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HBR race report 2020 isuue 3

Road to France

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HBR race report 2020 isuue 3

  1. 1. ISSUETHREE HBR2020
  2. 2. ello, I am Hugh Barter, 14 year old Australian-Japanese go kart racer. I have been racing since I was 5 and my dream is to be an F1 champion. I participated to Richard Mille Young Talent Academy at Le Mans, France on 11th , 12th & 13th Oct selected by Patrizicorse which is Birel ART’s Australia and New Zealand importer. My father and I left Melbourne, Australia and arrived at Milan International Airport on 1st Oct. We drove through and stayed at couple of little towns in France for 10 days due to voluntary quarantine. Then, we moved to Le Mans on 9th Oct. After completed Richard Mille shootout, we left Le Mans on 14th and drove into Milan, Italy on 15th Oct. Then, we went to see the Italy F4 championship at Monza and met few different teams at there. It was not easy trip for us due to COVID- 19, but I am very happy to come back safely to home. Please follow my progress and journey as I establish my motor racing career. I hope you enjoy the Hugh Barter Racing race report. N O T E F R O M T H E R A C E R
  3. 3. HUGH’S RACING S C H E D U L E S 2020 AUSTRALIAN KART CHAMPIONSHIP (KA2 JUNIOR ELITE CLASS) Round 1 28 Feb - 1 Mar, Tailem Bend, SA - Winner Round 2 6 - 8 Nov, Newcastle, NSW Round 3 4 - 6 Dec, Ipswich, QLD Richard Mille Young Talent Academy 2020 12 - 13 October, Le Man in France - Winner 2020 Rotax Pro Tour series (JUNIOR MAX CLASS) November, Location TBA SPONSORS FOLLOWME INSTAGRAM @hughbarterracing Facebook @hughbarterracing Twitter @Hugh Barter WEBSITE
  4. 4. Inside Richard Mille Young Talent Academy: he Richard Mille Young Talent Academy (RMYTA) was held on 11th , 12th and 13th October. This completely free training and talent detection program awarded the 2020 winner with a full season of 2021 French Formula 4 Championship with All Road Management. Hugh was selected as an Australia and New Zealand representative and one of 10 drivers from 4 continents to attend the RMYTA according to his potential on and off track presentation. He met others on the famous Bugatti circuit at Le Mans, and for two days, was evaluated their physical and mental capacities as well as their driving skills in FIA F4 Mygale Renault single-seaters. Despite a 2020 sporting season that has been disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, the third season of the RMYTA was able to take place in good conditions in Le Mans. Hugh is very appreciate that the RMYTA which are organized by Richard Mille, Birel ART, All Road Management, Formula Medicine and FFSA Academy, desire to support the young karting hopefuls in their move to cars, in this difficult circumstance. Not only organizer but also Hugh is thankful organisation, business and people that help him get attend this shootouts program in France. It wouldn’t be possible to go over there under this COVID- 19 circumstance without all of your support.
