Realtors-Dominate Your Competition Using Google's Free Tools


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Google is loaded with free tolls that can both grow and organize your business...

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  • Also, they show up on the right side bar of a person’s news feed. SO its constantly in front of the person. Also, make a slight change to the event, so it shows up as a notification!
  • We are going to show you some examples of very nice money producing fan pages and we are going to show you how we do this every single day so that when you buy, you aren’t just maximizing your Facebook presence to make money from Facebook, you can also turn around and make even more money doing this for others. Imagine making $500 making a fan page for someone else!
  • We are going to show you some examples of very nice money producing fan pages and we are going to show you how we do this every single day so that when you buy, you aren’t just maximizing your Facebook presence to make money from Facebook, you can also turn around and make even more money doing this for others. Imagine making $500 making a fan page for someone else!
  • Just make sure that when you make a post you have switched to your fan page first.
  • Consultation... Your Product or Service...Your Goals...Your Ideal Customer...Your Marketing Strategy...Choose from 21 Apps...Apps Campaign Strategy...Scheduling of Campaigns
  • Realtors-Dominate Your Competition Using Google's Free Tools

    1. 1. Dominate Your Competition Using Google’s Free Tools
    2. 2. Beautiful Sunshine All The Time! Most of my life I lived in Arizona
    3. 3. Luxury Home Realtor Sold Over $100 Million
    4. 4. I came to a very clear understanding! Google offers an amazing amount of FREE business tools that can be used to dominate your competition! Google dominates online search for business! and…
    5. 5. Google Stats 2013 There were 2.2 trillion searches on Google globally over the course of 2013. On average this is equates to 5,922,000,000 (almost six billion) searches a day Global 2013 Google search statistics were up by a significant 287 billion over the course of the year If you want your business to be found online you need to be a “partner” with Google
    6. 6. Why Are You Not Using These Free Tools?
    7. 7. Google Free Tools For Your Business • GMail • Google+ • Google+ Hangouts • Google+ Hangouts On Air • Google Calendar • Google Drive • Google Places For Business • Google Voice • Google Analytics • Google Offers • Google Search • Google Chrome • Google Blogger • Google Maps • Google Photos • Google Translate
    8. 8. The Top 9 Tools For Your Business
    9. 9. Let’s Start With Gmail
    10. 10. Benefits Of Gmail • Access To All Other Google Products Inside • Widely Recognized Throughout The World • Ability To Organize Your Real Estate Business • Labels and Categories • Labs and Shortcuts
    11. 11. So Many Tools Right Inside Gmail Where you compose an email All your email organized by label Email arrives in 3 separate categories Access to other Gmail tools Ability to chat including live video
    12. 12. Gmail Labels You are able to organize all emails Label emails for easy access
    13. 13. Gmail - Google Apps - All Access Simple place for access to other apps Drop-down menu for other apps
    14. 14. Google+
    15. 15. Why Is Google+ Critical To Your Business? • 540 Million Active Users • Google Search Engine Rankings • Google+ Business Pages • Google Business Tools Inside Google+ • Google Free Wi-Fi
    16. 16. Google+ Personal Profile Easy access to other apps Connect your YouTube account Profile info and message sending Ability for customers to leave reviews Bio information… Make it good
    17. 17. Google+ Business Pages Connect your YouTube business videos URL for easy click to your website Business info…include as much as you can
    18. 18. Google+ Business Tools Communities you belong to… People in your Circles Local business listings including yours Start or join a Google+ Hangout
    19. 19. Google Search Video results from YouTube Specific website results… Website Searches
    20. 20. Google Search and Your Business • Blog or Article • Photos • Videos • Google Adwords • Google Local • Google Authorship
    21. 21. Google+ Hangouts
    22. 22. Benefits Of Google+ “Hangouts” • Live Video Call With Up To 10 Friends Or Clients • Use Across All Devices…Computer…Tablet…Phone • Video…Voice…Texting…All In One Place • Keeps A History Of Your Conversations • Works Inside Gmail
