Danny Yau: Digital Marketing and Social Media


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Presentation from Danny Yau (@yauami) at the 2013 Online Youth Participation and Engagement conference run by Dialogue Consulting in Melbourne, 10 May 2013.

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Danny Yau: Digital Marketing and Social Media

  1. 1. Digital Marketing/Social MediaDanny Yau
  2. 2. Me• Made a You Am I website at 15• Worked for 12 years for major record companies -Warners, EMI, BMG – in Sydney, London and NY• Marketing, Digital Marketing, International,Digital Business Development• FBi Radio, journalist, musician
  3. 3. • Teach Digital Marketing for Bachelor ofEntertainment Management• Consultant for labels and bands both majorand indie• Head of Digital for Foxtel/Music• @yauami• http://leapbound.wordpress.com/
  4. 4. Today – Social Media• The Social Media Market• The Big Players• Good communications• Case studies
  5. 5. Or another way to look at it• “Pass forward”• Work to where themarket will be, notwhere it was.
  6. 6. Social MediaThe story of our times“Social Media is to socialising what Reality TV is to reality”- Aaron Sorkin, writer of “The Social Network”It is easy to put social media into a lesser place thantraditional mediaIn many places, “social” is part of junior roleBut if it’s not media as we knew it...then what is it.
  7. 7. Before we look at cold numbers...let’sremember what social media can do.• It keeps us involved in the lives of the peoplewe choose.• It helps us keep in contact with people• It introduces us to new things(movies, music, cat videos)• It allows us to tell our own story• It can overthrow a government.
  8. 8. But let’s also remember what social media can’tdo.• Sell anything/make money• Hold lots of information/archiving/searchable• Spreads the word but is not a discovery tool• Doesn’t grow by itself – has to be fed• Not automated, takes work• AIDA – it’s the “Interest”.
  9. 9. The Social Media Market
  10. 10. The names you knowNetworks• Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Bebo, Ping etc.User Generated Content• YouTube, Wikipedia, Flickr, Setlist.fm, etcWe are seeing social media elements more and more.Spotify is deeply tied to social media (& Facebook)Share buttons on more and more sites, blogs etc.We will see more social media before we see less.
  11. 11. FacebookThe number one in the gameSteve Jobs called it the only social network.- Launched in 2004- Over 1 billion active users (apparently more than cars in the world!)- 680 million on mobile- almost 50% of Australia, UK and US.- 61% of users logged into Facebook today- Jan 2013 – Mobile traffic overtook Web traffic- Time Magazine Man of the Year 2010 – Mark Zuckerberg- “Unfriend” was the Oxford Dictionary Word Of the Year 2009
  12. 12. TwitterThere are places where Twitter is fast catching up to FacebookIncreasingly misunderstood space- Over 500 million users- 200 million once a month, 50 million once a day- 34 million of them follow Justin Bieber, 33m follow Lady Gaga- 55% access on their mobile devices- On the public recordWe are still learning to use TwitterCan be very effective, but people are put off by noiseBut it’s just text – it’s people who are boringSome of the biggest announcements in of our time has come from Twitter
  13. 13. Coming Up...Google+, the new MySpace• Power comes from it’s large user base• But there’s nothing to do… (worse party ever…)Bebo, LinkedIn, etc• Niche networksContent + Profiles?• Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Vine… the story is changing again.Social media integration• Ticketmaster, Live Nation, Criterion Collection, moreYour login/Your ID/Your profile will become your most important online tool.
  14. 14. Here’s what we are doing today
  15. 15. Social Media AdvertisingIt brings in a majority of their (large) revenuesGrowing every year, and over taking Search Engine20% of Coca Cola’s ad spendA variety of different types – like gates, sponsored stories, promoted posts etc.How it works• Target’s people who fit a certain profile• Create your perfect target market• Limited space/Subtle (for now)• No mobile – but it’s comingDeath of demographics.• Your profile is key• Your time is their money• Facebook Connect/Amazon
  16. 16. Talk To People- SHARE what you are doing- SHARE your news and latest info- SHARE behind the scenes info- SHARE your songs, photos and videos- SHARE what you have coming up – forward announce.- SHARE your personality and insightsThis is called “Viral Media”There are three types – Wow, Content, DiscussionThey signed up, they probably want to knowDon’t be scarce, don’t make them hunt you down
