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Post science next 2000 years


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Post-Science Next 2000 Years will start with non-violable laws of nature in social science. The solution of value is a non-violable law in social science, as gravitation is a non-violable law in science. Religions will be replaced by knowledge in the form of non-violable laws of nature. Good and evil can be explained based on the laws of nature in social science. DNA is identified by post-science as completely automated software. DNA contains the accumulated wisdom of the universe from the infinite past and will be recognized as the most valuable commodity on earth. DNA will be cloned to create Permanent Life. Thus, the goal of a life is to demonstrate the value of the life. The solution of value is the cure to financial crises. Complete automation is the solution to unlimited complexity or complexity crises. The design criterion in computer science and life science is permanence, which can be achieved through complete automation.

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Post science next 2000 years

  1. 1. Father of Post-Science Hugh Ching 2014 Solution of Value: Completely Automation: Post-Science Institute:
  2. 2.  Post-science is knowledge beyond science and the mainstream knowledge of the future.  Science: Non-violable laws of nature in science. The number of man-made laws in science = 0 Social science: Non-violable laws of nature in social science.  The number of man-made law in social science = 0 ?  Life (computer) science: Design criterion of permanence.  Age of Post-Science (2000 AD – 4000 AD) 2
  3. 3.  There are two major crises facing society.  (1) Global financial crisis  (2) Complexity crisis.  Not solvable by science.   Financial crisis solvable by solution of value. Complexity crisis, by complete automation.  Post-science will show reality in its entirety with its social science and the true destiny of mankind with its life science. 3
  4. 4.       Gravitation is a non-violable law of nature in science. The solution of value is a non-violable law of nature in social science. Nature is a dictator. Its laws are absolute. These laws are non-violable, regardless whether they are understood or not. In the Age of knowledge, non-violable laws of nature will replace all man-made laws. 4
  5. 5. The solution of value is a non-violable law of nature.
  6. 6.   The problem of value is posed by Kenneth Arrow, Gerard Debreu, and John von Neumann in the book Theory of Value by Debreu. Value is the sum total of all the benefits and losses extending to infinity in time. It is based on the Infinite Spreadsheet   The solution of value establishes equilibrium among the price and all the factors affecting the price in a space extending to infinity. It provides full disclosure and full accountability. 6
  7. 7.  The Savings and Loan Crisis was caused by the rapid decrease of the growth rate, which caused the price to drop.  The Subprime Woe was caused by the rapid rise in interest rate, which caused the price to drop.  Both crises were caused by the incorrect price determined by the market comparison method, which kept the price unchanged when the economic condition had changed. 7
  8. 8.  The correct solution to financial crises is the correct solution of price.  The post-science solution of value is a mathematically rigorous relationship between the price and the rate of return.  Being mathematically rigorous, the solution of value is a non-violable law of nature in social science. 8
  9. 9.  The problem is not productivity, but distribution.  The financial crisis was caused by the overproduction of real estates.  Distribution must be guided the price.  Sufficient supply of the necessities of life for all human beings on earth. 9
  10. 10.     Suffering and pain from not knowing the nonviolable laws of nature. The financial crisis from not observing the non-violable law of nature governing the price. The crisis teaches non-violable laws of nature. Happiness are the rewards and will remain after most suffering have been avoided by observing non-violable laws of nature. 10
  11. 11.  The Equations of Evil is Evil = Ambition – Ability    Evil is generated in the heat of competition. Morality has prevented the self-annihilation of mankind by balancing excessive evil with good. The Age of Knowledge will replace competition for wealth with cooperation in advancing knowledge and change the Equation of Evil into Knowledge = Good + Ability 11
  12. 12.  The solution of value is the solution of Peace because it is the rational method of arbitration.  Before the availability of the rational method of arbitration, competition is the engine of progress.  With the solution of value, rational arbitration will replace destructive competition.  In the Age of Knowledge, competition for personal wealth will be replaced by cooperation among all people, leading to Brotherhood among all people. 12
  13. 13.  All man-made objects have temporary lives.  The design criterion of permanence is satisfied by complete automation.  The ultimate solution to unlimited complexity is complete automation.  Temporary entities sooner or later will become valueless. 13
  14. 14.  Complete automation through Self-Manufactured General Purpose Robot Controlled by the completely automated software With the ability of touch using jumpulse. Jumpulse is a sudden change of force.  Ultimately, the Robot will become the human, and the Software will become DNA. Self-Creation 14
  15. 15.        Most valuable commodity on earth. Represents the accumulated wisdom of the universe from the infinite past stored in the format of completely automated software. Has a much higher probability of originating from the infinite outer space than from the finite earth. DNA exists permanently. Life is used to express the value of DNA. Valuable DNA will be selected for cloning. All unselected DNA will be further mixed. 15
  16. 16.      DNA has been created to last permanently. Continuous life spans only last just a few hours between unconsciousness or sleep. Nature is interested in the permanent DNA, not the temporary human life. The value of DNA can be known only after a whole life has been lived. The goal of life is to demonstrate that the DNA, which the life expresses, has positive value to itself and to the world. 16
  17. 17. Engineering: Massachusetts Institute of Technology   BS Electrical Engineering (MIT) MS Nuclear Engineering (MIT) Physics: ScD Nuclear Engineering, Plasma Physics, MIT  Twice table tennis champion of MIT Mathematics: Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences  Post-Doctoral Research: Establishing a correct theoretical foundation (Generalized Fluid Description) for Plasma Physics Logic: Department of Philosophy, Paul Feyerabend University of California, Berkeley  After Post-Doctor, working as Research Associate for eight years   Solving the problems of Touch (1968), Value (1972), and Software (1986) Predicting the Savings and Loan Crisis (1984) and the Subprime Woe (2006) 17
  18. 18.    World ‘s leading financial authority US Fed Chairman Bernanke’s 2010 speech at the American Economic Association annual meeting on page 21: “…interest rate increases in 2003 or 2004 sufficient to constrain the bubble could have seriously weakened the economy at just the time when the recovery from the previous recession was becoming established.” Contradicts the data (Next page). 18
  19. 19. 19
  20. 20. The solution of value is a law of nature. The Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act of 1989 (FIRREA) is a man-made law.  FIRREA licenses the real estate appraisal and endorses the market comparison method of appraisal, which is the main cause of crises.  The Subprime Woe of 2008 was over an order of magnitude worse than the Savings and Loan Crisis, for which FIRREA was passed.   20
  21. 21.     The criterion of acceptance of science is empirical verification. Social and life sciences deal with reality, which is infinite, and are not subject to empirical verification because infinity never arrives. The criterion of acceptance of social science is mathematical rigor. The criterion of acceptance of life science is logic. 21
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  26. 26.  A Jumpulse Applied with Precise Timing Can Keep the Ball in Prolonged Contact with the Racket. 26
  27. 27. 27
  28. 28. Infinite Spreadsheet: Hugh Ching is the son of Pei Ping Ching, who was a famous descendent of the seven hundred years old Chinese family Zheng’s Seventeen Houses (expecting decline, now a tourist attraction).     Hugh Ching owns the patents and copyrights: Hugh Ching “Quantitative Supply and Demand Model Based on Infinite Spreadsheet” (Pat. No. 6,078,901). Hugh Ching “Completely Automated and Self-generating Software System” (Pat. No. 5,485,601). Copyrights of Universal Permanent Number (UPN is the set of distinct integers from – to + infinity). Certificate of Registration: Registration Number TXu 1-789-183 Effective date of registration: December 30, 2011 Title of work: Copyrights of Universal Permanent Number. 28