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Purpose of Death


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Death is a part of life. The physical lifespan is finite. But, DNA has been designed for permanent existence. The purpose of death is to reset the mind (software) for a newly cloned body (hardware). Purpose of Death is the sequel to Goal of Life.

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Purpose of Death

  1. 1. Hugh Ching Post-Science Institute 2014
  2. 2.  The maximization of the value of life should have the highest priority in life.  Life extension should have the most important part in the maximization of the value of life.  Death is a part of life.  What is the purpose of death?  Up to now, death has meant the permanent elimination of a DNA.  With the possibility of human cloning, scientific and post-scientific life extension, the purpose of death should fit into the maximum universal planning of the living system and the wisdom of the universe.
  3. 3.  Death of an animal or a plant is to conserve natural resource or to serve humans.  Human death has been designed to permanently eliminate the DNA or to update the human mind in the human clone.  Human death is designed to terminate the outdated human mind.  The goal of life is to determine whether the DNA, which the life has expressed is worthy for cloning.  The human clone will be brainwashed by a new culture, and the mind will be updated to a new environment.  For example, the death of Stalin or Mao was needed to allow his country to be updated to a new culture.  Permanent life and DNA is possible through human cloning and DNA rejuvenation in the future.
  4. 4. The goal of life is not death. Death serves a useful purpose and is a part of life. There are mainly four approaches to extend life: 1. Biologically: This method uses mainly genetic engineering. It is the process of creating and manipulating life with knowledge in life science. 2. Medication: This method tries to combat aging with advances in western medicine. 3. Post-Science Medicine: This method is based on the belief that humans have been created with maximum universal planning. It advocate the natural way in extending life through exercise, natural food, and natural medicine. 4. Cloning: Cloning is a necessary insurance against accidental or old-age death.
  5. 5.  Today, most people are brainwashed by hard science.  The next 2000 years, the world will be brainwashed by soft science.  Human progress has gone from self-centered, human- centered, earth-centered, and science-centered to a possible universe-centered view.  In the universe-centered view, human intelligent might not be as important as human happiness.  The universe already has the intelligence to create the living system, which is far more advanced than any man-made technology.  Death is needed to allow these new programming, all the way to infinity in time.  What is valuable in a human life is the DNA, not the human body.
  6. 6.  DNA can live permanently through cloning, while the human body is designed for finite existence.  Logically, lifespan only last the several hours between sleeps. If a person is killed during sleep and replaced by an exact clone, the world will not be any different.  The human mind can be continued by reading the memories of the lives, which have been expressed.  Post-science solution of value uses recalculation to update the price based on changed expectation.  Post-science solution of completely automated software uses complete automation to auto-update software.  Nature uses death to reset the human mind.
  7. 7.  The goal of life is to express the DNA, which the life contains, and to see determine the value of the DNA, the software of the life.  The purpose of death is to reset the out-dated mind through human cloning or to eliminate the DNA permanently.  As the human culture is still in the developing stage, old culture must be replaced by the new, and old mind should be replaced by new minds.  Only futuristic DNA should be cloned back to explain their knowledge, whose time has come.
  8. 8.  As human advances to a developed stage, there exists possibility of no more death.  Permanent death of DNA can be replaced by human cloning, which serves to reset the mind or to replace a life lost to accidental death.  Permanent life is possible when DNA can be rejuvenated.  The technology of human cloning and DNA rejuvenation are contained in the knowledge of mankind’s self-creation of the living system.
  9. 9.  Today, DNA is studied with temporary and partially automated software.  DNA is the prime example of a completely automated permanent software.  The study of DNA must be based on the Universal Permanent Software, disclosed in the patent by Hugh Ching: “Completely Automated and Self- generating Software” (Pat. No. 5,485,601).  Rational human behavior must precede the existence of permanent DNA or life and must be guided by non-violable laws of nature in social science.  An example of the non-violable laws in social science in described in the patent by Hugh Ching: “Quantitative Supply and Demand Model Based on Infinite Spreadsheet” (Pat. No. 6,078,901).
  10. 10.  There is a universal purpose for the intelligence of the universe to maximize value.  Evil and death are the necessary parts of the plan for the ultimate good.  Mankind must strive to participate in this universal purpose by becoming a contributing member of this purpose.  The understanding of the human life from birth to death is the first step in entering the universal intelligence, which has been accumulated from the infinite past.