  17. 17. You’re talking...but are you communicating?If you have to say something, say it well.Do- Use powerful language- Use powerful words (Free, download, deals, etc)- Use inclusive language (“you”, “we”)- Be short – so people can share (and use #’s)- Be nice, casual, chatty- Engage like equalsDon’t- Be too authorative- Be press release robot- Argue, or correct people- Be silent
  18. 18. Don’t END the conversation.- Ask questions- Calls to action- Ask for comments – what did you think?- Ask for retweets- Include LINKS
  19. 19. Choose A VoiceLAURA MARLING• She does not tweet• A clear surrogate posts for her• Information – tour dates, new videos etc.• Very dry – but perhaps it works for herFRAN HEALY• Tweets, quite often• Personal, engaging• Out of cycle, but still interacting• Soft sell of info
  20. 20. Choose A VoiceFRANK TURNER• Deeply engaged tweeter• Keeps up to minute information• Personal, conversational• You can get all the facts from TwitterKATY PERRY• Deeply engaged tweeter• Primarily personal – star power• Soft sell of information• Sign up elsewhere for the facts.
  21. 21. Using AdvertisingUsing powerful language also connects people in advertisingYou have less room to move, make every word count.Increase your reach, find a new audiencePROFESSOR GREEN• Multiple Facebook ads• Pop fans/Rap fans• Different language (and images) for each• Linking to content – check out the video.AIR• Advertising to Hugo fans, related to the projectIt goes beyond “like” artists.“Like” magazines? Movies? Blogs? Brands?
  22. 22. Cold ChiselOur aim was to capture and build that Cold Chisel audience, and keep them captured.We launched a new mailing list, Twitter, Facebook and website.We talk to different fans on different places.Social media became our most active area – with up-to-date content.- All news on the website linked to on Facebook and Twitter- Written with all new text (as if it came from someone else!)- Latest tour photos and updates- Thanked every city as we left them- Asked people not to giveaway the surprises- Kept up conversations- Pushed people to the mailing listIt was clear that the band didn’t tweetBut we were tapping into fan’s excitement – we were one of them
  23. 23. ColdplayThey have a clear surrogate – Roadie #42.- He creates all Coldplay content- He’s in the studio with them, putting up videos- He’s writing all the tour updates- He’s writing all the emails- He’s their social media guy- He’s their customer service guy- He sends you the prizes for competitionsThere is a clear consistency of voiceGreat access to an inaccessible bandAs excited as you about the bandAn authorative voice exists above himMillions of Coldplay fans probably doesn’t know he exists
  24. 24. [V] Presenter SearchChanged the entry model – made it socialPeople gave us their audition videos – we still got DVDsEncouraged to send us a link to YouTube, and to share that video to getlikes, and get visibilityShared amongst friends and on Facebook.Over 1 million views of all videos on YouTube (6k entries)Huge traffic result for our site – over 250k unique visitors in oneweek, #1 music site in AustraliaRan advertising and a ‘like gate’ game with daily prizesHuge jump in ‘likes’ on Facebook – became number 1 in AustraliaWe turned dead content into viral contentWe gave people a reason to stay once they found us
  25. 25. Some Goals- We are building audiences- Facebook “likes”/Twitter “followers”- Everyone can see what your audience is- Keep fans engaged- Keep fans informed- Keep fans up-to-date- Keep fans talking- Encourage fans to spread the word- Encourage fans to action(And hopefully you don’t have to start all over again with every album)
  26. 26. The Future• Social Networks will continue to grow• We will see more functionality to increase the time wespend there• We will see Social Network tools appear in more places• We will see more Social Networks before we see less• Google has yet to play it’s hand• Twitter is a sleeping giant• Apple wont be sitting this one out for long• Everyone will be looking for partnerships• MySpace plan (yet another) comeback• Someone right now is working on a perfect Music Profile
  27. 27. Summary• Plan for the future, not for now• Social Media is a large, growing and mainstream space• Social Networking will get more sophisticated and inour faces• Facebook and Twitter are the two main players (butnot the only ones)• Talk – and communicate• Be aware of the voice you are using• Use the data you have – especially for ads• Most importantly - SHARE
  28. 28. Any questions?