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  1. 1. Huda Saleh Abdulkarem +9647702772710 Objective: With a bachelor’s degree in Information –Network Engineering Department and a three-year field experience, my goal is to find a full-time position that offers growth opportunities and allows me to utilize my leadership skills and experience. previous experience: -Network Operation Center (NOC) at HalaSat Company for Telecom and Internet Ltd (from 11/3/2014 to 1/8/2016( Duties : Use of monitoring tools to diagnose and troubleshoot network. Configured, maintained and troubleshoot Cisco ,Mikrotik equipment failure. ensure maximum possible service availability and performance. Create network plans, document existing and proposed network infrastructure, maintain relationships with technical providers. provision customer network services on core equipment ,Updated customer documentation and analyzed performance reports Courses and certifications: -CCNA routing and switching (certified. ( -MySql Database & php. Education: Al-Nahrain University Information Engineering –Network Engineering Dep. Ranked 6, graduate with Good Grade (%73.747 average( Skills: Web-design html, wordpress program. Experience in wireless systems. Training at Korek Telecom(2012) , simplified overview about GSM system . Linkedin =huda-saleh abdulkarem Citizenship =Iraqi Religion=Muslim Social status =Single