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  • This is Sumi Kim of Hueintek Inc. I am a sales manager of T-MAX products. ecotmax@gmail.com is not available. Pls contact me at tmax.hueintek@gmail.com or tmaxsales@ecotmax.com if you have any inquiry. If there is problem to access our website, www.ecotmax.com, pls let me know via email. Also you can contact me via tel +82-2-3448-5522.

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T Max Catalogue Hueintek V02

  1. 1. ENVIRONMENT INNOVATION www.ecotmax.com HUEINTEK, INC. 213-7, Nonhyun-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea, 135-829 Tel,+82-2-3448-5522 Fax, + 82-2-3448-5311 http : //www.ecotmax.comHUEINTEK, INC. E-mail : ecotmax@gmail.com
  2. 2. Environmentally Friendly Sound Absorption & Thermal Insulation MaterialENVIRONMENT INNOVATION www.ecotmax.com
  3. 3. Company ProfileHueintek Inc. was born from more than just a driving ambition to create a successful business. It was conceived out of a deep-seatedsocial consciousness about the future of today’s environment. In doing so, it took courage and vision to take a commercial venture toplaces it had never been before.Hueintek, Inc. continues research and development to discover other uses for ‘natural’fibers with unmatched properties and unfulfilledpotential. Hueintek, Inc. is committed to its focus of saving energy, by using safe and soft natural fibers.By manufacturing eco-friendly insulation, Hueintek is paving the way for consumers and the building industry to make a significantcontribution to the problem of global warming, through reduced heating and cooling costs.Intellectual PropertyUtility modelsApr. 2000 Non-woven composite sheet for indoor construction materials having excellent flame retardation and sound-absorbing and sound-blocking propertiesJun.1999 Embossed polyester matPatentsJan. 2003 Uninflammable fiber boardNov.2002 Fiber board and preparation thereofMar.2002 Polyester non-woven composite sheet with excellent sound-absorbing and sound-blocking properties and manufacturing methodAug.2000 Combustible retardant polyester fiber boardFeb. 2000 Polyester fiber board and preparation thereof
  4. 4. What is T-MAX? T-MAX is a sound absorption and insulation product developed for building interiors and exteriors with environment friendliness in mind. Made from 100% polyester fiber, it is a revolutionary material completely non-toxic and is also 100% recyclable, semi-permanent and highly durable. 50-year performance guarantee T-MAX keeps performing over time, even in harsh environmental conditions. T-MAX is the only insulation to carry a 50-year performance guarantee. As long as the insulation was installed correctly, and remains adequately maintained, it is guaranteed to last up to the full 50 years. (The guarantee ends after this time but T-MAX will keep on performing.) Non-Toxic and safe T-MAX does not generate harmful material such as VOC, formaldehyde because it is manufactured with 100% polyester, is environment-friendly, non-toxic and safe. It is utilized in many indoor interiors as sound absorption finishing material for the theater, church, gymnasium, and auditorium. Therefore are NO glues used in making and T-MAX products, whereas some other forms of insulation are bonded with toxic glues. Glues are known to break down over time,releasing a chemical called formaldehyde, which cause health concerns.Polyester has no negative effect on health. Heat-bonded polyester does not release toxic into the air. This is one reason why T-MAX isused in many hospital and buildings with air-conditioning systems. T-MAX is fire-resistant, fire retardant and non-combustible.Easy to installT-MAX is easy and fast to install. It can be laid over ceiling framing, or fastened onto the wall framing. To fit a specific area, T-MAX cansimply be altered scissors and knives are not needed.100% RecyclableT-MAX is 100% recycled with little environmental waste generated because it is manufactured with 100% polyester. T-MAX is well-recognized for its environment-friendliness by obtaining the environmental mark.Various application platformsT-MAX can be installed onto many different areas from residential to commercial buildings. It’s environmental friendly material cansubstitute materials used in the existing market such as furniture, automobile, sound interception material between layers, outerdecoration panel, and air-conditioning facility.Close upT-MAX is made of a unique mix of premium quality polyester fibers. One type is the hollow conjugate fiber. Because the fiber is hollow, ittraps air within itself, as well as around it.”Conjugate” means two types of polyester are joined together to form the fiber. This creates afiber that looks and acts like a spring gives T-MAX its unique thickness and bounce.Hollow conjugate fiber technology was initially used in quality sleeping bags and extreme weather clothing. T-MAX led the way globallyin introducing these patented fibers to ceiling and wall insulation.