    23. 23. Google+ “Hangouts On Air”
    24. 24. • Live Streaming Broadcast • Ability To Present As A Webinar • Live Conversations • Live Control Of Participants Interaction • Automatically Recorded On Your YouTube Channel Benefits Of Google+ “Hangouts On Air”
    25. 25. Google Calendar
    26. 26. Benefits Of Google Calendar • Organize and Schedule Everything • Syncs Across All Devices • Notifications Of Upcoming Appointments • Schedule Ongoing Activities For A Year • Organize Clients By Label Or Color
    27. 27. Google Calendar Features Ability to have different calendars Create an appointment or event Go right to Google+ You can look at daily weekly or monthly view Ability to search for any appointment Add apps to work with calendar… Jump to future date quickly… You can set other time zones… Coordinate specific events by color
    28. 28. Google Calendar - Create An Event Location of event Privacy settings Coordinate relevant events by color Description of event Schedule days of the week…repeating also Schedule the time… Name your event
    29. 29. Google Drive
    30. 30. Benefits of Google Drive • FREE Storage Space • 15 GB • Documents…Videos…Photos • Very Large Files • Easy Access • Easy To Share
    31. 31. Google Drive Features Recent activity Your shared files Offline access to your files Organize your files Create and upload your files Name and location of your file
    32. 32. Google Places For Business (Google Local)
    33. 33. Benefits Of Google Local • Be Found In Google Search Engine • #1 Page of Google • Your Business On Google Maps • Share Photos…Updates…Offers • Respond To Customer Reviews • Mobile Friendly
    34. 34. Google Local Features Your Google Local business listing… Map of local businesses Consumer search
    35. 35. Google Local Profile Show up on Google Maps Create your profile… make it great…
    36. 36. Google Voice
    37. 37. Google Voice Benefits • Create Your Own Business Line • You Can Use It Anywhere In The World • No Phone Needed - Works On Computer • You Can Call Directly Out Of Gmail • Email And Other Notifications
    38. 38. Google Voice Features Organized access to call information Access to all other Google Tools Access to the entire conversation
    39. 39. Google Voice In Gmail Click here to get dial pad to appear Enter phone number Click to call
    40. 40. Google Analytics
    41. 41. Google Analytics Benefits • Find The Audience You Want • Reduced Customer Acquisition Costs • Know Your Audience • Track Your Customer Path • See What Your Customers Are Up To
    42. 42. Google Analytics Features v Visual and graphic illustration… Simple to understand overview of visitors View by daily, weekly or monthly… Deep targeted reports for your website Access to all your analytics views
    43. 43. Do you want more leads? Do you want to grow your client list? Do you want to make more sales? Use Google’s Free Tools!
    44. 44. You can do this all yourself ...I just showed you how You can create each tool Design them for your business Increase your efficiency Drive traffic to your real estate business and manage it all…
    45. 45. Would You Like It All Done For You?
    46. 46. An Introductory Consultation Your Real Estate Business Your Goals Your Ideal Client Your Marketing Strategy Google Strategy Online Assets Value $ Priceless
    47. 47. Consultation Gmail Setup Google+ Setup Google Hangouts Setup Google+ Hangouts On Air Setup Google Calendar Setup Google Drive Setup Google Analytics Setup Google Offers Setup How To Integrate All Tools and Apps Follow Up Value $ Priceless Here Is What You Get
    48. 48. How do you know this will grow your business?
    49. 49. What Some Of My Clients Are Saying Hugh organized all my online assets and helped us generate 100’s of attendees to our Laptop Millionaire World Tour with his creative ideas and follow through… resulting in over $100,000 of client sales… – Steven Essa - #1 Webinar Expert Globally I received more visitors to my online store in 30 days than I had received in the past year thanks to the guidance and hands on help I received from Hugh… he helped renew my passion for E-commerce… John Cruz - Owner Thai Originals The smartest guy I know when it comes to Google and Social Media…
    50. 50. Total Value: $ Priceless No further obligation If you decide you would like more consultation and services $97 Per Month $297 Everything Done For You
    51. 51.
    52. 52. Q & A? You are welcome to email me at