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Triggering ads


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This presentation offers new concepts behind making triggering ads

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  • @ah_livia
    You are amazing, dear ah_livia because most of the time when you write to me I am online.
    Allow me first to differ with your first line. Your comment is about the power of positive emotions. These emotions enhance our creativity. So your comment is very much related to the presentation.
    Reading your comment filled me with satisfaction. I do not bear grudge and keep no bitter taste in my mouth. I just wanted to share the emotional experience with genuine friends like you. To read such a warm and friendly comment takes me above the clouds. I fly with high spirits having found friends of your caliber.
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    Ali Anani,

    Oh my...I was shocked to read your feed this morning! You are SOOOO kind and encouraging on SS! I was shocked to read that anyone caused you emotional pain on SS!!!

    Even in pain you responded to them with a BEAUTIFUL poem.

    جرح الأحبة عندي غير ذي ألم,

    You are so classy & I continue to learn from you. Perhaps I would have lashed out at them with a sharp tongue but your approach is so much better.

    Also thank you for being so emotionally transparent. I wouldn't think that someone with your professional accolades could be emotionally hurt by a 'business nobody.' I learned from you that it is okay for a professional to express raw emotions. Again I learn from you that it is ALWAYS best to take the high road even in the midst of pain.

    I am offering you a warm embrace from the SS community who does APPRECIATE you!!!! :)
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    Doina, you inflated me. Your comment is a big trigger of the fact that we ALL need appreciation. Your comment fills this need. You are the master.
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  • @hudali15 U are the best near the best on this kind of presentations and analyzing! What you are doing is so simply amazing! LIKE ON SS!!!
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    Dear Doina, your first line of comment is amazingly revealing. I tried to make the presentation as non-technical as possible and use a new style of writing to make the material look light. That is why I used the mini skirt example, which normally I do not do. So, you sensed this part and spotted my hidden drive.
    So, your conclusion towards the end of your comment is spot on. Great comment, dear Doina
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Triggering ads

  1. 1. Triggering Ads
  2. 2. Dr. Rod King has been a greatsupport to me. It is withheartfelt gratitude that Idedicate this humble work tohim
  3. 3. Which is more attractive? A girlin bikini or a girl in mini skirt?
  4. 4. Momentarily, the girls in bikini attract yourattention more. But later, it is a different story
  5. 5. The human emotion of anticipating,uncovering the “unseen”, the desire to knowmore and other emotions overtake thesceneThe girl in mini skirt is more attracting
  6. 6. Social jealousy could lead to the build upof negative emotions that spiral down totrigger action. How?
  7. 7. Let a lady from the middle class own aclassy watch that another lady from theupper class desires
  8. 8. Social jealousy ignitesJealousy builds up into inferiorfeeling (less self-actualization,deprivation, loss of socialstatus
  9. 9. Moving down the MaslowPyramidDepriving the upperclass from self-pride is anegative emotion thatmay lead to positiveresults to the advertisers
  10. 10. The lady from the upper classwill influence (nag) herhusband to get one- andmore expensive one too.Social jealousy is aninteresting area foradvertisers
  11. 11. Effective advertising, but is notwelcome at all times The high-class needs cascade down to the basic needs. Emotions lead to actions. Feeling insecure, deprived of social status might lead to greater negative consequences
  12. 12. Negative emotions are like a spiral ropetightening on the neck of affected person
  13. 13. Positiveemotions work inthe reverse orderThey take us onthe road to self-actualization andpride.
  14. 14. Positive emotions expand our optionsand open new landscape of opportunity
  15. 15. Associating a product with positive valuesincreases the possibility that customerswill take action
  16. 16. Linking food products with joy andhappiness is a trend that is self-reinforcing
  17. 17. Happy times do not meaneating a good meal only. Theymean being together (socialneed)Being together means sharingmemories, exchanginginformation, magnifying ourpride and feeling time isrunning with happiness. Thatis moving up on the MaslowPyramidIt is not a meal only; it is theatmosphere that bringscomfortable association andself-fulfillment
  18. 18. This conclusion finds support from thefollowing reference Ad Genre Trends During Recessions Interesting findings from Nielsen: Funny ads always work, no matter the economic climate. In times of recession however, emotional and value-focused ads scored significantly better than usual. And just to confirm what everyone already knew but what advertising agencies apparently still haven’t figured out: ads based on promoting stuff with features, prices, etc, never work, no matter what the economy looks like.
  19. 19. Emotional advertising is the keyto successful advertising
  20. 20. Keeping the ad short of the final result arousescuriosity, the desire for finding the resolutionand leaves room for imagination
  21. 21. Precursors are the formed chemicalsbefore they convert to the finishedproduct
  22. 22. Precursoremotions areemotions thatprecede the finalemotionsA man and womanclosing their eyesare the precursorsfor a kissShow the precursorand leave the rest tothe readers’imagination
  23. 23. Reception to thead may varySome people willremember that this wasthe last kiss beforeseparation. They feel sad.For others, this might be Adthe last sweet moment. Itsweetens theirmemories, which bringsthem pleasure whichcascades into happiness,joy and actions of joy
  24. 24. Positive emotions scaleup. From watchinginvestors in the stockmarket going fromdepression to hope, reliefand then optimism weknow the investors’reactions become morepositive in the process.Let your add do the same.
  25. 25. I question the merit ofnegative advertising.Smokers do not quitsmoking in spite of alllife-risking ads.Highlighting the joyof non-smokersmay be moreeffective