Unequal opposites


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This presentation offers an explanation of why meetings go chaotic leading to making wrong decisions. The presentation offers a creative and logical approach to make meetings more fruitful and to come up with the right decisions and serves as a guide for leaders to conduct rewarding meeting.

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Unequal opposites

  1. Creative Thoughts on Groupthink Unequal Opposites Ali Anani, PhD
  2. We talk about balancing of opposites, but not much so on opposites inequality
  3. If there are no clouds then there shall be no rain The opposite is unequal If cloudy it could rain or not
  4. #Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less. ~ CS Lewis
  5. If we add hot sulfuric acid to water gradually it is safe. The opposite is very risky
  6. In brainstorming sessions if we add “cold” members to a hot discussion the brainstorming session shall turn chaos
  7. If we add “hot” members to a cold session the meeting shall be more productive.
  8. How to minimize the risk of brainstorming sessions? How to minimize the risk of brainstorming sessions?
  9. How to help leaders take the right decisions?
  10. I call for the idea of Gradual groupthink (GGT)
  11. Like we add acid to water gradually, we add group members gradually
  12. There is always the risk of groupthink
  13. Everyone in a group goes along with a decision without consideration for alternative solutions or ideas.
  14. The craving for conformity is to keep the atmosphere calm and cold.
  15. Under the calm atmosphere there are hidden feelings. These include, but aren’t limited to: • Fear of isolation of non-conformers • Tendency to overlook negatives • Snaky assumptions that the group has a better eye always than the individual
  16. Applying the Blue Ocean Strategy to groupthink Eliminate risks of groupthink Raise ideas-sharing Reduce of groupthink Create new ways of performing groupthink
  17. Type of People in meeting • Majority go along with groupthink • Hard nuts who will disagree Trueyes
  18. How to get people move out from the circle of groupthink to the consensus of going in the same direction? Charles Cullinane Circle of groupthink Unified direction of consensus
  19. Using the metaphor of adding the slow addition of hot acid to cold water to optimize groupthink
  20. Let two or few people brainstorm and then come to an agreement. This is a cool situation- agreement is prevailing
  21. Now invite a member reputed for being true yes to the meeting. If in accordance then you know that whatever opinion decision you made is based on true yes.
  22. It is time to invite a hard nut to the meeting. He/she is the hot acid that we add to cold water. It is time to invite a hard nut to the meeting. He/she is the hot acid that we add to cold water.
  23. The hard nut shall heat up the session and splash some acidic ideas
  24. Chaos shall eventually reorganize and change of direction may result
  25. To avoid groupthink remember that there is unequal opposite
  26. Avoid adding cold members to a heated discussion. Add hot heads to a cool session where agreement is prevailing