it’s just another “Client Tool” to add to our suite and then move onto (2) demo of the software Practices can have link from their website therefore increasing traffic to their site and being able to advertise more of their services etc.
  • FW – worth adding some of the work Stef did for the webinars in briefly describing cloud computing and what we actually doing with this product AG Comments – First step for BankLink into Online offering. The first focus point here is that (1) it’s just another “Client Tool” to add to our suite and then move onto (2) demo of the software Practices can have link from their website therefore increasing traffic to their site and being able to advertise more of their services etc.
  • Lynda would like covered in this feature: Exporting data to BankLink Notes Online Importing data from BankLink Notes Online When credit cards are supplied via Notes Online the credit card number is masked due to PCI DSS requirements, so if they add a manual account to send to Notes Online they should match the masking (AT – Manual or Provisional? The accountants will never remember to do this.)
  • Lynda would like covered: Emailing Statements and Download Documents instead of posting them out to practices Receive documents sooner to aid with billing As a refresher – Also available in Practice - as well as receiving the statement and download documents by email, these documents can be accessed from within Practice Setting a password to restrict who can access the Statement and Download Documents So how do I get my invoice and statements? Refresher on where to find invoices and statements System | System Reports | Statement and Download documents Create PDF, then View, Print if required AG Comments – really need input from product and then training with this
  • Comment from Lynda – NEW FEATURE – Can now send a Job List with the Coding Report as part of the Scheduled Reports Routine. Lynda would like refreshed in this feature: New feature a couple of years ago – Who are they using it for e.g. are they using it for clients like builders, plumbers, painters? How do they add them? Other Functions | Jobs, or F5 and Add Job Reports | Coding by Job AG Comments – I would delete this slide too ?? Comments – Why have we chosen this? Seems a bit random to me and probably best to leave for the second session
  • AG Comments – really need input from product and then training with this before I can make any additional notes Lynda would like covered in the content: Account is loaded part way through the year, or GST Period Client can provide the missing data if they have access to download it from their Internet banking Any practice user can import the data AT CLIENT LEVEL as Historical Entries Unlimited data up until the date of the first delivered transaction Can also enter manually Code as normal
  • Lynda would like covered by the trainers: New feature in response to requests to be able to import transactions into manual accounts Receive account in normal daily, weekly or monthly download Client provides data downloaded from Internet banking System Administrator imports the data into the Provisional Account AT SYSTEM LEVEL Or, System Administrator manually enters the data into the Provisional Account AT SYSTEM LEVEL Attach the provisional account to client file(s) Retrieve the data into the client file(s) Code as normal Trainers need to mention that this means once a new account comes on board will already have the history
  • So based on this in 2010 we had an independent research company speak with almost 300 of our accounting practices, and you told us what you wanted the BankLink wages product to include. 100% of you said that the Wages product must be able to calculate wages and salary payments with PAYE. 97% of you thought that it was integral the system could provide annual payment summaries for employees. 96% wanted the ability to produce pay slips. 95% wanted leave to be calculated and recorded. And 94% of you thought that the wages system needed to be able to produce end of year tax reporting. From this feedback we took to the streets and personally went and spoke to some of our practices and showed them our vision for our BankLink wages product.
  • We wanted to build a complete Wages package for most small businesses, able to calculate wages and salary payments with PAYE, provide annual payment summaries for employees, produce pay slips, calculate and record leave and produce end of year tax reporting. But there was more. We wanted it to be intuitive for users who are not wages experts and those who don’t want to waste their time with yet another technical system. We wanted the user to enter the least amount of information possible while still attaining the result they require. We wanted you and your clients to rest easy in the knowledge that their wages system will have up-to-date IRD compliance. And we want to ensure that we’re growing your BankLink toolset with yet another end user tool that you can offer your clients to ensure that they have a solution for all of their accounting needs.
  • So let’s have a look at BankLink WagesPlus. In four easy steps you can complete a wages run. The first step is to select your pay dates here and who you want to pay here. Next click on Load Data and all of default data you’ve entered for the individuals you’ve selected will appear. This includes their normal pay hours, any overtime they usually complete, and their normal allowances and deductions. From here you can simply make any changes to their default data by selecting a hyperlink from the main page, in this example we’ve selected Allowances, and update to reflect the correct detail to appear in their pay. Employees who receive the same pay, each period, have no additional data entry requirements. Once complete select Quick Pay and you’re all done. It’s that simple. Your wage payments will be calculated, Leave is managed and through Reports Employee Payslips and Annual Payment Summaries can be produced.