  5. 5. Environmentally FriendlyPolyesterPolyesterPolyester is more cost effective and highly affordable than any other materials, providing people of all budgets with an option to consider the benefits of both. Thisdelivers outstanding insulation in ceilings and walls.Polyester Fibers have a wide variety of end uses in field such as medical, food storage and packaging, apparel and bedding, and of course, the insulation industry. Thisevidently demonstrates a high degree of flexibility, adaptability and user ability.Why Polyester?As more and more people consider the possible concerns of fiberglass materials going into their homes or offices, Architects, Builders, and Designers are using safe,soft and easy to install products such as Polyester. Hueintek Inc. manufactures polyester for residential and commercial usage. Polyester is non-toxic fiber, which iscost effective and easy to install.Polyester is insect proof, and is not attacked by - nor does it provide nourishment for - keratin eating insects.Polyester is hydrophobic and naturally repels water so that the product remains largely unaffected by accidental exposure to moisture.Increasingly, polyester is providing the building industry with an effective yet economical alternative. Polyester is used in a wide variety of applications where safetyis of the utmost concern, confirming its status as safe, cost effective and long term option for architects, builders and home owners.Product type & Specification Density Thickness Width Height Item Color (kg/m3) (mm) (mm) (mm) 20 24 25 32 T-MAX Standard 35 40 (Soft type) 50 48 70 60 95 40 Available in various color tones such as T-MAX Net 25 48 300~1,220 600~2,440 white, brown, black and grey according to (Soft type) 60 50 customer orders. T-MAX Double 40 25 (Soft type) 60 50 T-MAX Embo 40 25 48 (Soft type) 50 60 Various finishing T-MAX Fabric 40 25 1,000 2,000 fabrics are attached to (Soft type) 60 50 aforementioned products 120(7.5pcf) 25(1”) Available in various color tones, thickness, T-BOARD Standard 150(9.4pcf) 13(1/2”) 1,220(4’) 2,440(8’) (Hard type) densities. 220(13.7pcf) 9(0.35”) T-MAX Foil 10~200 10~50 300~1,220 600~50,000 T-MAX Damping Sheet 1~4 1,000 1,000 Generally black Sound Block, Sound Absorption & Thermal Insulation
  6. 6. Polyester Acoustic Insulation Double layered Polyester Acoustic Insulation, T-MAX DOUBLE One layer of high density with fire retardant fabric finishing The other layer of low density with high adhesive properties T-MAX DOUBLE, is the revolutionary double layered Polyester Acoustic Insulation. Application ƒUSuitable for acoustically sensitive areas such as auditoriums, gyms, broadcast studios, music rehearsal halls, movie theaters Spec. ƒUDensity : 40~80 (kg/m3) ƒUThickness : 10 ~ 100mm T-MAX DOUBLE CHURCH, MUSIC HALL MOVIE THEATER, BROADCAST STUDIO Sound absorption or heat insulating material for a Church or a Sound absorption for sound facilities convention hall. Interior finishing material for a Movie theater Interior finishing material for music rooms GYMS, AUDITORIUM MACHINE ROOM, HVAC ROOM Interior finishing material for Gyms and Auditorium with fire Finishing material for Sound absorption retardant fabric Heat-insulation, sound absorption for Duct, HVAC facilities HUEINTEK, INC.