  5. 5. Since arriving in France, Hugh had focused on his fitness and diet. His personal trainer took care of him remotely via daily video calls. He trained his muscle and body stamina for phisycal evaluation. His meal was prepared in healthy and nutritious way. ay 1: Sunday 11th October. Registration at RMYTA, under FFSA (French Federation Sport Academy) facility at Le Mans Circuit. On this day, all drivers were welcomed. Hugh met other driver at registration. The drivers came from Brazil, France, German, Lithuania, Mexico, South Africa, Sweden, UK and United Arab Emirates. Hugh was the youngest driver in them. Hugh had F4 driving test only one day in Australia before coming to France. However he found that some of the drivers already had experienced F4 driving for a while, or attended this shootout in last year, 2019 too. On the other hand, some of the drivers were very timid. However, Hugh believed in his power and decided to approach next 2 days’ assessment with confidence. FFSA scrutineered driver’s gear, such as helmet with Hans system, gloves and race suite for FIA homologation. However, the accident happened. Hugh’s race suit was karting race suit, not suitable for car’s. Fortunately FFSA rented their suit to Hugh. His other gear was passed scrutineering. When Hugh was handed a Richard Mille Young Talent Academy Jacket and t-shirt, and putting them on,he suddenly felt rather privileged to be there. As money- can’t-buy-experiences went, this had to be one of the best moment of his life. 10 drivers were divided into 2 groups for next 2 days’
  6. 6. ay 2: The schedule was physical and mental assessements in the morning were supervised by Formula Medicine which is a famous driver training. Then driving theory, seat setting and interview were held in the afternoon. In the physical assessment, Hugh pushed his limit to perform his ability of muscle strength, cardio vascular, stability and reactivity. His assessment result was high in the group, but it was not sure where his level in the all drivers. Then, he moved to mental assessment class, which checked emotional intelligence, perceptual cognitive expertise, concentration, stress management and so on. He continuously improved his mental and physical ability through assessment process. After lunch, Hugh attended driving theory class which is vehicle dynamics study held by FFSA. His aerodynamics’ knowledge was good and impressed FFSA F4 instructor. Then they watched driving analysis video to learn Bugatti circuit and drove simulator with the advice of a French F4 instructor. Then, prepared their position in the single-seater and discovered the details of its operation. Hugh took a lot of information and memo on his notebook, so he could review them after back to his hotel room. He is always willing to learn things. Finally, there was individual interview with Morgan Caron from All road Management, Ronni Sala from Birel ART and Debbie Gourdon from Richard Mille. Hugh offered to be interviewed first. Majority of question was about him. Hugh presented himself well and enjoyed interview with them. The second day completed.
  7. 7. The rain started heavily from previous midnight. Hugh had never driven a wet track, so he was a little nervous about the next days’ driving evaluation.. ay 3: three driving sessions in the morning, then 2 runs for top 5 drivers and 1 final run for top 3 drivers in the afternoon. There was rain for the first run of the FIA F4 car on the Bugatti circuit. Then the rain stopped, but the track was still wet. All three sessions of 20 minutes used wet tyre on the slippery cold track. Hugh was very cautious to drive on the wet track first time. He did excellent run for all 3 sessions, and was 2nd fastest in the first & third session and fastest in the second session in the group. Hugh analyzed his driving with data engineer after every session and constantly improved his driving skill. Hugh was selected one of top 5 drivers. The track dried out and changed to slick tyre in the afternoon. Hugh definitely showed his talent. In the fourth & fifth session, he was the third driver to get out from garage and was visibly catching the front runner. Hugh was the fastest driver for both of the sessions. His performances confirmed the impressions of the jury and selected Hugh as one of the top 3 drivers for the very last session. In the final session, Hugh improved his lap time and was faster than other two drivers. He was not only learning and improving his driving skill, but also consistently performing his ability under the huge pressure environment. After competed final session, all driver went to back the room and waited for result. The juries who were Morgan Caron (All Road Management), Riccardo Cecarelli (Formula Medicine), Marc Antoine Chollet (Richard Mille), Debbie Gourdon (Richard Mille) and Ronni Sala (Birel ART) deliberated , and selected Hugh Barter as the winner of the Richard Mille Young Talent Academy 2020. They recognised his ability, consistence and smiling determination at the each stage of the selection and his very convincing speed in the final session.
  8. 8. Richard Mille Young Talent Academy2020 Winner Through this program, Hugh met other drivers and made few friends of them. It was great to share their future goal and these experiences each other. Good luck to all of you for future racing carrier. Thank you for Michael Patrizi from Patrizicorse giving him this opportunity and people to support Hugh’s journey. Hugh has greatly appreciated all of your support. Hugh has been training to improve his mindset for racing and physical health condition since he was 12 years old. All his hard work, commitment and tenacity brought this result to him. This is not final goal. Hugh will move to France early next year and compete in the French F4 Championship 2021. One of the question at intervire was “What would you do if you received this prize?”. Then he immidiately answered “Moving to France” without hesitation. His eyes may have seen him standing somewhere in France in 2021. He is very exciting to move over there despite of his first experience away from his family and friends. Hugh has just stepped into next chapter of his life, and he will keep continuing work hard until achieving his goal to be F1 driver.