  • It’s important to us here at BankLink that you the Accountant are empowered and feel in-control so even though both you and your clients can utilise BankLink WagesPlus you can restrict your clients from amending data. Synchronisation means that all data you view in the wages product will be current and you’ll be completely up to date. Historical data will always be retrievable but if you do happen to run into any issues, like always our BankLink Support team will be available to assist you in any way that they can. Simply put BankLink WagesPlus is a flexible, cost efficient, compliant Wages Solution for you to distribute to your clients so they can streamline and process their Wages payments.
  • We offer a range of tools to help you promote BankLink to your clients
  • A quick example – need to focus on any benefits they will receive from the new web site AG Comments – I agree. I can’t see any point in talking about the Brand Refresh other than where the web site is going to assist practices
  • Anton & JM to provide slides & notes
  • 45 minute review conducted with Partner/Senior Manager and main BankLink user We have invested in this area more than ever before (increased number of both Account Managers and Trainers) to ensure BankLink practices are getting the maximum return on their investment. In the last 12 months we have visited more practices than ever before and our aim is to increase this again in 2011. Assess current BankLink usage – not a key stroke session. Look into knowledge of Client tools and discuss best ways to use and market these options to both existing and non-BankLink SMEs. Discuss value add reporting – how to include these as part of a package and charge for them etc. Discuss appropriate 6 month training plan based on above discussion. Formulate a tailored plan to ensure your practice is getting the most out of the BankLink service Plan personalised marketing “project” consisting of powerpoints, letters, flyers, posters etc. to target non-BankLink clients If you would like to discuss our Practice Review offering in more detail please make a note when completing your online feedback form or speak to me after the seminar
  • Speakers Notes
  • Speakers Notes
  •   Slide 2 _ Speakers Notes Get the right solution for your practice Our product training transfers our knowledge and best practices to you The value we deliver to clients must exceed their expectations and the learning results they could realistically achieve without our assistance. We accomplish this primarily by making significant investments in the attraction, retention, and development of our Training Consultants with subject matter expertise.
  • BankLink 2011 Seminar

    1. 2. <ul><li>BankLink Update </li></ul><ul><li>Financial Institutions Update </li></ul><ul><li>The Accounting Solutions Marketplace </li></ul><ul><li>Enhancements to The BankLink Service </li></ul><ul><li>Introducing BankLink’s Wages Product </li></ul><ul><li>Marketing Update </li></ul><ul><li>Consulting and Training Services </li></ul><ul><li>Summary and Questions </li></ul>2011 BankLink Seminar Agenda
    2. 3. BankLink Update
    3. 4. <ul><li>Celebrating 25 years in business partnering accountants </li></ul><ul><li>BankLink is still the ONLY accounting solutions provider in the market that puts the Accountant in control </li></ul><ul><li>4,200 accounting practices & 250,000 small businesses in Australia and New Zealand </li></ul><ul><li>8 out of 10 accounting practices use The BankLink Service </li></ul><ul><li>Launch into UK – April 2011 </li></ul>BankLink Update
    4. 5. <ul><li>Winners of NZTE Most Innovative Approach to International Business award </li></ul><ul><li>Finalists for two NZ Hi-Tech Awards </li></ul><ul><ul><li>PricewaterhouseCoopers Hi-Tech Company of the Year </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>International Business Wales Hi-Tech Exporter of the Year </li></ul></ul>Recognition Received in 2010
    5. 6. <ul><li>Continuing to help kiwi talent achieve success </li></ul><ul><li>Rowing New Zealand </li></ul><ul><li>Motor Sport </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Mitch & Simon Evans </li></ul></ul>Sponsorships
    6. 7. Financial Institution Updates
    7. 8. <ul><li>Currently </li></ul><ul><ul><li>100+ financial institutions </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>14 million transactions per month </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Greater Frequency </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Daily data </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Security </li></ul><ul><ul><li>PCI DSS compliant </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>IRD alert </li></ul></ul>Financial Institution Updates
