Trends spillover effect


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The presentation covers a wide spectrum of applications of where “less is more”. The presentation discusses that for every trend there is an opposing and stabilizing trend. This observation may open the door for many applications.

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  • @juaomaya
    Juao, as always you amaze me with your superb comments and unforgettable memory. Slide 11 is very dear to me and expresses my views to myself. That you give such an enriching comment to it fills me with delight and gratitude. Million thanks, Juao
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  • Dear Ali, when I read your pesentations, sometimes I hear mentally some pieces of work by Johann Sebastian Bach, those which I think match up better with your writings. In this morning, I was reading an essay on the two versions of 'The Goldberg Variations' recorded by Glenn Gould, and came across the following verses which T. S. Eliot put in his poem 'Little Gidding': 'We shall not cease from exploration -- And the end of all our exploring -- Will be to arrive where we started -- And know the place for the first time'. So I felt myself obliged to quote such verses as a comment on 'Trends spillover effects', with specific regard to slide 11.
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  • @GenoRothe Geno, I appreciate greatly your sound comment. Yes, The Long Distribution is a derived from Pareto Rule (89/20) Rule. There is defference; the long tail has 72/28 ratio and some say 20% has 50% of the weight. So, you are spot on. As for the 2nd remark and you are the first to note that it is related to influencers. All I can say I agree with you in full. Your LinkedIn example is a solid proof. I agree. Thanks again Geno for making a profound comment.
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  • Ali,

    Fabulous job putting the presentation together. It reminded me of the 80/20 principle of things, without missing the element of quality of message. The images secured the message, for example, the slide with the Jaguar, where it conveyed the sense that less clients means more profit, it makes sense.

    If we are able to deliver a more compelling message, prepared, and adequately delivered, the possibility to gain a higher degree audience/ higher quality consumer will increase. This consumer will probably be able to invest more or buy more, or buy at a higher price point.

    The other concept that was well defined was the concept of targeted audiences. A lot of what we see with LinkedIn for example. LinkedIn users will probably put more trust to someone they trust in the network, more so than trusting a vendor, marketing campaign, etc. And it is true, if we use influential contacts to share the message forward like the 'influencers' concept, our product, idea, concept, business is going to fare better.

    It was well done, succinct, not repetitive and the graphics supplemented the message nicely.

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  • @dailyxminutes
    Thanks, Sajid. I read your two presentations and commented.
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Trends spillover effect

  1. Trends Spillover Effect Ali Anani, PhD
  2. Dr. Rod King @RodKing I thank you for your inspiration and continuing of your inspiring dialogue. Humbly, I dedicate this work to you
  3. Less is More. How?
  4. Less volume of sales and more profits
  5. Less customers and more revenue
  6. Less time and more profitable work done
  7. Less control and more creativity
  8. In soccer, a team having one less player produces more and wins the game Ten beats eleven
  9. In certain experiments, “When you introduce disorder… the chaos that was present before disappears and there is order,” said Sebastian F. Brandt, a physics graduate student at Washington University in St. Louis. Less disorder from more disorder
  10. Less self-pride and more respect
  11. More knowledge to less knowledge If you know more you realize how less you know
  12. These trends are artefact of emerging trends
  13. Sell to niche markets and capture higher profit
  14. Sell less available products and gain more profits
  15. Influence less to penetrate more
  16. Few influencers have very intensive influence on others. Reach the few to penetrate more markets in less time Propel genuine influencers to promote your product voluntarily
  17. Propel influencers to promote your product voluntarily Not all influences are equal Some are false and detrimental as well
  18. The shrinking time makes time almost dead
  19. We moved from : Ton/hour to megahertz/second Do more in less time to profit more
  20. Meanwhile, expectations are rising exponentially
  21. The dilemma is doing more in less time
  22. Creativity has a big role to play here
  23. Grinding a mineral takes time How can you grind more in less time?
  24. Coat the mineral with a fatty material With the proper selection of the material, you may grind more quantity in less time
  25. You have few seconds to impress readers; if not they shall go away
  26. You have few seconds to impress readers; if not they shall go away Write less worded ads so that you may capture more attention
  27. Less reading time, but more attractive titles to freeze eyes. Move emotions and stir them so that the reader may spend more time with you