  7. 7. Environmentally FriendlyHigh Density Polyester Acoustic Panel, T-BOARDT-BOARD is a hard type of T-MAX STANDARD developed using a new process method.T-BOARD is an interior finishing and sound absorbing material.ApplicationƒU wall for an apartment, church, movie theater, seminar room and auditorium Heat-insulating material for Art a building (e.g. wall, ceiling, floor)ƒUSound absorbing material for a movie theater, gymnasium, church, auditorium and studioƒUInternal filling material for wall, cell and studƒUSoundproof wall on road, temporary soundproof wall at a construction site.ƒUSoundproof material and heat-insulation for machinery rooms, HVAC roomsƒUInterior finishing material for a house, apartment, vehicles and railroad cabins.ƒUSuitable as a substitute for M.D.F or Plaster BoardSpec.ƒUDensity : 80~400(kg/m3) ƒUThickness : 5~30mmEmbossed Polyester Mat, T-MAX EMBOT-MAX EMBO is processed with embossing surface on one side of theT-MAX DOUBLE with its sound absorption improved by air layers.ApplicationƒUSound proof wall on road, internal insulation of panel.ƒUSound absorbing material for machinery room, HVAC room.ƒUSound absorbing finishing material for soundproofing walls of road and rail cars.Spec.ƒUDensity : 32~80(kg/m3) ƒUThickness : 10~100mmNet Spread Polyester Mat, T-MAX NETT-MAX NET is a net spread on the surface of T-MAX DOUBLE.The Net strengthens acoustic absorptivity of T-MAX DOUBLE.T-MAX NET does not require for fabric finishing.ApplicationƒUSoundproof finishing material suitable for a plant and a warehouseƒUSoundproof finishing material suitable for a machinery room and a HVAC roomSpec.ƒUDensity : 32~80(kg/m3) ƒUThickness : 10~100mm Sound Block, Sound Absorption & Thermal Insulation
  8. 8. Polyester Acoustic Insulation Interior Fabric with outstanding flame retardant for Art Wall, T- FABRIC T-FABRIC has two types of products, 1) Laminated T-BOARD with Flame Retardant Fabric 2) Laminated T-MAX DOUBLE, Flame Retardant Fabric on the surface of the T-MAX DOUBLE High durability against sunlight & friction Plain weave highly lasting against abrasion and wear and tear. 100% of natural feel TR100 Series / Resist Printing Fabric TR400 Series / Noncombustible Fabric AP Series / Resist Printing Fabric ¡Æ Please contact us for various samples. ¡ÆThere may be color differences between samples and actual products due to different dyeing LOT. HUEINTEK, INC.
  9. 9. Environmentally FriendlySound Block Sheet, T- MAX DAMPING SHEETT-MAX DAMPING SHEET is a flexible, mass loaded vinyl used in reducingsound transmission through walls and providing noise isolation fromunwanted sources.T-MAX DAMPING SHEET is attached to flat surface materials such as steel plate, plastic plate, gypsum board,plywood, etc., efficiently controlling vibration transmitted to such materials solid-borne sound and also as soundinsulating material with excellent noise isolating effect.T-MAX DAMPING SHEET is easy to handle easily and laminated with other materials. Easy to install by just aboutanyone, this flexible noise barrier also reduces the transfer of vibration through the mechanical connection of thewallsT-MAX DAMPING SHEET can also be applied to the backside of standard ceiling tiles as a barrier to limit transfer of unwanted noises into occupied spaces below.FeatureƒU damping efficiency for solid-borne noise. HighƒU damping efficiency in broad temperature range and low variation of loss factor with temperature change. HighƒU insulation efficiency with high sound transmission loss. HighƒUFire-resistant grade.ƒU water-resistant and waterproof. HighƒUEasy to laminate with various materials such as PU foam, PE foam, glass wool, gypsum board, and laminated sheets give excellent vibration damping, noise damping, sound insulation, sound absorption and so on.ƒU to install EasyApplication Spec.ƒUConstruction and civil engineering sites ƒUAppearances Sheet type (Generally black)ƒUFloor, Ceiling, Roof, Wall. ƒUThickness (mm) 1,2,3,4 (¡ 0.2)ƒUSound insulating door or Sound proof panel. ƒUSpecific gravity 1.6~2.0ƒUSoundproofing for machinery room, Elevator, Studio, Acoustic room, Hall.ƒUSound isolating materials for floor to floor & house to house, Karaoke, Bowling alley car, Parking tower, etc. ƒU 1000 ¡¿ Size 1000 mmInstruction for useƒU with scissors, knife or die to the desired size and shape before the release paper is removed. CutƒURemove dust, grease, moisture and other foreign matter from application surface.ƒU off the releasing paper. PeelƒU adhesive for weather proof efficiency. UseƒUAttach Sheet Series with proper pressure.ƒUWhen necessary, use tack, self-tapping screw or other form tiers. Sound Block, Sound Absorption & Thermal Insulation
  10. 10. Polyester Acoustic Insulation Excellent Heat Insulation, T- MAX FOIL T-MAX FOIL, developed to have the maximum heat insulation effect by combining polyester and aluminum with special adhesion. T-MAX FOIL is known for its high efficiency in sound absorption for inner and outer wall of building as well as heat insulation and damp-proofing. Also, it is a heat reflection material which can reduce the renovation period and cost thanks to easy construction. Feature ƒUExcellent heat insulation and freeze resistant ƒUMinimizes dew condensation in the inside of building. ƒUEnvironmentally friendly material ƒU to install and treat Easy ƒUExcellent heat insulation with energy savings ƒU100% recyclable ƒUNon-Toxic T-MAX FOIL is a new technology concept of heat reflection ƒUNon-Combustible and Flame Retardant and insulation material having the maximum heat insulation effect with the minimum thickness. [Summer time] [Winter time] Use ƒUHeat insulation in buildings, housings, warehouses, piping, and duct lines. ƒUIndustrial facilities such as automobile, refrigeration and freezer, boiler and drier areas ƒUOther industrials and buildings fields needing heat insulation. ƒUSoundproof and heat insulation in residential homes HUEINTEK, INC.
