Trimming of ideas


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The presentation is an honest reflection on how the writing of this presentation progressed

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Trimming of ideas

  1. 1. Ali Anani
  2. 2. Ah_Livia and Juao Maya You know why I dedicate this presentation to you
  3. 3. I describe the chaotic flow of ideas as they appeared without structuring them
  4. 4. I decided to use SCAMPER to generate new ideas Substitute Combine Adapt Magnify Put to other use Eliminate Reverse or Rearrange
  5. 5. Randomly, I chose the word time Rearrange was the first thing that came to my mind
  6. 6. Rearrange times flies to flying time Time flies Flying time
  7. 7. Time flies reminded me of a fly with two clocks attached to its wing Is that a good metaphor?
  8. 8. A fly gets scared from its magnified image and runs away. Restaurants use transparent plastic bags filled with water so that a fly gets scary of its own image M for Magnification
  9. 9. That inspired me with the idea that some people magnify their successes and they get scared from their image
  10. 10. A for Adapt I need to adapt this presentation to meet the readers’ satisfaction
  11. 11. Something reminds you of something else.
  12. 12. This takes two essential sets of communications skills. First, you need the power to adapt your message so that the other person hears you and second, you need the power to persuade them to do what needs to be done.
  13. 13. I am practicing adaptation while in the process of writing this slide show
  14. 14. Magnified Time Time's chart is magnified – A Design So Vast 04/times-chart-ismagnified/Share 6 Apr 2012 – Life seems to flood by, taking our loves quickly in its flow. In the growth of children, in the aging of beloved parents, time's chart is magnified,
  15. 15. C for Combine The idea of Time Wheel came to my mind abruptly Time must be balanced or else soon it shall deflate
  16. 16. S for Substitute Ti me r Ti e Ops!!! Back to tires
  17. 17. Time is running to finish this presentation
  18. 18. P for Put to other use Time waste Recycling of time waste Solid waste Recycling
  19. 19. We can recycle waste; but are unable to recycle wasted time (Time waste in emulation of solid waste)
  20. 20. Trim the time waste Wasted time is gone. It can not be recycled. The only option is to learn and adapt so as not to lose time
  21. 21. I only hope that I have not wasted your time reading this presentation
  22. 22. New Ideas
  23. 23. Words and the Butterfly Effect
  24. 24. Live Reverses to Evil Do me move from evil to live by reversing direction?
  25. 25. You are welcome to add to this slide deck. Just e-mail your slide to me.
  26. 26. The presentation and discussions inspired Juao Maya with the following contributed slide
  28. 28. George Sciberras (@xiby) contributed the following mindchallenging slide
  29. 29. Lori kane added a timely slide about time. It is time to brainstorm together
  30. 30. Quotes and images by Dr. Seuss
  31. 31. Lori’s slide inspired me with the next two slides (33-34)
  32. 32. Time runs with fast heels sometimes
  33. 33. Kids with grey hair have matured prematurely These kids got so old so soon
  34. 34. An e-mail from a dear friend , who wishes to keep his name unknown, spurred the idea of the following slides
  35. 35. From the fetus of chaos comes order and symmetry
  36. 36. It is the whole in the unit, and the unit in the whole
  37. 37. For companies to succeed, for life to thrive and for chaos to generate repeated and pleasing pattern The ALL must act as ONE and the one as the whole
  38. 38. Proudly, I add the next four slides, which are the contribution of : Isabella Wesoly, BA (Hons), Dip.Iris The slides are reflective of her generosity, emotional creativity and sense of genuine emotions. 'Fly to Mother Love', by Isabella Wesoly, is an adaptation of a photograph by Iwo Zaluski
  39. 39. The fly needed proper nurturing, rather than buzz about the 'crap' of life
  40. 40. Overseeing, to adapt with changes
  41. 41. A chain of continuity, locks into story-lines
  42. 42. Sliding beneath the salebrous rope