    8. 9. <ul><li>New Data Sources in 2010 </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Kiwibank credit cards </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>WBS (Wairarapa Building Society) </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Westland Dairy </li></ul></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul><ul><li>Daily Data Supply - Kiwibank </li></ul><ul><li>New Data Sources in discussion </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Open Country </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>RaboPlus </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Tatua Dairy </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>TSB - credit card data </li></ul></ul>Financial Institution Updates
    9. 10. BankLink’s Position in the Accounting Solutions Marketplace
    10. 11. BankLink’s History Fully functional, more complex Simple, easy to use bookkeeping 5 4 3 2 BankLink 1 1986 Packaged Accounting Systems
    11. 12. SME Accounting Solutions Marketplace Simple, easy to use bookkeeping Fully functional, more complex ‘ Cloud’ Solutions Desktop Solutions BankLink Notes Online Packaged Accounting Systems Online Accounting Systems
    12. 13. BankLink’s Future Direction Fully functional, more complex Simple, easy to use bookkeeping ‘ Cloud’ Solutions Desktop Solutions Online Platform Notes Online WagesPlus InvoicePlus PayablesPlus Practice Evolution Practice Books InvoicePlus PayablesPlus Enhanced Reports
    13. 14. <ul><li>Accountant in control </li></ul><ul><li>Range of client skills and interest </li></ul><ul><li>Tools to assist </li></ul><ul><li>Choosing what’s right for each client </li></ul>BankLink and your Clients
    14. 15. Let’s take a closer look at your clients Expert accounting and computer knowledge Good accounting or computer skills Limited accounting or computer skills No accounting and little computer skill Internal expertise, require GL, DRS, CRS Computerised software solution, often not tailored to the strengths of the client Shoebox, coded statements, manual cashbook, Excel spreadsheet
    15. 16. Match Your Clients’ Capabilities Good accounting or computer skills Limited accounting or computer skills Off the shelf accounting packages Books Notes and Notes Online InvoicePlus and PayablesPlus Notes and Notes Online Coding Report InvoicePlus and PayablesPlus No accounting and little computer skill Expert accounting and computer knowledge
    16. 17. <ul><li>BankLink Workflow Manager </li></ul><ul><li>Capacity planning tool </li></ul><ul><li>Shorter turnaround timeframes and throughput </li></ul><ul><li>BankLink Records Organiser </li></ul><ul><li>Easy to follow system to improve record quality </li></ul><ul><li>Fewer jobs are put down before they are even started </li></ul>Additional BankLink Products
    17. 18. Enhancements to The BankLink Service
    18. 19. Introducing BankLink Notes Online
    19. 20. <ul><li>Giving your clients access to BankLink anytime, anywhere </li></ul><ul><li>Online version of BankLink Notes (desktop solution) </li></ul><ul><li>Simple, convenient and easy to use </li></ul><ul><li>No software required </li></ul><ul><li>Completely secure </li></ul><ul><li>Addition to our range of client tools to suit differing client needs and accounting abilities </li></ul><ul><li>You can put the link on your website </li></ul>BankLink Notes Online
    20. 21. <ul><li>“ BankLink Notes Online is a great new innovation. It has enabled more of our clients to use the service, including Mac users and those who travel. Its simplicity saves them time and makes life easier for us.“ </li></ul><ul><li>David Robertson, BR Accountants </li></ul>
    21. 22. <ul><li>Send a copy of your clients’ transactions to a secure web location </li></ul><ul><li>Benefits </li></ul><ul><li>Access at the office, at home or on the road </li></ul><ul><li>Fast, secure and easy way to communicate with you online </li></ul><ul><li>Client can spend more time on other things important to their business </li></ul>BankLink Notes Online
    22. 23. <ul><li>Paperless statement option that not only saves paper, but time and money, too </li></ul><ul><li>Benefits </li></ul><ul><li>“ E-statements” that you can print out any time but don’t have to </li></ul><ul><li>Avoid the hassle of receiving paper bills </li></ul>Emailing Statements and Documents
