The three simple rules everywhere


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There is a commonality of three simple rules in various sectors. The three simple rules affect singing sand, flying birds, marketing, sales, IT, Change and other sectors. Three simple rules that create emergent structures and behaviors

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The three simple rules everywhere

  1. 1. Three Simple Rules Everywhere Ali Anani
  2. 2. I dedicate this presentation to a great and talented friend. I hope that this little difference would makes big positive difference in his life. I dedicate it to Abhishek Shah
  3. 3. Generality of the Three Simple Rules Three Rules of Flocking Birds Three Rules of Singing Sand Three Rules IT systems Three Rules of Change Three Rules Selling Three Rules Marketing Three Rules Leadership Three Rules of Finance
  4. 4. The Commonality of the Three Rule Amazingly, the simplicity of three rules may lead to profound complexity
  5. 5. Singing Sand A single grain of sand does not sing. However; a pile of sand may sing if three simple rules are adhered to. No physical property of an individual sand grain would lead one to think that a large collection of them will transmit sound. This is an emergent properly that was not planned. I wrote about this topic in an earlier presentation
  6. 6. Singing Sand- 2 Sand has to abide by three rules to generate sound from sand. These rules are: 3 2 1 The sand grains have to be round and between 0.1 and 0.5 mm in diameter. The sand has to contain silica The sand needs to be at a certain humidity
  7. 7. And Great Patterns sound was caused by a synchronization of grains that caused the surface of the falling sand to behave like the cone of a speaker Self-organizing sand that is sound-generating simply because it abides by simple rules.
  8. 8. Emergent Properties For a phenomenon to be termed emergent it should unpredictable from a lower level description. At the very lowest level, the phenomenon usually does not exist at all or exists only in trace amounts: it is irreducible
  9. 9. Fish and Flying Birds The three simple rules are extensible to flying birds and school of fish The rules are separate, align and keep cohesion
  10. 10. Businesses and Management Obey the Three Rules
  11. 11. IT Simple Rules Keep it small. Keep it separate. Keep it synergistic
  12. 12. 3 C's of Change Capabilities CommitmentClarification Change Will the interaction of the three rules lead to singing change and cultures?
  13. 13. Marketing Three Simple Rules Rule #1 – Capture customer data from every source, integrate it, and keep it as current as possible. Rule #2 – Detect timely, relevant opportunities and create properly targeted communications that add value. Rule #3 – Prioritize communications to ensure that you contact people with the proper frequency – and avoid overloading and alienating them.
  14. 14. Three Simple Rules of Leadership 1. Take care of your assistants 2. Be a team player 3. Execute leader’s purpose
  15. 15. Three Simple Rules of Management 1. Establish clear goals 2. Establish clear rewards 3. Establish clear consequences
  16. 16. The Three C’s of Management Management = Communication x Coordination x Conscientiousness
  17. 17. Three Simple Rules of Financial Management 1. Use the power of compound interest, and receive interest on interest 2. The sooner you start the more time compounding has to work 3. Make regular, disciplined payments
  18. 18. Three Simple Rules of Selling Rule #1: It’s not about you – it’s always about them Rule #2: No one really cares what you do Rule #3: Serve, don’t sell
  19. 19. Singing Organizations The generation of three simple rules for each activity of your organization may create a singing organization that sings its success
  20. 20. There is no crisis, but… It is with great honor that I add the contribution from Branko Žunec
  21. 21. Ali, I'm honored that you find it so valuable to include in your presentation. Thank you very much and I hope on many more valuable discussions. It is important that people in business understand that there is no crisis it is new way of doing business today and in the future. In order to adapt and build a great organization we have to keep things simple and try to make be a little better every day in what we makes a huge difference in long term. Branko Žunec
  22. 22. The Three Rules (1) value before price; (2) revenue before costs; (3) people before processes
  23. 23. 3 Simple Rules for Knowledge Sharing These can be summarized briefly as; 1. Make it Safe 2. Make it Count 3. Make it Social