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Smart boards


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Smart Boards- Assign. 4.1

Published in: Education, Technology
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Smart boards

  1. 1. Smart Boards Assignment 4.1
  2. 2. Fractions  Smart boards have an activity that teachers can use to introduce the subject of Fractions to the classroom.  tml?id=2663f58a-c26b-4714-b9e2a381ec53fd18
  3. 3. Fractions  Smart boards give a visual and hands-on aspect to Mathematics, so the students not only learn about fractions but also see how fractions are applied to everyday life.
  4. 4. Beginning lesson  The activity is open to grades 1-5. I want to focus on grade 1 because this will be the first time my students will be introduced to fractions.  I want to apply it to their own lives first before I pull up the activity.
  5. 5. Transportation to school I will do this by first asking the students to walk up to the Smart board and placing a tally next to how they get to school  School Bus  Car  Walk
  6. 6. Explanation  After tallying up the results I can then explain how we can now find a fraction for each transportation.    Define fraction, partial, wholes, halves ect. Explain to compare the groups to the total # of students in the classroom By using graphs, pie charts ect. to represent the results
  7. 7. Fractions activity  Once that small activity is finish the class understands what fractions are and can now work with the resource that I found through Google search.   Gives my students more practice with Fractions Gives me practice with the smart board as an educator
  8. 8. Universal Design  The fraction resource is a great example for applying Universal Design because of the hands on and visual aspect it brings to teaching.    Students that need technology to help them learn material Students that have a visual complications can find this resource helpful because smart board is designed to zoom in or out. To highlight and to be dragged to the computer. Students in wheelchairs can participate by being assigned to the computer to mark their responses or correct other mistakes other students made.