  11. 11. Environmentally FriendlyComparison : T-MAX FOIL VS Styrofoam Classification T-MAX FOIL Styrofoam Execution cost About 1/3 of Styrofoam execution costProduct loss rate 1% 15% - Easily cut customized from the master roll - Customized by the size or cut on the site - Zero wastage by using the remains for the others parts - Necessary for the labor force and equipment such as heat wire Workability - High in weatherability and durability - Occurrence of product wastage - Favorable in corner construction - Material treatment problem Thickness 10-50mm 20-100mm Packaging unit Roll type with width 1m x Max. Length 50m 900x1800mm panel - Area space of room increased by reduction of wall thickness - Whole thickness possible within 15mm with “laminated paper” - Cracked or broken in compression Characteristics such as gypsum board - Melting on bolting - Improves heat insulation as it provides excellent thermal - Outer skin congealing or getting rotten and broken off propertiesT-MAX FOIL VS Styrofoam Sound Block, Sound Absorption & Thermal Insulation
  12. 12. Polyester Acoustic Insulation Product quality comparison between T-MAX and others Classifications T-MAX (Polyester) Glass fiber Rock wool Urethane foam Polystyrene Recycle/ 100% recyclable. No minute particles Difficult to recycle and incinerate Environment generated Easiness of No damage to products upon transporting and Need for protective outfits upon Operation & Easy installation handling them. No need for transporting and handling Installation protective outfits Hazardous to health with prolonged Toxic Level Non-Toxic Toxic gas generated upon burning usage and exposure Water Superior tensile strength and cohesiveness: Short draining Decreased sound absorption and heat drainage/ time and sustainable sound insulation due to prolonged water drainage. Close Cell Structure Absorptiven- absorption without ess Deformation occurs. deformation Self-extinguishing without Heat- the flame due to an organic Semi non combustible due to an material. Start to be Susceptible Highly susceptible resistance inorganic material deformed at about 260 Weathering does not occur Weather even in case of prolonged Weathering occurs in case of prolonged Almost unchangeable Heat insulation will Resistance exposure to air due to exposure to air shape fade over time. strong cohesiveness Environment No air pollution caused Air pollution generated because of arseric acid by weathering Dispersed -ality Dynamic Excellent Not available Stability Physical Property comparison : T-MAX vs Others Classifications T-MAX (Polyester) Glass fiber Rock wool Urethane foam Polystyrene Compressed Produced through Produced by Produced by Foamy PS resin by 100% of Production polyester with molding process molding process polymerizing and polymerizing styrene Methods heat (self melting of glass fibers of mineral foaming Lsocynte monomer in the (glue used) fibers(glue used) and Polyother water adhesion) Polyester organic Sio 2 inorganic Sio 2 +Al 2 O 3 Independent type Material Organic substance substance substance inorganic substance organic substance Sound absorption rate 0.75~0.80 0.75~0.80 0.75~0.80 0.75~0.80 (NRC) Physical Property Heat conductivity 0.030~0.039 0.028~0.043 0.034~0.039 0.035 0.028~0.039 Density (kg/m3) 10~400 32~120 60~200 16~40 15~30 Thickness (mm) 10~100 25~75 25~100 25~100 10~100 Withstand Temperature(¡£ C) ~260 ~350 ~400 ~100 ~80 HUEINTEK, INC.