  9. 9. The French F4 Championship is run on brand new 100% French cars that meet the latest safety and performance standards in line with the FIA F4 specifications. The French F4 Championship is a key element of high-level circuit policy. Organised through French federal training centre based in Le Mans, this championship benefits from the loyal support of Renault and has seen the evolution of many famous drivers today racing internationally. Unique of its kind, combining financial accessibility and sporting equality, The French F4 Championship continues its momentum with the FIA F4. The winner of the season will be integrated into the Renault Sport Academy in order to one day access the Formula 1 Championship. Among the many advantages of this FIA F4, the drivers of the French F4 Championship will be able to score points towards the super license for F1. The FFSA Academy has chosen to trust the French manufacturer Mygale, one of the market’s world leaders for nearly 30 years. The French F4 championship will start in March 2021 and will take place in 7 rounds total 21 races a year in France and couple of racing circuit in other european countries. Now Hugh are going to set mind for French Formula 4 for next year 2021. He will start his F4 testing soon in Australia, then will continue testing in Europe early next year. Hugh needs to develop his mental, physical and technical abilities stronger to competitve for the championship. French F4 championship winner will receive the prize €100.000 in order to facilitate the access to the next seaon integrated into Renault Sport Academy. FRENCHFORMULA4 CHAMPIONSHIPin2021
  10. 10. “I have special appreciation for the organisation, business and people that help me get attend shootouts of Formula 4 in France. It wouldn’t be possible to go over there under this COVID-19 circumstance without all of your support. Again, thank you so much“. - Hugh Barter -  Motorsports Australia  Karting Australia  Minister for Youth and Sport – Richard Colbeck  Michael Patrizi – Managing Director, Patrizicorse. Former Mentor to F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo  Williem Toet – Aerodynamics Specialist & Senior Sales Manager at Sauber Aerodynamik AG. Former Head of Aerodynamics at Ferrari F1  Mark Campbell – Motorsport Director, Xenon Technologies. Former F1 Programme Manager for Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains  Luca Furbattpo – Chief Designer at Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen  Bruin Beasley – MTEC motorsport  Tim Macrow – Tim Macrow Racing  Winton Motor Raceway  Ashwood High School  Terry Dowel – Trydel (Up & Go Emergency tyre repair kit)  Greg Oliver – Goodlife Health Club / Fitness First health Club  Michael King – 888 Property Group  Richard Goldsmith – Carroll Goldsmith Lawyer  Andrew Rufatt & Jay Lulham – Human Capital Company  Stephen Chow – TC & H Partners  Scott Finney – Gym Lab  Robert Amato – Amato Design  Paul Roman – Auto -Tek Pty Ltd  Clint & Peter Cathcart – CC Racing  Eddie Ruiz  Cecelia Shannon  Rob & Elise Carr  Penrite 10 Tenth Racing  Chauffeur City  Zippy Tie Man  inurZONE  Cam box Meca Australia  SPECIALTHANKYOUFROMRACER
  11. 11. nyone whose come into contact with Hugh Barter will realise this little dynamo represents a unique opportunity for companies and global brands. Hugh has been racing karts for last 8 years and trains every day on his simulator with a view to improving his race results at every event. He has a very deep and knowledgeable understanding and continually hones his race craft in the knowledge becoming Formula 1 driver means self-discipline, commitment, hard work, dedication and persistence. Hugh is completely focused on his goal to reach the top level and succeed. Hugh’s talent, enthusiasm and results in racing have not gone unnoticed. Being coached by one of top kart drivers, Hugh’s great temperament and infectious personality has attracted private sponsorship and over 200 thousand Facebook followers. But to achieve his goal he need help and support, so is currently seeking sponsorship and financial support from business, corporate and multinational companies to form long term relationship. For more info on Hugh contact: SPONSORSHIP
  12. 12. F R O M T H E R A C E R A very special thanks to my sponsors that keep me going around the truck and chasing my dream. GOODLIFE HEALTH CLUB TRYDEL – UP & GO 888 PROPERTY GROUP PENRITE OIL PANTA RACING FUEL CAM BOX - MECA INURZONE GYM LAB Xenon Technologies Pty Ltd ZIPPY TIE MAN CC RACING Carroll Goldsmith Lawyers