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  1. 1. Hugh ChingFounder of Post-Science 2013
  2. 2. Jumpulse is A Sudden Change Of Force A Word Coined By The Father Of Chinese Physics(As impulse is a sudden change of momentum.)
  3. 3.  Jumpulse could become one of the most popular new words in the next five years. Jumpulse is related to (1) Jumpulse Mechanism, which is the solution to robot touch, (2) Jumpulse Stroke, which is the secret of consistency in sports, (3) Jumpulse Dance, which has ignited a world-wide dance movement in 2010.
  4. 4.  Humans are doing the works, which should be done by robots. Today’s robots lack the ability of touch. Dr. Ta-You Wu coined the word “jumpulse.” Dr. Ta-You Wu is the Father of Chinese Physics. Jumpulse is a sudden change of force. Jumpulse is the solution of robot touch. Dr. Wu and Dr. Hugh Ching founded Post- Science Institute in 1990 as a division of the Academia Sinica in Taiwan Post-Science Institute moved to USA in 1991.
  5. 5.  Robot Mechanics deals with active motion, while Newtonian Mechanics deals with passive planetary motion. Position cannot change instantaneously because velocity cannot be infinitely large; velocity is limited by the speed of light. Velocity cannot change instantaneously because infinite acceleration of a mass implies infinite force (F = ma), which requires infinite energy. Acceleration can change instantaneously because jerk can be infinite. Example of infinite jerk: When an object is released from your hand in midair, the initial infinite acceleration is to the gravitational acceleration. Jumpulse is a suddenly applied finite force. All human and animal motions start with jumpulse, a finite force. Machines or robots usually start with zero force. Jumpulse is needed for touch and prolonged contact in sports. Human motion is generated by biotensegrity or the Jumpulse Mechanism. (Animal muscles are constantly under tension.) The Jumpulse Mechanism generates a finite force by removing one of two opposing forces.
  6. 6. Velocity Acceleration Jerk (ISO) (ISO=International Standard Organization)Momentum Force Yank (?)Energy Energy of Energy of(Mass/2 x Acceleration Jerk (?)Velocity^2) (Appell)Impulse Jumpulse (?)
  7. 7.  Prolonged contact is the secret of consistency in sports. The method for practicing prolonged contact is double hitting. To achieve prolonged contact or double hitting, one must have precise timing and extreme acceleration. Extreme acceleration is achieved through Jumpulse, a sudden change of force. To prolong contact or double hit, the jumpulse must be applied within milliseconds after the ideal time when the racket and the ball have the same velocity during impact.
  8. 8.  1. Drop a tennis ball on the ground and let it jump up to waist high. 2. Move the tennis racket to the ball slowly when the ball reaches waist high. 3. Accelerate the racket as much as possible when the racket touches the ball. 4. This extreme follow-through stroke should end up with the shoulder touching the chin.
  9. 9. Jumpulse empirical evidence web links(1) The first video below demonstrates a professional tennis player hitting a backhand with the racket moves faster than the ball.(2) The second video is a historically first demonstration of the Jumpulse Mechanism, where after colliding, two cars are in prolonged contact.(3) The third video is a demonstration of the Jumpulse Dance. Mart%C3%ADn+del+Potro+Two- Handed+Jumpulse+Backhand+Stroke ed+Contact+Based+on+a+Mechnical+Jumpulse+Mechanism
  10. 10.  The solution to complete automation is Self- Manufactured General-Purpose Robots. The Robots must have the ability of touch in order to safely come into contact with an uncontrolled environment. Jumpulse will become one of the most important technical term in building the Robots, which will be fully programmed by the completely automated software. Ultimately, the Robots will become humans, and the completely automated software, DNA.