Procrastination on opportunities


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People who procrastinate on their work are more like to procrastinate on opportunities.

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Procrastination on opportunities

  1. 1. Guilt Fear Helpless Anxiety Confusion Negativity Procrastination on Comfort Zone Opportunity Ali Anani Frenzied Feelings
  2. 2. I dedicate this presentation to a dear friend and sound thinker To @abhishek shahWith respect without procrastination
  3. 3. No VoidsNature abhors void. Whenever anopportunity appears, some smart entitywill fill it. Being blind to the expandingopportunity is not going to block the fillingof the rising opportunity hole
  4. 4. Changes Create Opportunities On the Counter drugs (OTCs) brings emotional branding into the picture. The shift of the doctor influencer to the client brings emotions into the picture. Hidden sand of opportunity among the big rocks create an opportunity in the sinking sand But, many businesses see the opportunity and sleep on it
  5. 5. Procrastination on the Opportunity It is not only time procrastination; it is also opportunity procrastination The same factors that lead to time procrastination lead to the procrastination of opportunity seizing
  6. 6. Procrastination Opportunity Grid CreativeHigh Opportunity Out of opportunities business seizure Only tears left All smiles No tears MildMild Opportunity regret Mild Procrastination High Procrastination
  7. 7. Procrastination: Familiarity RelationshipPeople tend to stay in relationshipbecause it provides familiarity anda sense of safety.Businesses stay in their comfortzone doing what they have beendoing and not capturing theemerging opportunities for thesame reasons
  8. 8. Handicapping Opportunities It is not only the handicapping of hands; it is also the handicapping of opportunities
  9. 9. Guilt Fear Helpless Emotions Barrel Anxiety ConfusionDepres sion Negativity Procrastination is linked to emotions such as fear And in the midst of all this chaos, we convince ourselves that none of our Comfort varied obligations is so pressing as to Zone require our time right now. In other words, procrastination’s short-term benefit is a feeling of control and peace. We tell ourselves, “I’ll do the laundry tomorrow. Right now, my life is right as rain, and I’m taking a break, thank you very much.” Frenzied Feelings
  10. 10. Guilt Fear Helpless Emotions Barrel Anxiety Confusion Feelings transformation: Just beDepres Negativity aware that the feel-good sion benefits of procrastination can quickly erode into panic You’re looking for the sweet spot between procrastination and Comfort frenzy, the magic pace at which the assembly line of your life Zone runs smoothly Frenzied Companies doing what they used to do Feelings and not what they should be doing
  11. 11. Seeing the Possible Impossible (Denial) Euphoria Anxiety Managers go through New technology similaracycles is fade Denial witnessing the market not going in Thrill their favor of denying Fear market movement Optimism Excitement Despair Relief Optimism Panic Hope Depression
  12. 12. Managers go through similar cycles witnessing the market not going in their favor, or their expectations Examples are many: Digital cameras replacing film-based cameras DVD replacing floppy discs And Now ipad replacing older e-books publishing system
  13. 13. ExtrapolationPeople who procrastinate have highertendency to procrastinate on emergingbusiness opportunities
  14. 14. Abhishek Summary of the presentation “People who procrastinate on their work are more like to procrastinate on opportunities”. – Ali Anani , General Manager at Phenomena Communications I am honored to present the presentation on Procrastination on Opportunity by Ali Anani. I am proud because he dedicated this presentation to me, which is indeed honoring. The presentation draws analogy between procrastination on tasks and procrastination on opportunities. The two originates from the same problem: sticking to the familiar and enjoying the comfort zone. Denial of tasks and denial of opportunities are the consequences of such acts. Dr. Anani draws comparison with the stock market where denial of facts leads to miseries. So are denial of changes and the accompanied loss of opportunities. The presentation concludes that those people who procrastinate on important tasks are the most likely to procrastinate on opportunities. Procrastination on opportunities