    23. 24. <ul><li>Send a job list to your clients as part of scheduled reporting </li></ul><ul><li>Benefits </li></ul><ul><li>Create a job, and then allocate that job to relevant transactions when coding </li></ul><ul><li>Produce reports that focus on the project, job or division for which the job code was created </li></ul><ul><li>Maintain each client's job list to suit their particular needs </li></ul>Jobs
    24. 25. <ul><li>When you sign a client up to The BankLink Service part-way through the year, there may be quite a number of earlier transactions to add to their account  </li></ul><ul><li>Benefits </li></ul><ul><li>Allow the complete view of new client’s financial history </li></ul><ul><li>Reduce manual data entry </li></ul>Historical Data Entry Refresher
    25. 26. <ul><li>New account type allows you to import transactions for accounts currently not available through The BankLink Service </li></ul><ul><li>Benefits </li></ul><ul><li>Reduce manual data entry </li></ul><ul><li>Process accounts not previously available </li></ul><ul><li>Provides history once the account is available on The BankLink Service </li></ul>Provisional Accounts
    26. 27. Introducing BankLink’s Wages Product
    27. 28. <ul><li>You told us you wanted a wages product that would: </li></ul>BankLink’s Wages Product Calculate wages and salary payments Provide annual payment summaries to employees Do end of year tax reporting Record leave taken and calculate leave accrued Produce pay slips
    28. 29. <ul><li>Complete small business Wages package </li></ul><ul><li>Intuitive for users </li></ul><ul><li>Minimal input required </li></ul><ul><li>Up-to-date IRD compliance </li></ul><ul><li>Another tool for your BankLink clients </li></ul>BankLink’s Wages Product Vision
    29. 30. BankLink WagesPlus in 4 Simple Steps Jane Doe Ken Brown Trevor Johns Katherine Long George Smith 160 64 96 3,760 3,520 1,152 1,632 3 2 42 4,000 PAYE 1,333 160 160 Jane Doe 8 2 1 2,667 1,253 2,507 1,173 2,347 384 768 544 1,088 345 27 Travel 42
    30. 31. <ul><li>Accountant and client can utilise </li></ul><ul><li>Accountant can restrict use </li></ul><ul><li>Synchronised data </li></ul><ul><li>Historical data is retrievable </li></ul><ul><li>BankLink Support for the Accountant </li></ul>BankLink’s WagesPlus Benefits
    31. 32. Marketing Update
    32. 33. <ul><li>New small business case studies </li></ul><ul><li>Builder – Kerri & Phil Mellross </li></ul><ul><li>Cafe Owner – Anita Ransfield </li></ul><ul><li>Available online </li></ul><ul><li>Marketing materials order form </li></ul><ul><li>Client fact sheets </li></ul><ul><li>Flash presentation - The BankLink Service </li></ul><ul><li>Contact us on 0800 226 554 to find out how we can help you </li></ul>Tools to Promote BankLink
    33. 34. <ul><li>Easier to navigate and find the information you need </li></ul><ul><li>Information portal for Accountants </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Support and Client Services forms </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Software Guides </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Better information for small business clients </li></ul><ul><li>We will also be updating our existing marketing materials to help promote The BankLink Service to your clients </li></ul>New Website for BankLink in 2011
    34. 35. Consulting and Training Services
    35. 36. <ul><li>Ensure your practice is getting the most out of </li></ul><ul><li>The BankLink Service </li></ul><ul><li>A 45 minute session to help increase your practice’s: </li></ul><ul><li>Efficiency </li></ul><ul><li>Productivity </li></ul><ul><li>Profitability </li></ul>Practice Review
    36. 37. <ul><li>Customised Onsite Training </li></ul><ul><li>Training Clinics </li></ul><ul><li>Web based training </li></ul><ul><li>BankLink Accreditation </li></ul>BankLink Practice Training
    37. 38. <ul><li>BankLink training for your clients </li></ul><ul><li>Training Clinics </li></ul><ul><li>Web based training </li></ul>Client Tools Training
    38. 39. <ul><li>“ The BankLink training consultant tailored a highly focused training solution that delivered benefits straight to our bottom line from day one.” </li></ul><ul><li>Tony Sands – Partner, Sands and Associates </li></ul>
    39. 40. <ul><ul><ul><li>Summary and Questions </li></ul></ul></ul>“ Practices who use BankLink experience a 34% higher net profit per equity partner .” The Good, the Bad & the Ugly® of the Accounting Profession Business Fitness (2010)